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No-Buy 2017 | 3 months UPDATE

No-Buy 2017 | 3 months UPDATE

After going through an intensive decluttering, I’ve been on a STRICT necessity-only buy for 2017 (you can read my original post HERE) and since 3 months have already passed, time for an update because March was very hard on my willpower and I almost succumbed to lots of different temptations, and on many occasions. All month long, I kept asking myself: “Why am I doing this again”? Compared to March, January and February have been a breeze since I was still concentrating on decluttering my over the top collection. March was an other ball game…

March 2017, lots of temptations…

In March, MAC surprised us with a 25% rebate on all regular price items and I found myself adding products to my cart. I ALMOST pressed the checkout button a few times, but let say that I just went “screen-shopping”. All in all, it wasn’t products I needed but surely items I wanted badly! My screen-shopping nearly made me capitulate since I even went to the MAC store, just to have a look, because the rebate was in-store too. Seems that my weakened willpower was still sufficient because, to everyone surprise I’m sure, I didn’t get inside; I knew I was doomed if I got my foot in the place. Damn NO-BUY!!! Grrrr. I really think that if MAC was cruelty-free, I would have thrown that No-Buy away. In retrospect, I’m happy that I didn’t buy all that stuff!

No-Buy 2017 | UPDATE
This was my MAC cart !

Is it difficult to control my addiction? Yes, but it’s doable! I used to spend at the very least $1500Cnd on cosmetics per year (you read correctly, sorry for that coffee spill)!! This will never happen again! From now on, I will only buy what I need, and honestly, a massive decluttering will do that to you. Spending money on products I use is perfectly fine but throwing away makeup and skincare items because they are expired or doesn’t work is just not acceptable. Sephora or my nearby beauty stores must be scratching their heads. This decluttering had such a massive effect that I even didn’t go pick up my VIB Rouge birthday gift!

After 3 months, I am proud to say that I have spent 0$ (ZERO) on beauty products


I’m not the only one to have attempted a No-Buy, and many have succeeded, but where I want to  distinguish myself is, if I do achieve this yearly goal, I don’t want to go on a shopping spree the following year, as I saw so many do. What would be the point if I did??? Again, my introspection had some effects on every facets on my life; I’m now against all overconsumptions and I’m sure that I will be glad to spend all my saved money on something more useful (not judging, just thinking for myself).

I would like to know if you are doing the same: how those last 3 months were for you? Did you ever consider a Necessity-Buy only goal?

Capture d’écran 2016-04-09 à 11.04.01

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6 thoughts on “No-Buy 2017 | 3 months UPDATE

  1. Love this. I never knew about the MAC sale! But I agree with you- now that they aren’t cruelty free I don’t like supporting them anymore. I did a 100 day no buy last year and found it super cleansing (although difficult). It really is silly how we buy makeup sometimes just because it’s on sale. Tarte just posted a 30% off sitewide sale and I almost ordered things, but coincidentally I ordered from them a few weeks ago so I stopped myself. Good for you for doing a full 3 months! xo J


  2. Congrats on sticking to your guns – not easy to do, especially when there’s a sale. I’ve been trying hard not to splurge on beauty products too but I’m trying to find a mascara I like so I’ve been spending a lot on those recently.


  3. That MAC 25% off sale tempted me a lot too! Why are they having so many sales lately, damn them!
    Great job on spending ZERO on beauty products – that’s a huge achievement!!!


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