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NEW Maybelline Brow Products | Hot or Not?

NEW Maybelline Brow Products | Hot or Not?

Thanks to Chick Advisor (#GotitFree), I recently received three new brow products from Maybelline. It’s been a while since I reviewed a drugstore item and since brow products are one of my makeup weaknesses, I was very curious to try them.



– 5 Shades Available –


I have mixed feelings about this powder. The product by itself is good but the concept needs to be revisited!


† This powder doesn’t budge – Amazing staying power if you prime your eyebrow,

† Easiest application ever,

† Affordable (around 9$🇨🇦).


† Too much product comes out and way too fast – too much product results in thick, bold eyebrows and since normally, I have thin, overplucked brows, it gives me an unnatural look and changes my makeup drastically,

† Messy – If you don’t tap out the excess powder, it will be fallout galore,

† The Blonde shade is too dark. The result is too obvious for my personal taste,

† NOT for thin eyebrows, unless you use a different brush to apply it.

There are definitely people out there who rock the dark, thick brows and who will love this product however, it is not for me. But for the new trend of bushy brows, this product will definitely do a great job!

Rating: 3/5;  it’s not a bad product at all if you are careful with the application.



– 5 Shades Available –




† Affordable (around 10$🇨🇦).

† The gel by itself is ok, if you use a little bit.


† Once it dries, the product is VERY flakey,

† AGAIN, the blonde, lighter shade is too dark for me,

† Doesn’t make my brows appear fuller at all,

† Very unnatural and ultra-matte.

The gel tends to clog the brush and goes on too thick leaving small globs of product. More than once, I had to remove the gel from one of my brows (with an eye makeup remover) and start over. The only way I could use this product is by dipping my ABH #12 brush into the gel and apply it into my eyebrows. When doing so, it works but what’s the point of using this product if you have to add all these extra steps! This product is possibly better suited for thicker eyebrows with only a few sparse areas to fill.

Rating: 2/5



– 4 Shades Available –




† The tip is really fine – it makes it easier to define your brows. It doesn’t apply harshly, and you can definitely build it up.

† Built-in sharpener,

† Affordable (around 9$🇨🇦),

† It goes on very smoothly.


†I don’t like the spoolie on the opposite end of this product. It’s of lesser quality compared to most other spoolies that come with brow products,

† The blonde color is a tad too dark (This is the theme of the day).

† The worst downfall is that once you twist up the product, it won’t twist back down. You have to be really careful with your maneuver, just roll up a tiny bit at a time,

† I don’t see this product lasting more than 1 month – Compared to my favorite ABH Brow Wiz who lasts about 3 months.

Rating: 4/5: It’s a good brow pencil but unfortunately, I already found my Holy Grail. It has some great features but the big drowbacks are the shade selection as the Blonde is too dark and the unusual spoolie.


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Old Spice Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant | Wednesday Obsession


Yes, you read the title right! Today, it’s all about men’s classic anti-perspirant/deodorant… for girls! A lot of you are probably already in on this secret but I guess I was living under a rock and no one thought of sharing this news with me!

Before I start talking about my new obsession with Old Spice men’s deodorant & anti-perspirant, let me tell you about my underarms situation. My left armpit is perfectly normal but the right one is causing me some heartaches; I sweat like a horse and let me be honest, it does smell after a while, no matter how many showers a day I take. My work makes me interact with a lot of people all day long, so I’m definitely self-conscious about my possible smelling problem. And in summer, I absolutely need to put a strong aluminium potion concocted by my pharmacist to make hot days more bearable for my surroundings! Most of you will possibly suggest to just go and get Botox, but frankly, the first time I will have Botox, it will be on my face (and yes, I’m starting to consider it)!

Boy, that was a long introduction, but heck, it’s my reality and this blog is as real as it gets. How did I get to try men’s deodorant/anti-perspirent anyway? A month ago, I was at my local Walmart (no publicity intended) and I was scrolling down the women deodorant/anti-perspirant section to find a replacement to my legendary Secrets Vanilla anti-perspirant. I used this one for ages but it wasn’t really working for me anymore. Honest to god, I’m there sniffing all those horrible baby powder, breeze something and the awful Lavender when I saw a girl go to the men’s side, grab Old Spice in Wolfthorn and leave 😳! I thought that this girl was just buying her boyfriend a deodorant. But not even 2 minutes later, another girl comes and picks up the same one 😳! I thought: “there is no way this is a coincidence”. I then venture into the men’s section and was amazed! I wrongfully thought all men’s anti-perspirents smelled like Irish Spring; you know the strong “greenery”, over the top men’s smell (but not BeardMan, he smells delicious)! Mixed with my sweats, this  combination would stink a place. But OMG, this stuff smells AMAZING! I mean Girlie amazing, perfect for me since I love sweet smells. Now that it’s been months using it, I won’t go back to the girl stuff EVER! I’m Obsessed…

Old Spice Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant | Wednesday Obsession

What’s not to love …

♥ More Affordable (I paid $3,59Cnd) since there is much more product for almost the same price than the ones for women (plus, I always wait for special deals),

♥Smells ridiculously amazing (truly unisex)! Fiji and Bearglove scents are also super yummy,

♥ Works way better at keeping my B.O at bay,

♥ Easy to find since every drugstores carry them.

Old Spice Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant | Wednesday Obsession

Who knew I would one day wear men’s armpit stuff. I even secretly saw BeardMan “forgetting” his regular product (yeah, right!) and venturing into my Wolfthorn! Hooray for more product (quantity wise) and better performances… Old Spice, you rock! Next time, you should definitely go have a look into the Men section; Other brands must have great smelling products too!!

Does any of you would have a recommendation for a cruelty-free, STRONG anti-perspirant??? I’ve tried so many but nothing works (for my right side that is).

What’s your favorite deodorant/anti-perspirant?

Capture d’écran 2016-04-09 à 11.04.01

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Disclaimer: I paid for these products!
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Farleyco Beauty Box | 2017 Goodies

Farleyco made a girl very happy recently; they graciously sent this craving makeup junkie the best gift ever: new beauty goodies to try!!! Honestly, it like giving someone on a diet a big Chocolate Easter Bunny… Not only did I receive a perfume, new sponges, brushes, nail & cuticle finger masks but, I also got something for BeardMan. Brace yourself, the boyfriend gets to make in own review in this post (that’s a first)!!!

Enough chit-chat, let’s get to the fun stuff…

7th Heaven Strengthen Nail & Cuticle Finger Masques 🐰

Farleyco Beauty Box | 2017 Goodies

“Wave goodbye to distressed, damaged nails with our finger nail strengthening masks. With nourishing Argan and Macadamia oils and anti-oxidant rich Pomegranate. These little wonders will help revitalise and condition your nails.” (From the website)

I must confess, I treat my hands so poorly, no wonder my nails are brittle, dry and cracked all over (it hurts so bad)! I was very excited to try my first product from 7th Heaven and treat my nails and cuticles with these masques. They needed all the help they could get…

After just one treatment, I felt my nails were so hydrated, they were longing for more. I’ll have to buy some more; I’m very intrigued and I want to see the results after using it weekly for at least a month… An update should come soon!

Availability: At Farleyco ($4.99Cnd) and Rexall PharmaPlus

So…? Sinful (eau de toilette) 🐰

Farleyco Beauty Box | 2017 Goodies

Top Notes: Mint and Pineapple
Heart Notes: Violet and Strawberry
Base Notes: Vanilla, Praline and Musk

This eau de toilette smells powdery on me, but in a sweet way and the aroma is very lovely. Daytime appropriate, it’s strong at first but after 15 minutes, it gets super mild and yummy!

Note: I must be allergic to an ingredient since it makes me cough and sneeze if I put it directly around my neck area. The solution was to apply it lower, on my chest area under my clothes, and voilà.

So…? perfumes, are really affordable compared to big name brands and frankly, this one smells just as good as some of my $100+ purchases. I was pleasantly surprised and Sinful has become one of my go-to fragrances. I’ve noticed that sometimes, with affordable fragrances, they don’t tend to last but this one does an honest job, lasting for at least few hours. Can’t beat the price: at my local Walmart, it’s $8.98Cnd 😳

Availability: At Walmart ($8.98Cnd)

Ecotools Perfecting Blender Duo 🐰

Farleyco Beauty Box | 2017 Goodies

Well what do you know!!! These sponge-type blenders from Ecotools are actually so good that in my opinion, they give the real thing (i.e. Beauty Blenders) a run for their money. And at $15.99Cnd, they are a steal (nearly 50% less than the $28Cnd Beauty Blender price tag). To test their durability, I’ve washed them everyday for the past two weeks and after 14 straight washes, there are no signs of tearing (I will update you after 2 months)! I love the way it’s shaped; I find myself using the edges for blending and the square sides for my eyes, noses and to contour.  I HIGHLY recommend them!

Availability: At Farleyco ($15.99Cnd)

Real Techniques by Sam and Nic – Eye Shade + Blend 🐰

Farleyco Beauty Box | 2017 Goodies

HIP HIP, HOORAY!!! I can’t believe that Real Techniques finally heard us and made these wonder brushes part of a duo. Before, we needed to buy the RT Eye Starter Set if we wanted the Deluxe Crease brush and the Base Shadow Brush but honestly, the three other brushes included in this set were not favorites of mine; I used to have them, but unfortunately, those three just didn’t make the “Decluttering Cut”. On the other hand, I love these two brushes that I previously bought 3 sets just to get them. I’ve had the Base Shadow and Deluxe Crease brushes for more than three years now, have washed them weekly and they still look brand new! No shedding, WOW!

Base Shadow Brush

I use it everyday, mainly to apply eyeshadow onto my lower lashes. I’ve tried so many others but I always comeback to this one.

Deluxe Crease Brush

If you love cream shadows (read here my beloved MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pots), you will be amazed at how easy it is to apply a cream shadow with the Deluxe Crease Brush.

Farleyco Beauty Box | 2017 Goodies

Note: From my picture, if you are wondering why is there some badly applied nail polish on the handle well, it just to differentiate them: one is for MAC Soft Ochre, the other one for Painterly and the last one for Camel Coat 😛! Told you I was obsessed!

If you still haven’t try Real Techniques brushes, you should but go for their regular line instead of the Bold Metal Collection. They are more affordable, Cruelty-free and seriously, some are as good as high-end counterparts. Total LOVE!

Availability: At Farleyco ($15.99Cnd) , Walmart and Rexall

 Johnny’s Chop Shop Beard Oil

Farleyco Beauty Box | 2017 Goodies

OK, first of all, first time user of a Beard Oil, but mostly, first time blogger (so don’t expect too much)! When Ingrid told me to try this, I was sceptic: Oil in my beard, WTF! But honestly, it’s really soothing. I don’t wear my beard too long; it’s more a David Beckam beard than a Grizzly Adams look, but still, it felt really nice! I usually wait a few days to trim my beard and after a week or so without cutting it, my skin itches like crazy but, with this oil, I have to admit that it felt really different. Plus, it smells nice without being overwhelming. If I wanted to grow my beard like you see everywhere now, with this oil it would be possible, but with my height, if it grows longer, I’ll look like a dwarf in “Lord of the Rings”. I also used it to shave my neck area instead of my usual shaving cream. I guessed it worked OK but I feel that hairs stick much more to the blade with the oil…

*Their website is SOOOOO freaking cute, go and have a look*

Availability: At London Drugs

Note: Ingrid rewrote everything! What can I say, she is the Artist in the family…

🐰= Cruelty-Free

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