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Anti-Haul #3 | Holidays 2017 -Makeup-

Anti-Haul | Holidays 2017 -Makeup- (Curly Spring Blossom)

I have to admit, these days I love reading & watching Anti-Hauls way more than regular Hauls. So let’s dig in ….

Note: These are my personal opinions, as always agree to disagree 🙂

100% I would never buy :

Urban Decay Heavy Metals Metallic Eyeshadow Palette

The packaging is ridiculous and seems flimsy. This palette looks like my old UD palettes that I’ve given away recently. This is NOT a daytime palette for sure. I guess I’m not the glam rock type that Urban Decay tries to attract with this product.

Anti-Haul | NEW Makeup Holiday 2017

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Holiday Collection

Anti-Haul | NEW Makeup Holiday 2017

To sum it up, I’m too old for the new Fenty Beauty Holiday collection. At 15, I would have  die to get my hands on this. It’s far from the makeup I wear on a daily basis. Cute but I can assure you that these items will be forgotten after January 1st!!!


Tarte Limited-Edition Treasure Box Collector’s Set

Tarte Holiday 2017 (Sephora)


Too Faced Boss Lady Beauty Agenda

Too Faced Holiday 2017 (Sephora)

Hurray! This year, these two sets are not cheaply made in China. Nevertheless, I’ve been burned too many times to even contemplate the idea of buying them. In my opinion, these “too good to be true” Holiday sets (with their ridiculous retail value of 433$US for the Tarte one and 336$US for the one from Too Faced) are strictly made for teenage girls. If you are just starting your makeup collection and you plan to pan these palettes before the end of the year, go for it. Although cute at first, trust me, you will only use them a handful of times. You will end up forgetting about them and they will probably end up in your decluttering pile a year later. STAY AWAY from this!!!!


Stila Eye For Elegance Liquid Eye Shadow Sets or Written in the Stars Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow Set

Stila’s Glitter and Glow Liquid Eyeshadows have actually great reviews but they are so flashy, they are mostly used for specific events. If I would be into glitters even a little bit (which I’m totally not), I would jump on the 3 pieces set, but my aging/hooded eyes don’t do well with glitters. Maybe it’s nice for clubbers but who in real life would even consider these products to go to work. Anyone???


Marc Jacobs Beauty The Wild One Eye-Conic Eyeshadow Palette

Marc Jacobs Holiday 2017 (Sephora)

When it comes to eyeshadow palettes, I have a 100$ max. spending policy. No matter the quality or how many shadows are included, I REFUSE to pay higher than 100$ which is already such a ridiculous amount. I saw this product in store and to be honest, this pallet looks pretty good but realistically, I would only use about 1/3 of the shades. I do however LOVE all the new Marc Jacobs holiday packaging though. The wild prints are always my weaknesses 😉


Hourglass Ambient Metallic Strobe Lighting PaletteHourglass Holiday 2017 (Sephora)


Laura Mercier L’Amour Exotique Face Illuminator Collection

Laura Mercier Holiday 2017 (Sephora)

Laura Mercier and Hourglass are, hands down, my favorite face powder brands. Why on Earth did they sink into the ultra SHIMMERY/METALLIC highlighter trend. WHY??? On top of the extra glow, these are way too dark for a light skin girl like myself. Cute but way too dark and shimmery for my 40ishh self. But seriously, am I the only one who’s had ENOUGH of all these highlight palettes. Great value if highlight is your weakness though!!!


Sephora Favorites Give Me More LipSephora Favorites Holiday 2017 (Sephora)

I have bought the Sephora Favorites Give Me More Lip set regularly since it debuted years ago, but this year, I’m skipping it altogether. I would realistically only wear 5 out of the 15 products. If you are the type of girl who wears pinks, reds, dark or light shades lippies, then you should 100% go for it.


Sephora Favorites Superstars Sephora Favorites Holiday 2017 (Sephora)

This 2017 edition is by far the worst Superstars set I’ve seen in years. I despise when I see that, year after year, sets are comprised of the same products, over and over. Most of the products included in this edition are already in our collection and none of these were all-star products in 2017… My bitchy side would however say that most of this selection were at the most 2014 favourites!!! If you are starting your makeup collection you may want to jump on this one but for the rest of us, their is nothing exciting about this set.


Kat Von D Saint & Sinner Eyeshadow Palette

Kat Von D Holiday 2017 (Sephora)

Simply put, too many colors and way too bright. I may sound boring but I always prefer a palette that has the same color theme. Looking at this one, it’s way too buzzy! The main theme from the colour selection is if you are going for a Krusty or Pennywise look. Also, I hate those bulky packaging; I prefer the nice, tightly compacts. Kat Von D deserves a “Two Thumbs Up” for its stunning packaging…


Urban Decay Naked 4some

Anti-Haul | NEW Makeup Holiday 2017 (Curly Spring Blossom)

This is, for some, the Deal of the Year: you get 4 Urban Decay Naked palettes for less than the price of 3, and thankfully, they’ve included Naked Heat instead of the late Smoky one. My only problem is that I never found Urban Decay’s shadows to be the greatest. In fact, I don’t own any Naked palettes and I don’t see myself ever buying one! I wish Viseart would make a vault though!


* All products are 🐰Cruelty-Free *

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3 thoughts on “Anti-Haul #3 | Holidays 2017 -Makeup-

  1. I don’t own any UD Naked palettes either and I too, have not found UD shadows to perform great on me – they tend to fade even with my usual primers. I’m skipping ALL holiday sets – experience tells me that I never use them.


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