TOP 16 TV Shows | Netflix 2016 – 2017

TOP 16 TV Shows | Netflix 2016 - 2017

Are you already feeling the Winter Blues and planning binge watching TV Shows during your Christmas break? Then, you may want to consider these! I’ve watched all these shows in 2016 and I thought they were totally enjoyable… Some are old and some are new, but they are still entertaining! Wrap yourself in a nice fluffy blanket, make yourself a nice hot chocolate and enjoy one (or all) of these…

Note: There are no particular order; trust me they’re all very good (according to my personal taste anyway)!


Stranger Things

TOP 16 TV Shows | Netflix 2016 - 2017

Stranger Things is the story of a group of 4 nerdy boys, dungeons and dragons aficionados who stumble upon a young girl in the woods. Tracked by a kind of CIA special task force, those kids try to hide her but follows a series of surnatural, freaky events. This story combines horror, suspense and fiction in a 80’s decor. Excellent ….


The Paradise

TOP 16 TV Shows | Netflix 2016 - 2017

Adapted from an Emile Zola Novel, this show brings us at the end of the 19th century in North East England. It’s a wonderful love drama about the owner of a department store who falls in love with a young employee which brings jealousy and envy from his surroundings. Also about the struggle during that difficult times in the world… You will fall in LOVE with Denise and John.



TOP 16 TV Shows | Netflix 2016 - 2017

The story is about the rise of Pablo Escobar, Colombia’s #1 drug dealer/producer and the DEA hunt for his arrest. Great show about a guy who is willing to do just about anything to make money, protect his family and stay alive.


White Collar

TOP 16 TV Shows | Netflix 2016 - 2017

Meet Neal Caffrey, a con artist, specializing in art and forgery. After spending a few year in a maximum security facility, he gets his freedom IF he collaborates with the FBI and special agent Peter Burke to catch criminals. But sometimes, Caffrey also has a personal agenda. Under his charming blue eyes, Caffrey is still a brilliant delinquent…


The 100

TOP 16 TV Shows | Netflix 2016 - 2017

After nuclear Armageddon, 4000 survivors from different countries prepare a return to their Mother planet but before, they send 100 youngsters to gather information and see if Earth is livable again. But some surviving Natives react to those new inhabitants…


How to Get Away with Murder

TOP 16 TV Shows | Netflix 2016 - 2017

Annalise Keating, professor of defence law, teaches a course on How to get away with Murder and always takes on a few students to assist in her private firm. Unfortunately, she’s now involved in “getting away” from intense suspense and love triangles…



TOP 16 TV Shows | Netflix 2016 - 2017

The beautiful and stylish Kerry Washington plays Olivia Pope, a crisis-management specialist who learned her ropes working for the President. But her twisted life, mixed with her twisted employees’ lives brings a lot of heartaches and headaches!!



TOP 16 TV Shows | Netflix 2016 - 2017

Welcome to the world of national security and terrorism in this nail-bitting drama about a CIA agent (Claire Danes) obsessed with finding the truth and doing everything she can to do it. But when you suffer from bipolar disorder, it’s sometimes hard to find the real truth…


Ripper Street

TOP 16 TV Shows | Netflix 2016 - 2017

This BBC masterpiece tells the story of three police officers, members of the H division based in the White chapel district of London,  in the post Jack the Ripper era. It’s a CSI in the 19th century…



TOP 16 TV Shows | Netflix 2016 - 2017

If you like those Marvel action movies, take a look at Daredevil, the story of Matt Murdock, a blind defence attorney at day, but a vigilante at night. Based in Hell Kitchen, this hero uses his other senses to fight crime and protect the neighborhood.



TOP 16 TV Shows | Netflix 2016 - 2017

Get a glimpse into the music business and the battle of two country singers who want to stay at the top. A great drama with gifted actors and great music… Really fun to watch!!


House of cards

TOP 16 TV Shows | Netflix 2016 - 2017

After a real US Presidential election, maybe it’s time to watch a fictional one! Curiously, you’ll find parallels between reality and fiction, in a story full of manipulation, deceit and power. Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright are unbelievable in their respective roles. A must see!!


Walking Dead

TOP 16 TV Shows | Netflix 2016 - 2017

A cult favorite! The Walking Dead has reinvented this TV genre where you combine horror, suspense and drama. Some seasons are better than the others but just for the makeups, it’s a treat for your eyes. Hope you’re not afraid of blood…


Call the Midwife

TOP 16 TV Shows | Netflix 2016 - 2017

Another BBC classic about the lives of nurses (and Nuns) during the 1950’s in East London. You witness the friendship and camaraderie of women during a difficult time.



TOP 16 TV Shows | Netflix 2016 - 2017

In the world of corporate law, this story is about Harvey Specter, lawyer and Mike Ross, his associate but a college drop-out, and their successes in closing cases while hiding Mike’s secret.



TOP 16 TV Shows | Netflix 2016 - 2017

Another story about a strange pairing: criminal profiler Will Graham and brilliant criminal Hannibal Lecter.You’ll find yourself loving the bad guy and you’ll get sinked into the mind of a Machiavellian psychiatrist. Great entertainment…

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5 thoughts on “TOP 16 TV Shows | Netflix 2016 – 2017

  1. I love that you did this! I’ve been thinking about signing back up for Netflix but I don’t want to spend the $8 a month (I’m so cheap). The Paradise show and the one about the nurses sound so good, though! And I need to catch up on the 100. I left off at season 2 and I really want to know what happens next.


  2. I don’t have Netflix but I asked for it for Christmas! I hope Santa brings me Netflix! 😛 I really want to watch Stranger Things and Hannibal… I hardly watch any TV!


  3. I have watched and loved a bunch of these shows too (some more than others) – Stranger Things, White Collar, Walking Dead, Suits, Scandal, and How to Get Away with Murder! I thought Stranger Things would have been overhyped and was not expecting to love it as much as I did, but I couldn’t stop watching it.

    White Collar has a special place in my heart. After watching that show, Matt Bomer become my #1 celebrity crush, LOL!

    I finally started watching Walking Dead in November. I just finished Season 2 and am dying to get to Season 3! That show is on Season 7 or something, isn’t it? There’s so much to catch up on.


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