Low Buy! No Buy! For 2017 …


Looking back at 2016, I’ve managed to reduce my “beauty” products’ purchases at least by half, which is a great accomplishment on its own. On the other hand, my recent makeup declutterings left me pretty much disgusted with myself to be honest. What a waste of money!!! When did I become a makeup/skincare hoarder anyway? Unfortunately, becoming a Beauty Blogger has probably been the culprit of my recent excesses. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always been a makeup enthusiast (and always will be), but a product collector, no way!

Goals for 2017…

Low Buy! No Buy! in 2017 ...

For the coming year, I would like to be on a permanent NO-BUY, but realistically, I will probably need some waterproof mascaras, maybe one foundation and unfortunately a cream bronzer since my beloved Kevyn Aucoin is drying up on me. I may also buy sunscreens and a moisturizer (I should be ok in these departments but it’s a possibility)!

So, I guess 2017 will be the year of the “VERY LOW-Buy” or should I say a “NECESSITY-Buy”. I also want to pan as many products as I can and just enjoy the considerable collection I already have. How will this decision affect my blog, that is the big question … Maybe it’s time to talk about other passions and hobbies that I have. My blog will change and it’s probably a good thing! I have touched this subject a few times before but I now think that I need to evolve into something (or someone) else… The beauty/makeup cocooned blogger needs to metamorphose into a more balanced butterfly!


Low Buy! No Buy! in 2017 ...

This coming Spring, temptations from all the new fun products will be hard to resist but you know what, I’m more than confident that I will be successful in not succumbing to all these new releases. Maybe by blocking the Sephora website I will be able to combat my daily makeup craving… 😂

The best of the best…

Low Buy! No Buy! in 2017 ...

I’ve tried so many products over the years that I now know which ones are my favorites. Therefore, for my future beauty investments, I will only go for my Holy Grails, no matter the costs. A 50$ concealer is pretty expensive, but in my updated book, it’s still better than 7 average ones worth 30$ each, adding to more than 200$+++. It’s not rocket science, it’s just plain common sense!

Boring blog…

Low Buy! No Buy! in 2017 ...

I guess there will be no more Monthly Favorites, no haul, no new product reviews… and maybe that means not a lot of fun stuff for you guys to read about! It’s a little stressful I’ll admit, but I hope that I come up with new and fun subjects that will still captivate you. A little challenge never scared me, so it will be interesting to see the evolution of Curly Spring Blossom…

Pssst. We are only at the beginning of February, and I’m already craving all the new makeup releases that are slowly coming our way …. It will be a very long year!!!

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8 thoughts on “Low Buy! No Buy! For 2017 …

  1. Good for you for trying to declutter and spend less! When I did my 100-day makeup no-buy, I found I still grew my blog and just got more creative and planned my posts more effectively. It was actually super cleansing and I learned a lot! Wish you luck 🙂

    xo J

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  2. I love that term “NECESSITY-Buy”!
    I wouldn’t worry about not having interesting topics to write about. I found that I was most creative during my full year of No-Buy. To this day, my most viewed posts were ones that I made during my No-Buy year. And why wouldn’t you still do a monthly favourites? You don’t have to show NEW stuff, just what you’ve been enjoying for the month. I always mix in old and new in my favourites.
    Maybe you need to delete the Sephora app off your phone! 😛 Even I don’t have the Sephora app… XD

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  3. I feel you on needing to go on a low/no buy. New products are always coming out and there is always so much hype! I’m about to declutter my collection and clear out old makeup that needs to be tossed. Of course it’s not easy when you’re a beauty blogger. You always want to share the next best thing. Maybe this will give you the opportunity to expand your creativity. A majority of beauty posts are product reviews. They are great, but I’ve been thinking I’d like to try to become a bit more diverse and come up with different types of posts. I’m sure your posts that you write will be wonderful! ❤ xo

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