My Ultimate Christmas WISH LIST | 2016

My Ultimate Christmas WISH LIST | 2016

Maybe I’m a bit late with my ultimate Christmas Wish List but I hope that Santa sees that I’ve been good all year and I do deserve a nice present. Looking at my list, you probably think that there is no way I’ll receive any of these items since, let’s be honest, they are quite expensive but who knows, there is maybe a CurlySpringBlossom millionaire fan that could surprise me or maybe BeardMan still has a few bucks to spend on his lovely, patient, beautiful and giving girlfriend? Surprise surprise, there is no beauty item in my not-so-secret Wish List: these days, I’m decluttering so much that the last thing on my mind is to add more beauty stuff.



My Ultimate Christmas WISH LIST | 2016 Vitamix

I’ve been wanting this high speed blender for so long, I even hugged one last week at Costco. I’m at the point that I need to bite the bullet and buy myself that damn blender. It supposed to be so good, I’m sure it’s worth every penny. I’ll keep you posted if one day I’ll get one.

Canon EOS 70D


My Ultimate Christmas WISH LIST | 2016 Canon EO 70D

Since I started blogging two years ago, I’ve developed a real passion for beautiful pictures and photography. My IPod gave me what it could but now, I need to go to that next level and really upgrade my picture skills.



My Ultimate Christmas WISH LIST | 2016 FitBit

I think that tracking my exercise levels would be a great motivator and help me reach my long-term goals. Everyone I know is in love with this gadget so I’m really hoping that I get one for my B-Day in December (wink-wink)!!

Hiking Gears


My Ultimate Christmas WISH LIST | 2016

This past Summer, I’ve solidified my passion for hiking! I’ve also realized that I need new gears to be comfortable in every temperature possible, because in Quebec, We have our -30 but also some 30 degrees (that’s in Celsius folks!!). Technical Gears are expensive, so this is why they are in my ultimate Wish List.

Mac Book


My Ultimate Christmas WISH LIST | 2016 Apple

What can I say, I want a laptop because I want to write my posts and read my favourite blogs in bed (I know, so lazy right!). I LOVE my iPads but they are not that great for writing and for blogging in general. Beardman has two laptops and he doesn’t want to share – Bad bad boyfriend 😉

Note from BeardMan: Indeed, I have two: one from my employer (a PC that I hate) and an old MacBook that I take with me to watch DVDs while I’m on the road, in hotels. My MacBook’s battery is so bad that Ingrid would give it back right away. She needs a brand new one (or maybe, she could buy me a new one – it’s on my Ultimate WishList – and take my dinosaur… 😉). 



My Ultimate Christmas WISH LIST | 2016 Pet Finder

The timing is not ideal right now, but I want to save another doggy. As soon as my living situation will allow it, I will open my home and my heart to a special dog. This time, I want one with special needs like Rudy who is three legged and deaf. I don’t mind the breed, anyway I prefer mutts. I guess I want the dog that no one wants! Rudy was available on Pet Finder (I wanted to place the link but I saw that he was no longer available… this makes me so happy)…  ADOPT DON’T SHOP! Please…

If I could guess, I think that there is a very good chance that I will get all of these items  during 2017 except what I want the most: the dog! My boyfriend probably just had a heart attack!!!

Note: It’s been years since we last exchanged gifts because we always buy what we need and we never really deprive ourselves or hold back… But, I miss receiving gifts so maybe this year, he’ll surprise me (seriously, he has always dodge that rule)!

If I don’t buy as much makeup in 2017, I should be able to buy everything on my list! Maybe 2017 will be a NO-Buy year after all, on beauty products that is… 🙂

Capture d’écran 2016-04-09 à 11.04.01

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*Vitamix, FitBit, Apple, Canon and MEC can sponsor me anytime they want !;)

DISCLAIMER: I just wanted to assure you all that I purchased all of the items shown—unless explicitly s


7 thoughts on “My Ultimate Christmas WISH LIST | 2016

  1. You deserve them all – but especially the doggie! I love the fact that you want to adopt one with special needs. My next pooch will be a rescue as well.

    We bit the bullet last year and got a Blendtec after our $40 Oster bit the dust – and it was one of the best things we ever did! We use it everyday for morning smoothies and it’s amazing – well worth the $$$. Treat yo’ self! 😉


  2. I liked my FitBit a lot (which I received as a Christmas present so there is hope for you!)
    That’s a good idea – decrease the makeup spending and put that money toward something else! 💡
    2017 I’m back on a rotation of no-buy for sure. This year has been crazy!


  3. I am so with you on the decluttering and being over collecting a ton of makeup. I’m still a palette hoarder, don’t get me wrong but I don’t otherwise need or WANT all of the things, lol. This year I actually hope to invest more in clothes for me and maybe some stuff for the house. I have the Canon 70D, it’s what I use to film! My husband uses it a whole ton more than I do but he used it to shoot a wedding last month and the pictures were so beautiful! It’s for sure worth saving up for 😀


  4. Mac Laptop is great definitely useful! And a dog.. I want one too so my baby will have a brother or sister but hubby said one is enough.. I wish Santa will read your wishlist!🙏🏻


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