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Anti-Haul #2│Spring 2017


I’ve loved writing my first Anti-Haul so much that it’s with great joy that I share these 5 products that I would never buy…  even if I wasn’t on a Low Buy/No Buy  !

I know that those five products will not have unanimous approval but it’s just my humble opinion! If for some reason, you are dreaming of one of those new releases or waking up in the middle of night drooling at the thought of one particular item listed in my Anti-Haul, don’t feel bad, we just agree to disagree!!

Note: If you haven’t seen the latest Spring/Summer Collection from these popular brands, you can read my Sephora New Spring/Summer Makeup ❥ 2017

Tom Ford Spring 2017 Collection

Anti-Haul #2│Spring 2017
Source: Tom Ford

During my recent massive declutter, I got rid of 95% of my drugstore products. Not that I’m a snob but since I have so many products that I paid a hefty price to acquire, I chose to keep those expensive ones over the common brands and less appreciated ones. I’m totally fine with high-end brands but I draw the line at some point. There are expensive brands and there are luxury makeup brands, and some prices are just outrageous. As much as I love Tom Ford’s white sleek packaging, I can’t understand a 68$ lipstick or a cream/powder eye color for 80$ and, I’m totally not onboard with a 132$ bronzer. Simply put, luxury brands are just overpriced and they are not worth those steep prices!!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Palette 🐰

Anti-Haul #2│Spring 2017
Source: Anastasia Beverly Hills


I stated many many times before that I’m a palette girl, with the exception of  lip palettes. I don’t know if some of you were around then, but 10 years ago, lip palettes were the trend and most of us bought some but, at the end of the day, I hated them. They would get very messy and unappealing so I would let them sit in my drawer and go for my traditional lipsticks. If you are a professional makeup artist, I can totally understand how having all these shades in a little compact would be more affordable and practical than buying 18  different lipsticks but for us, mortals, creamy products tend to dry up after a while.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit 🐰

Capture d_écran 2017-03-15 à 14.20.50
Source: Anastasia Beverly Hills

There is no special reason why I’m picking on ABH (I really love some products from the brand), but with all the fuss about this palette, I just had to express my thoughts. First, I’m sick and tired of collaborations between a brand and some Beauty Guru (or whatever you want to call them): been there, done that, got the t-shirt, time to move on… Second, Nicole Guerriero is possibly my least favorite of all these so-called Beauty Influencers. But the main reason why this product is in my Anti-Haul list is mostly based on the product itself: that kind of “glittery/over the top” formula doesn’t go well with mature skin; when you have wrinkles or textures on your skin, it’s a disaster in the making. After swatching it in store, I thought:”No Way Jose”! I could just imagine fallouts all over my cheeks. A big fat NO on this one…

UD x Basquiat 🐰

Anti-Haul #2│Spring 2017
Source: Urban Decay

Simple, the colors in this palette are so dull and unappealing, buying it would mean throwing money in the dumpster. In fact, UD took all the shades that are usually untouched in all my palettes and bunched them together. Even if the formula would be to die for, there is just no way to get a good value for money. As for the packaging influenced by Jean-Michel Basquiat’s graffiti art, I just don’t care! I would never go to the store to buy a Ketchup bottle influenced by Andy Warhol…

Too Faced Natural Love Eyeshadow Palette 🐰

Anti-Haul #2│Spring 2017
Source: Jerrod Blandino

Too Faced may have just put out a Holiday-Type palette for Easter. Since you know how I feel about Limited Christmas Edition Palettes (especially those from Too Faced and Tarte), you then know that I’m not remotely interested in this one. Reviews are all saying that the pigmentation is not there at all, and the ratings on this one are pretty low. Too Faced keeps on disappointing and it’s very sad because it used to be my favorite brand and now, I don’t even have one of their items in my Wishlist… Is it the Estée Lauder effect (if you didn’t know they acquire Too Faced and Becca recently)???

Tell me one product that is in your Anti-Haul this Spring???

🐰= Cruelty Free

Capture d’écran 2016-04-09 à 11.04.01

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10 thoughts on “Anti-Haul #2│Spring 2017

  1. This is great! I feel like my life is an anti-haul lol. I mean I get stuff here and there but really cut back buying makeup a few years ago because I needed a break. I will not be buying any shadow palettes since I recently bought 3 new ones lol and prob won’t be buying a lip palette any time soon! I don’t get how to make those portable. Like what if you want to touch up?! Are you shpppsed to bring the whole palette with you? Lol.
    XX Jen


  2. LOVE this post. Totally agree I will never buy the ABH lip palette. I think you saw my review on the Nicole Guerriero glow kit so we’re on the same page haha. Not a fan of hers and the glow kit had so much freaking glitter I felt so tacky oh my god! The swatches just don’t show how bad the glitter actually is. I have since returned it. I was so excited for the Too Faced Natural Love palette! Ugh if reviews are bad already that’s NOT good. What’s going on with Too Faced? I feel like the brand is going downhill….xo J


  3. Great anti-haul list!
    Ugh, I really don’t like lip palettes, and totally agree with you – it’s MUCH better suited for a makeup artist rather than for makeup lovers.
    Although I doubt I would purchase it, I actually think that TF palette looks really pretty. I HATE that they repeat colours from previous palettes and just change the name, though. A lot of their colours are also too glittery, too.


  4. UD x Basquiat looks unnecessary! You’re right, it’s like UD took all the “leftover” shades and bunched them up.
    Ok, I never heard of that Too Faced Natural Love Palette but seeing it now, I LIKE it! 😛 I don’t NEED it of course.
    I think there’s something wrong with me – I don’t have any urgent makeup lemmings right now.


  5. Totally agree, not one of these products appeal. I hate lip palettes. Reminds me of the cheap, plastic tasting ones I had at school. I gave in and tried the Maybelline one recently and it just confirmed lip palettes suck😂 x

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I love anti-hauls! I hope to post one sometime. I agree with you on the new Too Faced Natural palette. I watched a YouTube video earlier, I guess 15 or half of the shades in this palette are just shades that are in many of their previous palettes. Crazy!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I have no idea. I have their peach palette which I really like, and their peanut butter & Honey palette, I need to play with some more. It seems like it’s a race to release new palettes lol. Happy Monday! 😊💕xxx


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