Makeup Declutter Serie 2017| Nails & Lips

Nails & Lips | Decluttering Series 2017

Feast your eyes folks, it’s the very last time you see such a large amount of decluttering on this blog. Every single item shown here is going right into the trash since lip products are disgusting to pass along, and my friends and family  don’t seem remotely interested in my nail polish collection. I understand though, I’m not one to be that keen on accepting used makeup!

I went through all kinds of emotions when I was selecting product that I wanted to remove from my stash for my annual decluttering. First, I was mad at myself to have bought all these items without using them more than once. Second, I was ashamed to have wasted all that money on unused products (lesson learned… it will never happen again), and third, I felt relieved that my collection will now be considerably smaller.

Bye-Bye to 56 Nail Polishes…


For someone who only paint her toe nails and apply a clear polish on her hands, it really seems absurd to have so many nail polishes. After looking at every one individually, I finally kept 65 bottles (which is still way to much) and I fully intend to do another decluttering at the end of the year.

My ultimate goal is to have only 10 bottles at any given time, maybe 5 summer shades and 5 winter darker tones. I pretty much know the colors that I like and frankly, they are always the same, season after season, no matter the trends. Greys, greens, reds, blacks and yellows are not my favorites and somehow, I found a way to buy a ton of them in the past. I  also got rid of most of the glitter polishes too since they are a pain in the butt to take off and anyway, I’m getting almost too old for all that glitters! On the other hand, the shimmer ones are still very welcomed 😉

Bye-Bye to 57 Lip Products…

Makeup Declutter Series 2017| Nails & Lips

2017 is the year where there is an urgency to pan as much lip products as I can; what will remain of my collection at the end of the year will be thrown away since every item at this point will be more than 2 years old. Again, I want to apply a simple rule to my lip product stash: only have 3 lip glosses and maybe 1 or 2 lipsticks; that will be plenty for me. 5 instead of a hundred will be some major change! I kept 46 lipglosses and lipsticks to enjoy in 2017.

You have no idea, how happy and relieved it was to get rid of all these lip products that I haven’t used for the past year.

So here it is… Next stop will be eyeshadow palettes !

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8 thoughts on “Makeup Declutter Serie 2017| Nails & Lips

  1. Great job on the declutter – I’m trying to gather the courage to declutter my nail polish collection. I have an addiction to buying nail polish that I never use (it’s all Pinterest’s fault) and it’s such a waste.


  2. I admire your goal of keep such a curated collection – there is absolutely NO way I could live with 10 bottles of nail polish! 😆 I may be able to live with 10 tubes of lipstick – that is probably what I’ll try to aim for.
    It is so emotional to part with makeup! I definitely feel you! Great job on everything – I agree all on the feelings: sad, mad, glad! 😉


  3. Love declutter posts! I just did one this past summer but I always feel like I could get rid of more lol. This was great. Thanks!
    XX Jen


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