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Makeup Declutter Series 2017| Blushes, Bronzers & Eye Shadows

Makeup Declutter Series 2017 (Curly Spring Blossom)

When I first started purging my makeup collection, I felt like a child who had to give away her Barbies, all of her dolls and stuffed animals and probably all the money in her piggy bank! Makeup items are MY toys and it is very hard to give up! After a few decluttering events, I have to say that now, it’s almost fun to do. Decluttering can become very addictive when you start doing it. Keep watching and in March or April, I will show my entire collection and you will see that, even though it seems that I’ve thrown away half of my stash, I’m still far from becoming a minimalist – I still have a rather big collection! Hopefully, 2017 will be the frugal year or the year that I was able to shrink that ridiculous amount of products! I’m a woman on a mission… Pan, pan …and PAN !

Note: Beardman was making the observation that my pictures for that series were not on par with my usual images. I told him that throwing products in the garbage is not a source of inspiration to produce photographic masterpieces. It’s more a case of getting things done as fast as I can and not dwell to much on the aftershocks.

Bye Bye to 13 Blushes

Makeup Declutter Serie 2017| Blushes, Bronzers & Eye Shadows (Curly Spring Blossom)

I’ve known for a long time (and wrote about it repeatedly) that I’m a palette girl and unfortunately, it also affects my love for blushes. As a result, I’m getting rid of all my single cheeks’ products, with a couple of exceptions. With all the Nars, Hourglass & Viseart blush palettes on the market, it’s a more practical and economic choice to go for these rather than those single formats! So, Adios!

Bye Bye to 5 Bronzers

Makeup Declutter Serie 2017| Blushes, Bronzers & Eye Shadows (Curly Spring Blossom)

Too dark or too shimmery, these five products will not be missed a bit either. I could get rid of so many more bronzers but, anxiety kicked in and, I guess I panicked with this category. At the end of the year, I’ll try to get rid of at least 5 others…

Bye Bye to 30 Single Eye Shadows

(+ one quad and the KVD Saint eyeshadow palette)

Makeup Declutter Series 2017| Eyeshadow Palettes

Same thing as for blushes, I’m a palette girl. Single shadows take too much space and with my busy mornings, I don’t have time to go through all these singles to find that special tint. I kept my 20 favorites and that’s it! Half of them were new, as “never even swatched” new, crazy right?

Next Stop (the LAST one ): Lip Liners, Eye Liners & Highlighters.

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7 thoughts on “Makeup Declutter Series 2017| Blushes, Bronzers & Eye Shadows

  1. Love how ruthless you’re being with your decluttering. I’m trying to declutter too but I get attached to products, especially if I paid a lot for them and sometimes I’ll use them just to use them, even if I don’t really like them.

    Totally hear you on being more of a palette person – I’m the same!


  2. Love declutters!! I’m actually going through this right now (aren’t I always though) and it’s amazing what things you’re just ready to give up! I saw you got rid of some BE shadows- I should probably do the same. I totally get you about palettes-they’re just so much easier than digging through a pile of singles! I enjoyed your post as usual!
    XX Jen


  3. LMAO Beardman criticizing you on your photos! Haha I understand your rationale – why bother making them look glam if they’re essentially garbage? 😉
    Great analogy about having to give away your Barbies – but, I’d say my feeling is that I no longer play with those Barbies and have moved on. 😛
    My heart hurt a little with the single blushes and eye shadows now gone. I LOVE singles! Forever and ever. ❤


  4. I’m totally with you on eyeshadow palettes. I hate buying singles now, unless it’s a really awesome color. Blushes, I can deal with…but palettes are still better!


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