4 Beauty Products that FAIL miserably | 2017

4 Beauty Products That Suck | 2017

Beauty products that suck may be harsh, but unfortunately these four really did. All of them, without exception, were returned to Sephora (IMO, the best return policy in the business). With prices exploding in recent years, I’m now less embarrassed about returning bad products; I don’t like doing it (I often send BeardMan for my dirty work) but on the other hand, why keep it, it’s not like money grows on trees right?

So let’s address those 4 underperforming products tried recently…

Juice Beauty Stem Cellular CC Cream ($49CND)

Beauty Products that SUCKS 2017

I wanted to try Juice Beauty products for a very long time and sadly, my first impression from this line is a total FAIL.

– Smells HORRIBLE –

I’m one of those person who usually is not sensible to scent; for reference, I don’t think that Sunday Riley’s Good Genes smells bad at all (that says a lot). This CC Cream though smells rancid; no need to sugar coat it, it’s really bad.

– Color Correcting ??? –

I bought the shade natural glow and the supposed color correcting factor was not happening for me. A slight glow maybe, but it performed exactly like a regular sunscreen. The brand states that this cream “reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, evens skintone, smooths uneven texture, and creates a radiant, glowing complexion”! In your dreams maybe but in reality, I’m still looking for those side effects…

– Itchy and Greasy –

An hour after applying this cream, It got itchy all over my face and by the 3rd hour mark, I was a greasy mess.

What an awful introduction to the brand. I tried it for a whole week with different moisturizers, serums or foundations but always got the same results. Unfortunately, this cruelty-free product was brought back to the store with bad comments …

B.Kamins Sun Defense SPF 30 ($41Cnd)

Beauty Products that SUCKS 2017

I had big hopes for this sunscreen since every product I’ve tried from B.Kamins gave me great results but sadly, this one is such a dud.

– Oily Mess & Sticky –

Have you ever apply a product and after some time, it sits on your skin without ever penetrating as if you just covered a wall with a fresh coat of paint? Well, that is how my face felt after using this sunscreen! After half an hour, I was still a greasy mess and I swear, I could brush my finger on my cheeks and all my makeup was coming off. If that wasn’t enough, it made my skin very sticky to the touch to the point that falling leaves were sticking on my face (kidding but not that much…)!

– Pimple Mania –

If you are thinking of a burgeoning adolescent face for your next Halloween disguise, stop searching you may have find the product to get this result. Jokes aside, I broke out so much while using this product, I had flashbacks from my teenage years.

This sunscreen was so bad, I would not even use it for the rest of my body: it’s way to thick and sticky. Sorry B.Kamins!!

Kat Von D Lock-It Concealer ($34Cnd)

Beauty Products that SUCKS 2017

I bought the color White Out just to lighten my concealers for the winter months when I really look like a ghost. It worked great to fade my concealer but instead of looking like a ghost, I looked like an old bag!!!

– Crease … I mean CREASE!!! –

Oh my Lord, this formula truly creases so much on me that when wearing it, I looked like I was 20 years older. No matter if I apply it alone or mix it with my favorite concealer, it still creases on me almost instantly!

– Dry like the desert –

The creasing wasn’t enough, it made my under eye so very dry, again so aging.

When reading all the raving reviews, I’m probably the only person who had those results with this product. What can I say, It may not be best suited for older gals with fine lines. Does it cover dark circle? Oh yes, but at the price of looking like an unwrapped mummy!

Laura Mercier Eye Art Caviar Colour-Inspired Palette ($66Cnd)

Beauty Products that SUCKS 2017

This one was such a disappointment! Laura Mercier’s eyeshadows are amongst my all time favorites and this brand is so good. I was excited to get my hands on this new palette mainly because I love LM’s Caviar Sticks and this collection is supposedly inspired by them.

– Poor pigmentation & Fallouts –

Compared to other products, the matte shadows were barely ok but the shimmer shades had no pigmentation at all. On top of this, fallouts were very unexpected; I own 6 Laura Mercier eyeshadow palettes and it has never been a concern.

Is it the worst palette ever? No. But it’s definitely not the quality or performance of The Eye Art Artist’s Palette. For that price, there is way better choices on the market!

Remember that those comments are only based on my personal experiences with these products and if you own and love them, Kudos to you my friends 🙂

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DISCLAIMER: I paid for all these items before returning them to Sephora

10 thoughts on “4 Beauty Products that FAIL miserably | 2017

  1. I’m using a Juice Beauty moisturizer right now and it’s not great either and the scent is kind off-putting. Have you tried the IT Cosmetics CC Cream? It’s my favourite but be warned it definitely leaves a dewy finish behind.

    So sad about that LM palette too – it looks like it’d be so pretty! 😦


  2. I don’t think I’ve loved a single thing from Juice Beauty. I always really want to like their line but if it’s not straight up bad it’s just kind of meh. I’m not willing to spend big bucks on meh 🙂


  3. Isn’t it so discouraging when a really expensive product totally sucks!? I got a Papaya cleanser from Michael Todd that literally smells like puke. I don’t even know if it does a good job cleansing my skin because it smells so gross I can’t use it. As for the KVD white out, that’s good to know! I’ve been tempted by it because ALL concealers are basically too dark for me but I don’t need my under-eyes to look like a dried up river bed 😦


  4. Wow, so sad to hear these were all so bad, especially the LM palette, which looks so pretty. I haven’t tried LM eyeshadows in ages, so I don’t know how the line has changed over 10 yrs (hahahaha).

    Argh, I just got a Juice Beauty thing from Sephora (redeemed points). I hope it’s not too bad…

    Thanks for the writeup!


  5. OH NO! How disappointing about the Kat Von D Lock-It Concealer! 😦 I’ll stay away then – I find we’re similar in our concealer preferences.
    And how sad about the Laura Mercier Palette – the colour selection looks pretty good in the palette. I think her holiday palette from a few years ago was probably her best. I missed out on that one – did you pick up on it?


  6. It’s really too bad these didn’t work for you! I’ve been kind of interested in the Lock-It concealer, but now I’m not so sure I want to give it a try.
    The colours in the LM palette are soooo pretty. What a shame that it’s a dud!


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