6 Beauty Things/Trends to Ditch in 2017 | I’m so OVER them

6 Beauty Things to Ditch in 2017

After a few weeks off, it’s now the perfect time to start my 2017 blogging year and I thought it would be fun to pinpoint the 6 beauty things that I wish would disappear with 2016.


6 Beauty Things to Ditch in 2017

This trend has been so used over the years, I think it has reached its limits. Each makeup brand has launch a product with a so-called beauty guru, a famous YouTuber or a overexposed artist. It may have been cute at first but now it’s just a marketing cheap scam to benefit from an individual’s fanbase (in my opinion). Just think of the “Too Faced & Nikkie Tutorials” flop shall we?

Liquid Lipsticks

6 Beauty Things to Ditch in 2017

They were 2016’s hyped products even though they are the most uncomfortable formulas to put on our lips. Please, let’s bring back our good old, basic lipstick and leave that dry mess far far away…

Beauty Gurus

Am I the only one who begin to find these influencers “boring to death” these days? I basically unsubscribed and stopped following them at the end of last year. Don’t get me wrong, I’m more than happy for their successes, but personally, every recent video now feels like an informercial and sounds so FAKE. I now enjoy watching the smaller YouTuber and their REAL life!

Sephora VIB Rouge Status

6 Beauty Things to Ditch in 2017

Since the Rouge status was introduced, I have been an avid member and even spent a fortune just to keep this status. I now realize that VIBs have the same perks as Rouges’ privileges, so why on earth should I spend 1000$ or more just for the free shipping?  Sephora will see less of me in 2017 and I will probably buy more stuff at Shoppers; at least their perks are greater and translate into more money in my pocket.

Pastel Hair Colored

6 Beauty Things to Ditch in 2017

I think it’s fair to see that the novelty of pastel hair is way gone. Pink, purple, blue or grey have been used to the max. Sometimes, it’s tough for women to get all the respect and recognition they deserve, imagine when you sport a new pastel blue hairdo? Maybe it’s a generation thing, but out of the 2000+ workers at my job, I haven’t see ONE single lady with pastel hair all year. For younger girls, it’s probably a good way to express yourself, but in a professional/conventional environment, maybe it should become a thing of the past…


6 Beauty Things to Ditch in 2017

I love highlights and I do apply some every single day in MODERATION. Personally, the “in your face”, disco ball effect should be banned. As a weird guess, highlighters are probably the category that sold the most in 2016, but in real life, I rarely see girls (and boys) rocking shinny cheekbones.

Capture d’écran 2016-04-09 à 11.04.01

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23 thoughts on “6 Beauty Things/Trends to Ditch in 2017 | I’m so OVER them

  1. This is such a late response but this is a great post! I agree with you so much! Except you can pry my super bright highlighters out of my cold dead hands lol. Everything else though, I’m over it too!


  2. Totally agree with someone of these things- the beauty guru collabs were over the f***ing top in 2016 and I’m so tired of hearing about mixed reviews and scandals on those releases. I agree that watching big beauty gurus feels like a commercial all the time lately, so I’ve been scaling back on how much Youtube I’ve been watching. Also ‘limited edition’ but not actually limited edition NEEDS TO GO. I can’t get over the highlight though- although I’m liking a natural glow lately.

    Another great post!

    xo J


  3. Totally agree with everything you said here. Especially VIB Rouge – I made it this year even though I said I wasn’t going to but there really is no benefit to it whatsoever. The problem is I hate shopping at beauty counters in department stores so Sephora is my default.

    The only “big” You-Tuber I follow and really enjoy is Tati. And occasionally I watch Kathleen Lights. But don’t get me started on Jaclyn Hill…


  4. OMG, I completely agree with all of it!
    If I don’t watch 5 videos in a row of someone I am subscribed to, I unsubscribe!
    Most collab stuff are LE and so whatca gonna do when you run out??!
    Over-highlighting makes you look oily! Accept it!!!!
    Over-highlighting the tip of your nose makes you look like a frost-bitten Rudolph!!!
    There’s one thing I want to disagree, liquid lipsticks I am still all for! I can’t stand re-application every time I see an empty patch….


  5. You’re back with a bang Girl!! Haha I’ve never been a fan of Nikki? Nor looking at how her palette design looks. I purchased the tarte Swamp Queen palette with seriously no idea that it was a collab with a youtuber that I JUST CAN’T UNDERSTAND WHY she’s soooo famous. I can’t even stand watching even a clip of her vid. But skip the youtuber part, the palette is AMAZING! liquid lipstick is my go-to especially the MILANI Amore Matte coz I love the formulation so much and I didnt have to reapply my lipstick when Im out and about! Pastel hair? Nope… colored lippies??nope.. and oh.. I only watch Tati regularly, I think she’s still sharing informative reviews compared to other youtubers.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Yeah, it’s really good. I just wish her face wasnt on the packaging. Luckily it was at the back.. hahaha


  6. OMG! This post! You so nailed the most annoying things. I stopped watching the Beauty Gurus as well. Same reason… it’s all forced and no one will say what didn’t work or what to look out for. It’s just how great everything is and some of it is total crap. I get so pissed when I’m on sites like Beautypedia too. I love how anything from Paula’s Choice has a 12 paragraph review and other products are just crapped all over. Amazes me. Even the 5 star ratings they give out? They manage to crap on the brand except for a few that I’m convinced are somehow partnered up or the product is just so good, they know they can’t dump on it and maintain credibility.

    I never did the pastel hair. There is just no appeal to me! And I can’t get into green, blue, or yellow lipstick either. I’m hoping that would get buried in 2017 as well. The rubbed butter on your face highlighters? Yep, needs to go! And BTW, have you gone on YouTube and checked out any of the Amrezy rants? WOW. WOW. WOW.


  7. Welcome back to blogging! I’ve missed you! ❤
    Oh I did not know that Too Faced & Nikkie Tutorials was a flop? I think the market is just oversaturated! And some of the collabs – I don't even KNOW who the "guru" is! I guess I'm not "in the know". 😛 The whole idea of beauty gurus will go away soon, I think. It's kind of like the concept of supermodels. I hope.
    I was never into pastel hair or liquid lipsticks… makes me wonder what's next.
    I'm hoping I'll not reach the VIB Rouge status this year but the only reason why I have it is because I pool my friends' orders with mine!


    1. When I was writing the section about the “beauty gurus”, I had in mind the supermodels from back then (great mind thinks alike … or we are simply OLD)!!! There is no way, I will be VIB Rouge this year, in fact I don’t think I’ll be evenVIB 😉 Missed you too xxx


  8. Perfect example of why I love and have missed you! I agree with you on ALL of these. I enjoy the idea of pastel hair (in my head) but just like you say it’s sooo hard for women to be respected and even MORE so if we walk around looking like we washed our hair with cotton candy! And I gotta admit, I don’t own one single liquid lipstick… I’ve got half a mind to get rid of the last MATTE I own too. So uncomfortable! I hope you’re doing well ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve missed you too my friend !!! I’m doing well, thanks for asking.
      So I guess we won’t see you with yellow hair on your channel soon ? 😉
      How is your beautiful family ?


      1. Oh God know! Worst color of life! I secretly want a teal ombre though :-X Shhhh don’t tell! My family is doing well, thank you! I’m going to do a post soon with updated pictures of the boys. They are getting soooo big!


  9. I am okay with the idea of collabs as long as the quality is there. Unfortunately, I think they get a bad reputation because most of the time the quality is not great, and they’re selling the product based on the name alone. I’m sure there are a few out there that have been decent, though.

    Ugh, I don’t know how other girls can wear liquid lipsticks! They look terrible and so drying on my lips. Totally agreed with ditching this one in 2017, although it doesn’t seem that people are sick of this trend just yet.

    I totally feel you on the whole YouTube guru thing. I still watch them every so often just for fun – but would never, ever watch them for reviews anymore. Like you said, it’s great that they have become successful, but most of their videos are now sponsored, and are more like advertisements than honest reviews.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree with you 100% as I feel that when I watch these big “beauty gurus”, it’s now like watching a bad informercial .(It’s way too obvious) !!! I miss the old days when everyone was genuine and without agendas .

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I do too. At the same time, I guess I don’t really blame them – it’s a cycle. They get sent products, they say nice things about said products, and they get even MORE products in return. If they stopped gushing about it, big brands would stop sending products to them. And who doesn’t like free products? I think they just found their jobs transforming more and more into an advertiser than an honest reviewer.


      1. Unfortunately my daughter has pneumonia right now. Poor thing! Her being sick has forced me to stay home and take things slower for the last week and a half. It has been kinda nice to take a break from everything else and take care of her.


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