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Old Spice Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant | Wednesday Obsession


Yes, you read the title right! Today, it’s all about men’s classic anti-perspirant/deodorant… for girls! A lot of you are probably already in on this secret but I guess I was living under a rock and no one thought of sharing this news with me!

Before I start talking about my new obsession with Old Spice men’s deodorant & anti-perspirant, let me tell you about my underarms situation. My left armpit is perfectly normal but the right one is causing me some heartaches; I sweat like a horse and let me be honest, it does smell after a while, no matter how many showers a day I take. My work makes me interact with a lot of people all day long, so I’m definitely self-conscious about my possible smelling problem. And in summer, I absolutely need to put a strong aluminium potion concocted by my pharmacist to make hot days more bearable for my surroundings! Most of you will possibly suggest to just go and get Botox, but frankly, the first time I will have Botox, it will be on my face (and yes, I’m starting to consider it)!

Boy, that was a long introduction, but heck, it’s my reality and this blog is as real as it gets. How did I get to try men’s deodorant/anti-perspirent anyway? A month ago, I was at my local Walmart (no publicity intended) and I was scrolling down the women deodorant/anti-perspirant section to find a replacement to my legendary Secrets Vanilla anti-perspirant. I used this one for ages but it wasn’t really working for me anymore. Honest to god, I’m there sniffing all those horrible baby powder, breeze something and the awful Lavender when I saw a girl go to the men’s side, grab Old Spice in Wolfthorn and leave 😳! I thought that this girl was just buying her boyfriend a deodorant. But not even 2 minutes later, another girl comes and picks up the same one 😳! I thought: “there is no way this is a coincidence”. I then venture into the men’s section and was amazed! I wrongfully thought all men’s anti-perspirents smelled like Irish Spring; you know the strong “greenery”, over the top men’s smell (but not BeardMan, he smells delicious)! Mixed with my sweats, this  combination would stink a place. But OMG, this stuff smells AMAZING! I mean Girlie amazing, perfect for me since I love sweet smells. Now that it’s been months using it, I won’t go back to the girl stuff EVER! I’m Obsessed…

Old Spice Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant | Wednesday Obsession

What’s not to love …

♥ More Affordable (I paid $3,59Cnd) since there is much more product for almost the same price than the ones for women (plus, I always wait for special deals),

♥Smells ridiculously amazing (truly unisex)! Fiji and Bearglove scents are also super yummy,

♥ Works way better at keeping my B.O at bay,

♥ Easy to find since every drugstores carry them.

Old Spice Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant | Wednesday Obsession

Who knew I would one day wear men’s armpit stuff. I even secretly saw BeardMan “forgetting” his regular product (yeah, right!) and venturing into my Wolfthorn! Hooray for more product (quantity wise) and better performances… Old Spice, you rock! Next time, you should definitely go have a look into the Men section; Other brands must have great smelling products too!!

Does any of you would have a recommendation for a cruelty-free, STRONG anti-perspirant??? I’ve tried so many but nothing works (for my right side that is).

What’s your favorite deodorant/anti-perspirant?

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Disclaimer: I paid for these products!

6 thoughts on “Old Spice Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant | Wednesday Obsession

  1. I heard that a lot of women use the regular DO’s from them bc there is no aluminum in them (and they great scent of course). I haven’t tried a CF DO that works for me so I unfortunately do spend money on DO’s that are tested on animals 😦 I feel bad about it, but I still think it’s good to try our best even if we aren’t prefect so I don’t beat myself up about it. This one is on my to-try list, though!


  2. I second Stashy’s suggestion of Mitchim – it’s what I use and I sweat A LOT and it actually works. So much so that I can skip a day (I use a natural crystal deodorant spray on those days). Also I hate scented deodorants and they make an unscented version. Might be worth a try if you haven’t yet! 🙂


  3. My fiancé uses the Fiji body wash regularly, and it smells really nice! Not musky or overly masculine at all. I actually really like a lot of the Old Spice scents. Every time we’re at the drugstore to replenish his body wash, I always unscrew all of them to give them a sniff while he’s making his decision, haha!
    I just noticed the packaging says “Smells like palm trees, sunshine, and freedom”. LOL!


  4. Hhmmm… I might have to check this one out since I’m almost out of my deodorant too! Great post!!😍😍


  5. I know a lot of women buy men’s antiperspirants because they work so much better. But yes, a lot of them smell terrible. Good to know there are nicer smelling options available. And also, I love the Old Spice commercials! 😀
    Have you ever tried Mitchum? I’m sure you have… that’s what I used to use before I switched to deodorants.

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