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New Bite Beauty Lip Pencil | Review

bite Beauty The Lip Pencil (Sephora / Influenster)

Just receive my first Influenster box and I’m ecstatic; doubly ecstatic as it features the new Bite Beauty The Lip Pencil. As already a proud owner of a ton of Bite Lipsticks and Lush Fruit Lip Glosses, it’s clear to say that I ADORE Bite’s lip products. Alright, for some reasons, my love for the brand may be biased: Bite is proudly “made in Canada” and on top of this, their products are CRUELTY-FREE. The only little problem is not against the brand, it’s just that I hate using lip pencils (but I just can’t achieve a perfect makeup without them), so these complimentary samples had to be extra good for me to go gaga over them … and they are!

Bite Beauty The Lip Pencil (Influenster)

The Lip Pencil $20Cnd ($18US)

I have to applaud Bite Beauty for their wide range of colors: 21 different shades for a new launch is pretty amazing. These tints are all based on colors that mimic the true natural lip tones. True to Bite’s philosophy, it’s all about enhancing our unique features; so, no crazy colors here. Being a hardened “nude” lover, I already have #006 (pale pink) and #008 (peachy nude) on my Sephora Wishlist.

bite Beauty Lip Pencil (Sephora / Influenster)

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As an older gal (not ancient but mature), I can no longer wear lipsticks without previously using a lip pencil otherwise it ends up bleeding all over my  adorable fine lines (not pretty I can assure you). And since I despise dry formulas that cog my lips, I was relieved that those The Lip Pencils are the opposite of dry; they are so creamy and soft. 

I han an epiphany when I saw how good they felt on my lips and how long wearing they are. The final result didn’t hurt either; pairing the Amuse Bouche lipstick in Honeycomb with The Lip Pencil #20 (beige nude) made my pout totally irresistible and yummy. This duo is a must for the legion of “nude” lip lovers!

If like myself, you have been an avid MAC lip pencil consumer, you may want to try these. Personally, Bite’s The Lip Pencil blew them out of the water big time. These past days, I’ve been filling my lips with #20 and I apply my favorite lip gloss on top for a perfect everyday look.

Note: These are not a twist up retractable type but a classic wood-barrel that you have to sharpen.

bite beauty The Lip Pencil (Influenster)

Amuse Bouche Lipsticks $30Cnd ($26US)

What’s not to love…

♥ Smells deliciously fruity,

♥Food grade formula that you could, in theory, eat but please don’t… an apple or some strawberries are more nutritious, and a little less expensive.

♥ One of the creamiest and more enjoyable texture on the market,


♥ 44 shades (plus 9 from the Edgy Neutrals) that are sure to suit every occasion. I have been outrageously swatching Cava (lilac beige) at my local Sephora and it’s pretty enough to consider breaking my No-Buy/Low-Buy situation,

♥Made in Canada (it’s so rare these days that I’m mentioning this – Canadian chauvinism right there),

♥ The best thing is that your lips always feel moist when using these lipsticks.

Note: They are not the most long lasting but with their creamy formula and divine smell, it’s a charm to apply them over and over again! Yummy …

What can I say I’m smitten! Bite’s lip pencils are REALLY good and don’t get me started on those lipsticks!!❤️ Thanks Influenster & Bite… You rock!

bite beauty The Lip Pencil (Influenster)

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DISCLAIMER: *I Received The Lip Pencil courtesy of Bite Beauty for sampling purposes*


23 thoughts on “New Bite Beauty Lip Pencil | Review

  1. I don’t see products that are made in Canada very often either, that’s cool 😀 You got a good Voxbox too. I heard they smell like Lemonade, is that that true?


  2. Don’t know what’s come over me, but lately I’ve been wearing lip liner daily. I like “correcting” my lip line (my left side bottom lip is a bit uneven) and then just added lip balm. I really like the effect.
    I’d definitely look into these BITE Beauty lip liners! It’s about time they came out with these actually. There’s really not a lot of options for food-safe lip liners on the market.

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  3. I own a few of Bite’s old Luminous Crème formula, which they replaced with the Amuse Bouche collection, but I’ve yet to try the Amuse Bouche lipsticks. I love Bite’s colour variety – so many neutral shades to choose from! I also LOVE the fruity smell of their lipsticks. Haven’t paid much attention to their lip pencils, but they look fabulous!

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