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Celebrating THREE years | Curly Spring Blossom

Celebrating THREE years | Curly Spring Blossom

Oh, boy! What a year!! Due to my mom & step dad major illnesses and my own health playing tricks on me big time, I unfortunately managed to post scarcely this past year. To tell you the truth, I had to stop blogging altogether and in my mind, the adventure was over and done! I even threw away all my backdrops when I moved to a new place in July 2017. Another factor that began to take its toll on my blogging regularity was BeardMan’s hectic working schedule. Normally, he reads and corrects some obvious grammatical mistakes (remember I’m french Canadian) but with the new job, lots of traveling and bigger responsibilities, I still need a mandatory second eye to look over my work and make it “postable”!

That being said, I ended up missing blogging and most of all you, my followers! So I started writing again, bought a new camera and slowly repurchased some new photography props! I call it my second “blogging” wind.

What’s coming for Curly Spring Blossom’s 4th year?

On year four, I will focus on finding the BEST cruelty-free “beauty” products available. However, since I still have in my collection lots of products that unfortunately aren’t cruelty-free, I’ll use up those too and feature the best ones in occasional posts (let’s call that my metamorphosis period). All in all, there will still be reviews, empties, hauls and suggestions based on what’s new in this crazy makeup world.

But Curly’s expanding…  Since it’s debut, this blog has been mostly BEAUTY related; from now on, this next chapter will also feature subjects that are dear to my hearth – health, wellness, books, diet, fashion & four legged friends to name a few. These new ventures will be posted only on weekends and rest assured, the soul of this blog aka “the makeup & skincare emphasis” will still be my main priority.

Thank you so much to everyone who takes a few precious minutes to read this blog; I appreciated it and cherish it so much. Blogging is not my full time job, it’s just a hobby that I happen to be very passionate about!

Cheers to my fourth and hopefully, my best year of blogging!

Note: By the way the real blogging anniversary is in October. As they say better late than never 😉

Celebrating THREE years | Curly Spring Blossom

Thank you for being there!

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