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PR Samples that I bought back | 2017

PR Samples that I bought back | 2017

Some bloggers but mostly YouTubers are fortunate enough to receive, from time to time, sample products to review and give their honest opinion (I do hope everyone is honest)!!! Makeup companies invest a LOT in free samples to get the word out about their new skincare lotion or new lipstick formula, and simultaneously “buy” some free publicity. But as a reviewer, even though I raved about some product, does it mean that I ACTUALLY bought back the product once the sample is empty? We always use some superlatives to describe this new eyeshadow or gloss, but honestly, maybe sometimes we embellish or tend to exaggerate a little!

On the other hand, 2 products were recently sent to me and, after wearing them and testing them, they just weren’t working for me! Instead of writing a bad review and bashing those products on my blog, I emailed the brand to inform them that, unfortunately, I had some bad reactions and could not give a professional opinion. They really appreciated my honesty and prefer that I didn’t comment since I really didn’t have anything flattering to say about these products at all. Writing a bad review just because my skin type or complexion are not combining well with a product, it would have been misleading. But believe me, I am not the one to sugarcoat a review just because I got a free sample from a company!!

So today, with that in mind, I wanted to talk about 4 products that were originally sent to me as PR samples that I have repurchase with my own money. Are they good? You bet… They are FANTASTIC. 

Note: I will link my original review for each product.

Paula’s Choice RESIST Brightening Essence🐰

PR Samples that I bought back | 2017

(Originally reviewed HERE)

Paula’s Choice has became my favorite skincare brand. I find their products affordable, of great quality and mostly, the brand is Cruelty-Free (as a reminder, I’m NOT a 100% cruelty-free blogger yet, but for any replacement product purchased in the future, if I find a CF version as good as the animal-tested one, I will definitely opt the CF one).

Since graciously receiving Paula’s Choice RESIST Brightening Essence, I’ve used it almost each night or every other night. I literally adore this product and strangely enough, this was my first Essence. This formula perfectly agrees with my skin type, leaving it super soft and remarkably brighter. I also like that it comes with a dropper because there is never any fortuitous waste and a little goes a long way: 3 drops are enough for my whole face. And on the + side, it’s also acne prone friendly. I paid $42 for 1 oz. on their website.

Paula’s Choice RADIANCE Renewal Mask 🐰

PR Samples that I bought back | 2017 Paula's Choice

(Originally reviewed HERE)

I didn’t know what to expect when I got Paula’s Choice RADIANCE Renewal Mask. Leave-on masks  were new to me at that time but since then, I tried a lot of them from different brands and I always go back to PC’s Mask. Paula’s Choice RADIANCE Renewal Mask is the perfect product to put over PC RESIST Brightening Essence as it gives my skin the maximum hydration without feeling heavy on the skin or tacky. Again, this formula doesn’t cause any breakouts! I normally use it 3 times/week for optimal results. I paid $36 for 1.7 oz.

Side note: If you are wondering, I’ve had the RESIST Brightening Essence and RADIANCE Renewal Mask for 5 months and to my surprise, there is still product left in my initial PR Samples.

Paula’s Choice RESIST Travel Kit For Normal To Oily Skin 🐰

PR Samples that I bought back | 2017 Paula's Choice

(Originally reviewed HERE)

I fell so madly in love with this Paula’s Choice RESIST Travel Kit For Normal To Oily Skin kit that I already bought a backup. I really adore all these products. There are different kits available but I chose this one over PC RESIST Travel Kit For Normal To Dry Skin. Usually I’m more combination-dry but when I’m travelling in a very hot climate, my skin tends to breakout a lot and somehow becomes oily. The four products included in the Travel Kit (Normal to dry) are also so good that I will soon buy a full size of each product and add a full size of the RESIST Youth-Extending Daily Hydrating Fluid SPF 50. Paula’s Choice sunscreens are the best ones I’ve tried for my face. I don’t remember the exact amount I paid because it was part of a promotion but you can get it for $30 regular price.

Coppertone Clearly Sheer SPF 30 (Spray)

PR Samples that I bought back | 2017

(Originally reviewed HERE)

Thanks to Canadian Beauty Bloggers (CBB), I had the chance to review this sunscreen last Spring. I don’t just love this stuff, I worship it; it became my Holy Grail body sunscreen (I don’t use it on my face). You can read my full review HERE but to sum it up, it smells good (mild floral scent), it dries instantly and protect my skin like no other! With this formula, applying a sunscreen has never been this easy and without any fuss. I’ve hiked a lot last summer and not once did I get a sunburn (YAY!). This product is normally available for less than $10.99Cnd, but I got mine on sale for $6.99Cnd.

Side note: I also bought the Cream version to try on my neck region, ears and different areas close to my hairline. A cream usually is more practical to apply on all those tricky places.

As you can see, when I’m raving about a product, it’s no BS. My integrity is what’s most important to me. Period!!! 

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* 🐰= Cruelty-Free

Disclaimer: I paid for all these products (the second ones I mean😉)


2 thoughts on “PR Samples that I bought back | 2017

  1. So good to see the Paula’s Choice products here! 🙂
    I’ll have to check out the Coppertone sunscreens – I’m a die hard Neutrogena fan but maybe it’s time I try something different.


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