20 Winter Post Ideas | Beauty Blogger

20 Winter Post Ideas | Beauty Blogger

I should have titled this post “Curly Spring Blossom’s upcoming posts”! Christmas time is  the busiest period for Beauty Bloggers and the subjects are endless, but coming January and February, we find ourself at a low ebb creatively and blog post ideas rot! I thought it would be useful for some to see what’s cooking for the New Year in my little world of Blogging… Feel free to copy them my beautiful friends!

Here are 20 winter blog post ideas to spark your creativity!

1. My Beauty Blogging Year in Review.
2. 2018 Blogging (or Life) Goals.
3. Favourite Winter Scents.
4. Top 5 Winter Lip Products (lipsticks, glosses, etc…).
5. New Winter Makeup Trends to Follow.
6. Start a Seasonal Project Pan.
7. Favourite Winter Nail Polishes.
8. Best Products to cure Dry Lips & Dry Hands.
9. What’s your Most Popular Post of All Time?
10. Host a Giveaway Featuring your Favourite Products.
11. Winter makeup Do’s and Don’ts.
12. If you had $1,000 to spend, what makeup products would you buy?
13. A roundup of your Favourite Beauty Bloggers & YouTubers. (Non Favourites too 😉).
14. Your Skincare Routine (Morning and Night) for the Current Season.
15. Beauty Lessons or Tips that you Swear by.
16. The Products that Changed my Skin.
17. Products I’ll always Re-Purchase.
18. Top Products from your 5 Favourite Brands.
19. Winter Photography Tips.
20. Decluttering your Makeup & Skincare Collection.

I stated a few weeks back that I would like to write about different topics in 2018. For the coming year, I want to challenge myself and try to add some new features to my blog. By sharing these ideas, I hope to keep you inspired so the winter blues don’t hit your blog. No one wants that, right?

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5 thoughts on “20 Winter Post Ideas | Beauty Blogger

  1. #20 Decluttering your Makeup & Skincare Collection
    This is very high on my list! I’m long overdue and I’ve been setting things aside to photograph and then purge. The bag is overflowing! 😉

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