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Welcome to my little world filled with beauty, exercise, TV series, dogs and a ton of coffee (possibly way too much since I’m like the Energizer bunny all day long). Time flies; I’m in year 3 of this beautiful adventure that is Curly Spring Blossom! Who knew I would stick  to this project long enough, when 3 years ago, I had problem just switching on the computer! Imagine me in this social media madness and this hectic beauty industry…  After some work, a lot of reading and some dollars spent, I enjoy it more now than ever.

It started with my passion for makeup and it has developed into a passion for all things beauty-related, skincare now taking over a big part of my interests! I guess the big 4-0 had a lot to do with it… It’s difficult enough to reach that stage in life, I will continue to adapt my vocabulary and my blog to make beauty for older women the way it’s supposed to be: ageless, sophisticated, settled, perfected instead of the expressions mature skin or old. Not to be outdone, younger readers will also surely appreciate my knowledge, my versatility and my great sense of humour!

At Curly Spring Blossom, you can expect a lot of makeup, skincare goodness, a lot of blogging tips and maybe some plant-based recipes along the way! Once in a while, I’ll throw in a few lifestyle articles and maybe some training advices. Beauty inside out, it’s what I live for these days…

I hope you join me, in the adventure of a French-Canadian girl lost in the marvelous world of cruelty-free beauty.

Curly Spring Blossom is PR Friendly so feel free to contact me at:


Thank you so much for visiting my blog

 Ingrid ❥❥❥


Companies I had the pleasure to work with:




Paula’s Choice





Zoella Beauty



Sothys Paris

My Skin type/concerns are:


  • Normal with some dry patches
  • I do have fine lines (borderline wrinkles) as I’m over 40
  • I suffer from some facial discolouration and sun spots
  • I’m VERY acne-prone and I have enlarged pores on the nose and cheeks
  • Blonde (Discoloration)
  • Long & curly
  • Mostly dry

Foundation shade:

  • Fair or Light



49 thoughts on “About & Pr/Disclaimer

    1. Awwww! So nice of you … Even nicer since I’ve been following you for such a long time, you have seriously the best vegan/lifestyle blog out there!
      You just made my day! Ingrid xoxo


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