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Top 5 Current Beauty Favorites | December 2016

Current Beauty Favorites December 2016

I’ve tried writing monthly favorites in the past but starting in 2016, I voluntarily decreased my yearly budget on beauty/makeup products, meaning that I rarely have new items to review and show my readers, that’s the only reason you haven’t seen that featured blog recently. My new Current Favourites theme doesn’t mean that a product has to be new, it can simply mean that I’m rediscovering older products I loved but forgot to talk about it. (this happens more than you think… The struggle of a beauty blogger is real). Enough chitchat, here are my TOP 5 products of the moment…

– 1 –

Sephora Collection Pro Featherweight Complexion Brush #90

Current Beauty Favorites December 2016

I bought this brush at the recent Sephora VIB sale and right after my first use, I fell head over heels in love. This is by far the BEST brush to set your concealer (under eye area). Nothing less than perfection! A real Game changer… Of course, this wonder could also be use to apply bronzers, blushes or whatever your heart desires… Oops! I guess I will need another one for these other purposes 😉. 5 stars – 10/10 – Thumbs Up – Holy Grail – Brush of the Year ; do I really have top go on!

– 2 –

Paula’s Choice Moisturizer

 RESIST Cellular Defense Daily Moisturizer SPF25

Current Beauty Favorites December 2016

This moisturizer/sunscreen have been a total revelation. I was seriously starting to doubt that good sunscreens ever existed. I tried a ton (not even exaggerating), just to be disappointed time and time again. This new product completely changed my mind as the formula is so amazing: Paula’s Choice moisturizer dry fast, produce no white cast, don’t cause any breakouts, don’t mess up my makeup and are affordable. Thanks Paula!

– 3 –

Tarte Park Ave Princess Bronzer

Current Beauty Favorites December 2016

Every fall, I find myself reaching for this bronzer and the love usually lasts ’til April (I prefer a cream bronzer for summer months). I feel that Park Ave Princess is such a forgotten bronzer and it’s sad since for fair skin girls, it works like magic. Not too dark, not too shinny and certainly not to orangey. If you have it laying around in your collection, you should definitely dig it out.

– 4 –

AG Hair Care RE:COIL Curl

Current Beauty Favorites December 2016

If you don’t know about this shampoo and conditioner combination, you should really think of getting it: with an “out of this world”, super yummy smell, it will rapidly become a cult favourite. I hear you asking: “Ingrid, a lot of hair products are smelling wonderfully, why those?” – True, but I had yet to find hair products that would make my hair feel fresh for at least one more day. Little revelation: I’m someone who needs to wash her hair every other day because my scalp becomes greasy very fast and unfortunately starts to scratch and smell (I know it’s gross, but on this blog, we keep it real)! I swear, since I started using this duo, I only wash every three days and last week, I even stretched it to four days and my scalp didn’t itch or smell funny… I’m a customer for life !

– 5-

Elizabeth and James Nirvana Bourbon

Current Beauty Favorites December 2016

This perfume smells like a vanilla cigar on me and I love it. It’s so sultry, sexy and totally intriguing, far from my usual sweet *girlie* perfume! It’s a good sign when you can’t stop smelling yourself. The only tiny downside is that I wish it smelled a little longer but heck, it’s easy to reapply.

What’s your favorites?

Capture d’écran 2016-04-09 à 11.04.01

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DISCLAIMER: I just wanted to assure you all that I purchased all of the items shown—unless explicitly stated otherwise—and am not paid (in any way, shape, or form) to create and share this post. The above links are not affiliate links. Never will you ever be exploited by me!!!


10 thoughts on “Top 5 Current Beauty Favorites | December 2016

  1. I loveeeeeeee that perfume! I had gotten a sample of the Rose one and it broke during shipping and I was devastated because the lingering scent smelt soooo good! The funny part is when I got a new sample it smelt totally different for the first two hours or so until it would start to fade (and then I would enjoy it once it faded). Bourbon is 10x better! I agree with you assessment too. I’ll be replacing Gucci Guilty with it once I pan it.


      1. Not that long.. I noticed the E&J White lasts longer.. I always wonder if the roller ball and spray makes a difference? Coz I got the roller ball too.. but I have the full size (spray) on the White.


  2. Do you buff in your setting powder under your eye area, or do you just tap on the product? I like to tap / pat on the setting powder so I have been liking brushes that are alost paddle shape, witha but of fluffiness.
    I’ve had the Tarte Park Ave Princess Bronzer on my wish list for ages! I’m one of the few people on planet earth that doesn’t own that bronzer.
    Ok, Kaily just mentioned that Elizabeth & James Narvana Bourbon perfume (she’s going to buy a full size of it) and now you too. I guess I’ll have to go try it on my skin.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I tap on the product … You NEED (I mean NEED) this brush …. Trust me on this one: NEED!!!😂
      You might like Nirvana Rose (Or Black or White) better than Bourbon. I don’t think that you have ever mentioned that you like Vanilla scent … or did you??? The downfall is that it smells only 2 hours or so on me …😭
      Tarte Park avenue Princess is super good … but Kevyn Aucoin and Hourglass are better !!! I need to repurchase both of them at some point 💸


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