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Sudio Sweden | Vasa Blå Earphones Review

Sudio Sweden Vasa Bla Earphones Review

Sudio Sweden Vasa Bla Review

Year after year, it’s always the same thing: I’m racking my brains to find the perfect gift for BeardMan. Because year after year, that little boyfriend of mine seems to be in sink with Santa Claus and he always knows what I want. Honestly, I begin to think that he spends his spare time as Santa’s little helper… And what’s frustrating, is that I suck big time in gift selection. Seriously, after many years together, I just can’t select something that he really enjoys. But this year, with the help of the people of Sudio Sweden, I think that, at last, he will really be pleased with his present. Just hope he doesn’t read this blog because he’ll know what Santa gave him this year and that his gift has been used (only for review purposes)… 😬



Our newest innovation, the Sudio Vasa Blå features cutting edge Bluetooth 4.1 technology with multi-pairing capabilities. Vasa Blå boasts up to 8 hours of unlimited play-time with unique standby for up to 10 days, giving you the ultimate wireless freedom. With a carefully tuned driver and amplifier, the Vasa Blå delivers superior studio quality sound and noise isolation so you never miss a beat. Its unparalleled design, coupled with being the lightest on the market to-date, makes the Vasa Blå the perfect companion for any Bluetooth enabled device.

Sudio Sweden Vasa Bla Earphones Review


Available on their website at $140 CND ($110 USD)

Sudio Sweden Vasa Bla Earphones Review



Sudio really thought about avid music listeners when they designed these earphones. I for one enjoy listening to music and podcasts in just about every occasions: during my morning walks, at work, when I’m training, etc… These earbuds are the most comfortable earphones I’ve ever tried (and believe me, I’ve tried a few – I’m so clumsy, I broke a lot of different models). Compared to my Apple Earbuds, my old Shure SE102 or even my PowerBeats 2.0, Sudio’s Vasa Blå are well-balanced and just stick to your ears. Ok, I didn’t go on a 10K run with them, but I’m very impressed. Even better, the cord length is perfect: long enough for an ideal fit and short enough to move freely. And they look great; the rose-gold body with black cord/sleeves makes them unique and classy.

However, the genuine leather carrying case is a no-no. It’s so small that I’m not sure if the product fits in it. I would have prefer a hard case with an item at that price, just to make sure that it’s well protected when traveling.


More base and a warmer sound!! When compared to other brands, I felt that overall, Sudio’s Vasa Blå gave a deeper sound, with just enough base to enjoy all kinds of different sounds. Believe me, I gave those buds a run for their money; I listened to just about every kind of music. From Dire Straits’ Brothers in Arms to Metallica’s One, the sound was unbelievable. To test them a little further (and to make them feel at home), I listened to the great Swedish jazz band Esbjorn Svensson Trio’s Behind the Yashmak (R.I.P. Esbjorn) and my god, I was blown away!! How such small earphones produce a profound and rich sound like that is beyond me!! While I was at it (and to see if it lasted the full 8 hours after charge), I listened to a few more songs, just to monitor the stereophonic performances of this work of art. U2’s In a Little While and Depeche Mode’s In your Room are perfect songs to appreciate all the sound range and the left/right stereo of earphones. Again, Vasa Blå gave a flawless performance, rendering every note and sound in perfect harmony.

One observation though: I thought that the sound was not balanced; when I closed my eyes, it seemed like the right ear was outperforming the left ear. Maybe it’s just me (I’m just a beauty blogger you know…) but something was different when I switched between brands.


Those earphones sound great, are so comfortable, they look amazing and the battery lasts longer than my PowerBeats. They also are super easy to connect to my iPhone or iPod and have all the essential commands right at your finger tips. Frequently, while using other wireless earphones, I lose the signal and I must move my iPod around but with Sudio’s Vasa Blå and the newest Bluetooth technology, I left my iPod on the first floor and walked around the house, going upstairs and downstairs, and the music kept playing and playing… Sudio really did a great job in designing a quintessential product for music aficionados. They would be perfect to fit under my tuque! If BeardMan is not happy with his gift, I will gladly take them for myself!

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Sudio Sweden Vasa Bla Earphones Review


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4 thoughts on “Sudio Sweden | Vasa Blå Earphones Review

  1. I’ve been a die-hard Sony earbud fan ever since I realized they offer different sizes of silicones buds. I have extremely tiny ear canals and standard size hurts my ears! These ones remind me a lot of the Sony ones that I’m just mourning the death of… the cord broke on one side so no sound is coming out. RIP! Maybe it’s high time I try something different! Did you try switching the sides of the earbuds to check if the balance was real? I hope Beardman loves his gift!


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