My Lifestyle Goals| 2018

My Lifestyle Goals| 2018

Like my Blogging year, my life in general suffered in 2017. Last year was like a perpetual fall into the abyss in terms of health, so I really didn’t enjoy those 365 days because I was hurting all year. Juggling between medical appointments and exams, trying medications like a guinea pig and without any results, it took a toll on my happiness, my motivation & my usual drive. Frankly, I need to reconnect with the things I used to passionate about, so much so that lots of changes need to happen in 2018.


Being healthy again is my #1 priority. I will need to change a lot of things after my operation mostly to control my weight and to alleviate my feet problems (plantar fasciitis). I also need to start a proper workout regimen to help my insomnia. Fortunately if there are no complication, the endometriosis + fibroids & permanent bloating should be a thing of the past at the end of January and I will now be able to focus on getting back in shape. I need to prioritize my health and doing so, why not start blogging about it? I may help someone along the way…


After such a lousy year, it made me want to live my life to the fullest. I really want to travel even if it just means discovering new places within my own province. BeardMan and I share a dream about creating something, a reference guide about all our hiking experiences across Quebec and New England area. When we look on the web, we always see the classic hikes but we have so many interesting regions to share, with different landscapes and climate, wonderful wild Provincial and National Parks, it needs to be recorded somewhere… Corsica, Hawaii, Walt Disney World again in 2019 & a road trip from California to Nevada are already planned for the coming years, and some smaller venues to visit in-between. In 2018, I want to discover my own back yard, specifically the wonderful Province of Quebec.

Cook More & Share my Best Vegetarian Dishes

I’ve never been a good cook (maybe it’s one of the reasons that BeardMan has now a small belly), but the foodie inside me wants to learn new easy recipes, experiment, and share them. I absolutely adore these 5 ingredients, basic recipes that are good for you and good for the soul. My desire is secretly to make BeardMan enjoy my lifestyle! He likes and craves meat but I would really like to have a positive impact on his life too.

The pleasure of being healthy and contented is also to have someone to share our passions and happiness. Changes in my life will surely positively impact my boyfriend. The last year was also hard on him; he’s standing tall, undaunted through all my hardships, sorrows and mood swings while he still has to manage his career, his own challenges and heartaches. Regaining control of my life will undoubtedly make his life easier ❤️

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