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Kariliss Hair Products | Cruelty-Free

Kariliss Hair Products | Cruelty-Free

Recently, I had the chance to try Kariliss Shampoo & Conditioner. I fell so in love with the way they treated my hair that I ask if I could review ALL its product line. Thankfully, they sent them right away.

♥♥♥ This is not a first impression post; I have tried and tested these AMAZING products for a while now. I can only applaud this brand for making these products for women with dry, curly (frizzy) & mostly damaged/over-processed hair.


Proudly Made in Quebec (Canada) – Cruelty-Free 

The Kariliss line, created by the beautiful Amina Gerba, “consists of six essential products to help restore vitality, flexibility and beauty to your hair, while moisturizing the scalp. These products with floral and fruity fragrance, and also vanilla, coconut and jasmine fragrance, are essential and complementary to revive the hair thoroughly”. (The scent is  very ADDICTIVE!)

“A super moisturizing line entirely composed of natural active ingredients. Kariliss products do not contain  parabens or petroleum jelly, silicone or other chemical element clogging the pores of the scalp, which would have the effect of slowing hair growth”.

Main Ingredients

Shea Butter – Argan Oil – Baobab Oil – Black Cumin Oil

Kariliss Hair Products | Cruelty-Free

Moisturizing Shampoo

15.99$CND (350ml)

This shampoo does every thing I need it to do. It lathers gently (which is something I like) so my hair and scalp feels clean without leaving a greasy feeling or frizzy mess. It’s so soft, it’s great for your daily use. A little goes a long way.

Nourishing Conditioner

15.99$CND (350ml)

It untangles my hair very easily and mostly, IT SMELLS RIDICULOUSLY YUMMY (Banana candy yummy).  I’m already into my second bottle.

Both the shampoo & conditioner have made my crazy hair feel soft, moisturized and lightweight. Additionally, they don’t make my scalp itchy like so many other products do. This duo cleans so well that I can add one more day to my usual “2 days before washing my hair again” regimen. Alleluia !

Leave-In Conditioner

12.99$CND (180ml)

I won’t ever be without this product. On the days that I air-dry my hair, it makes a huge difference on my hair appearance: no frizz, very soft and silky. It just doesn’t feel like I have any product in my hair. Contrary to other products, it leaves no stickiness after application. LOVE IT!

Kariliss Hair Products | Cruelty-Free

Fortifying Hair Mask

23.99$CND (240ml)

One of the best hair mask I’ve used so far, especially for that price. Usually, my hair feels DRY, like really dry and frizzy; this stuff is very moisturizing yet, it doesn’t weigh my hair down at all. I really can tell a difference in my curl definition too. Cannot say enough good things about it. You need this product to keep your hair healthy.

Kariliss Hair Products | Cruelty-Free

Hair Stimulating Serum

19.99$CND (60ml)

You won’t get a full review of this Serum since I want to give it a good two months of regular use before I do my final review. 

First impressions: The smell is a little strong for my taste (very woodsy)! It doesn’t bother me since I’ve been using it during my off days but it clashes from their other products. It’s also more “oily” than a serum type formula. It will be interesting to see if I get results with just 2 -3 uses per week.

I was very anxious to try this product. I’ve been dealing with major hormonal problems for the last year or so, and one of the side-effect has been my hair falling out at a panicking rate. I’m praying to see great results.

Kariliss Hair Products | Cruelty-Free

Hair Pomade

5.99$CND (15ml)

I don’t know how I could manage before I found this product. I have a horrible cowlick in my hairline, which makes it difficult to wear my hair back at all. Now, I just put some of this pomade on my hair to smooth it back, apply some hairspray, and voila, it holds all day! I’m thrilled to no longer have to wear tons of pins to hold everything in place (I think that I would trigger the metal detector in an airport). I also use this pomade on the ends of my hair when I wear it down to give some definition to the layers. Perfect amount of hold and shine.

Kariliss Hair Products | Cruelty-Free

I’ve enjoyed every product so far. I may have just found my Holy Grail affordable hair products. The formula and the smell make them so enjoyable and frankly, my hair looks healthier and so much better. One of my best discoveries of the year!


Kariliss products are available on their Website, Costco,  & lots of other retailers (Quebec, Ontario, USA, Africa & Europe)



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