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LaSPA Cruelty-Free Mineral Sunscreens | Review

LaSPA Mineral Sunscreens (Curly Spring Blossom Review) - Cruelty-Free

I’m so excited to write about LaSPA sunscreens for two reasons: first, these products are Made in Canada and second, they are totally EXTRAORDINARY!

Truth be told that, these days I’m going wild at the chance to test new sunscreens, more than any other beauty products. After my step dad got treated for a nasty melanoma (skin cancer) on his nose, I saw first hand the damages that this deadly disease can cause. The surgeon took 1/3 off his nose and reconstructive plastic surgery was much needed afterward. Thank god, after all that ordeal, everything looks great and he is in remission. Don’t ever forget that skin cancer is, for the major part, easily PREVENTABLE. If cancer doesn’t scare you my friends maybe looking like a dry prune in your 40’s should do the trick 😉

Sunscreen should part of your morning routine 365 days a year, rain or shine.

For reference: My skin type is combination/dry & very acne prone. 

LaSPA Mineral Sunscreens (Cruelty-Free) Review


“Our Philosophy is simple. Create clean and natural sun care products with only the finest ingredients. LASPA products are a safe and effective way for women to nourish and protect their skin from the harmful rays of the sun – without the risks that are associated with chemical based sunscreen products.” Susan Mey founder

LaSPA Mineral Sunscreens (Cruelty-Free) Review

SPF 30 Moisturizing Mineral Sunscreen

(40$Cnd for 2.7oz – Online or at a SPA near you)

LaSPA Mineral Sunscreens (Cruelty-Free) Review


Each Dose Contains Zinc Oxide 20%

NON-MEDICINAL INGREDIENTS: beeswax, bisabolol, caprylic/capric triglyceride, cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, copernicia cerifera (carnauba) wax, isoamyl cocoate, persea gratissima (avocado) oil, tocopherols

This product is hands down one of the best face sunscreen I have ever tried. This product totally blew me away and that says a lot since face sunscreens have always been more misses than hits for me.


❃ CRUELTY-FREE 🐰 (It’s NOT Vegan because of the beeswax),

❃ Fragrance-free, Gluten-free & hypoallergenic,

❃ Hydrating – perfect for dry skin,

❃ Contains no color, no paraben or chemical UVA\UVB,

❃ Non-greasy* & non-stiky formula,

❃  100% Natural Source Ingredients,

❃ Makes the PERFECT canvas to use under foundations or BB creams,

❃ No white cast (YAY!!!!!),

❃ Doesn’t break me out at all,

❃ This product is sweat and water-resistant for 80 minutes,

❃ TSA (Transportation Security Administration) approved size for plane requirements,

❃ Great value for the amount you get & the quality of the product.


❃  For some reason, it doesn’t work great with loose powder foundation. The foundation looks patchy!

❃ I don’t think oily girls would enjoy this VERY hydrating sunscreen.

*** Note: With every sunscreens tested in recent years, after the 10-hour mark, my face starts to feel oily.

When you first open the tube, you see a thick cream and a formula that is a little bit “grainy”; don’t be afraid since magically, the product will melt onto your skin. All of us know that finding a sunscreen that performs beautifully under our makeup is difficult – this one is so good that it even makes my foundation look better as it acts like a primer, a moisturizer and a sunscreen at the same time! I would totally recommend this product if you want to combine great sunscreen properties, more so if you use makeup on a daily basis. It’s a wonderful product!!

LaSPA Mineral Sunscreens (Cruelty-Free) Review

SPF 20 Daily Sun Protection Lotion

(44$Cnd for 4,2oz – Online or at a SPA near you)


Each Dose Contains Zinc Oxide 14%

NON-MEDICINAL INGREDIENTS: beeswax, bisabolol, caprylic/capric triglyceride, certified organic cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, copernicia cerifera (carnauba) wax, isoamyl cocoate, persea gratissima (avocado) oil, tocopherols


❃ CRUELTY-FREE 🐰 (It’s NOT Vegan because of the beeswax)

❃  100% Natural Source Ingredients,

❃ Fragrance-free, Gluten-free  & hypoallergenic,

❃ Contains no color, no paraben or chemical UVA\UVB,

❃ Non-stiky light formula,

❃ Doesn’t stain my clothes,

❃ Perfect to wear under makeup,

❃ This product is sweat and water-resistant for 80 minutes.


❃ It takes some time to dry,

❃ I wish this sunscreen contained a higher SPF – Not a Con per se.

Comparing both products, I prefer LaSpa SPF 30 Moisturizing Mineral Sunscreen since I usually put SPF greater than 30 on my face. That being said, I’ve used this LaSpa SPF 20 Daily Sun Protection Lotion on my neck and neckline for a while now and I do love it a lot, these areas are easier to reapply than redo your full makeup.

Honestly, I had no expectation upon receiving this gorgeous PR Package (#NOT Sponsored) from LaSPA & PK Communications since I didn’t know the brand but it resonated with me and fitted perfectly on my quest to find the best cruelty-free sunscreens available. After testing it regularly, I was pretty excited to share my thoughts. I truly cannot say enough good things on these products! What’s not to love: great value, natural ingredients, made in Canada, cruelty-free & works like a charm under makeup! It’s truly one of the best sunscreen product I’ve used and I’m a LaSpa convert, especially LaSpa SPF30 Moisturizing Mineral Sunscreen, since I prefer better protection and SPF factors.

Important note: Every sunscreens on the market should have an expiration date written on the package if not, don’t buy it. At the same time Spring is a very good time to discard any expired product! 

LaSPA Mineral Sunscreens (Cruelty-Free) Review


The difference between Mineral & Synthetic Sunscreens:

Mineral Sunscreens:

There are only two mineral sunscreen ingredients: titanium dioxide and zinc oxide

Begin to work immediately on application, but must be absorbed to be most effective and to ensure they don’t wipe off on clothing.

Have almost no risk of irritating skin.

May leave a white cast, especially on darker skin tones, but the best pure mineral sunscreens go on invisibly.

May need more careful, liberal application because of the way they work in formulas. So, go ahead, slather these on for brilliant protection!

Why Zinc Oxide is better:

Zinc Oxide provides a broad spectrum protection against both UVA/UVB rays whereas chemical filters don’t necessarily provide this function

Zinc Oxide is effective immediately upon application, whereas chemical filters need approximately 20 minutes to be absorbed

Zinc Oxide reduces or eliminates the risk of allergies or skin irritation that can be caused by the chemicals used in chemical sun filters

Zinc Oxide avoids the risk of health issues that have been documented concerning the cumulative effects of chemical sunscreen ingredients on reproductive health (see below for a further discussion on Sunscreen Ingredients).

Synthetic (Chemicals) Sunscreens:

Common synthetic sunscreen ingredients include oxybenzone, octinoxate, octisalate, and avobenzone.

Begin to work immediately on application, but must be absorbed to be most effective and to ensure they don’t wipe off on clothing.

Are generally found in products with thinner textures.

Tend to be preferred for water-resistant formulas because they don’t turn milky-looking when you sweat or get wet. But, as with any sunscreen, you must reapply them often.

Can be sensitizing for those with extra-sensitive skin.

Enjoy the outdoors & the upcoming beautiful summer

🐰= Cruelty-Free

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Maison Jacynthe | New Fluid Foundation, Nail Polish & Highlighter

Maison Jacynthe Makeup

Cruelty-Free Makeup

Hi friends, I’m super excited to present three new makeup products from the awesome Maison Jacynthe. They graciously sent their new nail polish, fluid foundation & highlighter for me to review and share my thoughts and appreciation (no strings attach & #notsponsered)!

Earlier this year, I had the pleasure to work with this ALL NATURAL & CRUELTY-FREE Quebec-based company, founded by the inspiring Jacynthe René. I was so impressed by her makeup line and fell immediately in love with their Blush in Juliette (02), an absolute marvel (You can read about their eyeshadow, blush and bronzer HERE).

Before I dig into today’s products, I would invite you to visit their beautiful website (Maison Jacynthe), both in English and French, and discover that ever-growing wellness brand, their nature-oriented skincare, books, perfume and makeup that are developed with care for women of all ages!


Maison Jacynthe Nail Polishes

Maison Jacynthe New Makeup 2017

The nail polish that I selected is in the color Taormina (Taormina is a commune (municipality) in the Metropolitan City of Messina, on the east coast of Sicily, Italy). After my first application, I was madly in love with the formula and mostly the color. If their was a “Ingrid” shade, it’s Taormina, which is the prettiest taupy/ mauvy ever made. TOTALLY a Fall & Winter must-have!

Her nail polish line also includes a base and a top coat, plus 10 vibrant additional shades. I foresee myself buying Portofino, ideal for Summer months.

If you have been following my blog for a while, you know that I rarely wear polishes on my fingernails (except clear ones since I’m so brutal with all the gardening and my outdoorsy activities) but I wouldn’t be caught dead not wearing polishes on my toenails at any giving time. I feel very confortable to recommend these nail polishes: the formula is so long wearing and this colour so rich; you barely need a second coat. I’m just IN LOVE with Taormina (probably would be IN LOVE with the town also)!!!!!

Pricing: 14$CND


Maison Jacynthe Fluid Foundations

Maison Jacynthe New Makeup 2017

Honestly, my first impression was not a positive one at all. The coverage was way too light to cover my uneven skin (sun spots, acne scars & redness). But, after getting my usual coffee fix, I looked in the mirror to apply the rest of my makeup, and found my face to be radiant and beautifully glowy. This product is the ultimate foundation for a natural makeup day, aka a “no makeup, makeup day”!

What I love:

My shade, Beige Ivoire (01), is perfect for my light complexion. To be noted, that the color has a yellow undertone, which is great for me since I despise pink undertones.

In my honest opinion, this fluid foundation is best suited for normal to dry skin women since it has the most natural dewy finish (not to be confused with greasy!)

You do have to shake the bottle prior to application since it contains oils.

The packaging is super elegant and very practical with its pump and glass container (Hip Hip Hooray …. ) and sturdy enough for traveling purposes.

Maison Jacynthe New Makeup 2017

Weirdly enough, this foundation smells AMAZING!! I’m CRAZY about the unique scent! If I might add, each product tested from this brand smells great, probably the result of all those natural ingredients.

As previously mentioned, the coverage is light – I cannot build it to a full coverage or even a medium one,

After 10 hours, it doesn’t look cakey or as not settle in my fine lines,

This product is made in Italy,

The only downside is that there are ONLY 5 shades available.

I wasn’t expecting to be blown away, but in all modesty, I look damn good with just this Fluid Foundation, a Bronzer and one of my many coral glosses. Also, may I remind you that it also smells ridiculously good…

Pricing: 46$CND for 1.01 fl oz


Maison Jacynthe Highlighters

Maison Jacynthe New Makeup 2017

If you like crazy pigmented highlighters then look no further, Maison Jacynthe has you covered.

What I love:

A little goes a very long way, this little number is PIGMENTED,

It blends like a charm and doesn’t emphasize the textures of my skin,

Depending on your mood, the occasion or you preferred look, this formula gives either a nice light shimmer or an intense one, but it doesn’t contain glitters. To my makeup addict friends out there, these highlighters remind me of the Dior Skin Nude Air Luminizer Powder, but in a cruelty-free & cheaper version…

I have to write about the scent again since I’m obsessed,

Luna Rose (02) is more golden than pink but there is however a very discret pink shift. Lovely product for the highlighters fan out there!

Pricing: 33$CND


Maison Jacynthe Compacts

Maison Jacynthe New Makeup 2017

As much as I REALLY enjoy these 3 new makeup products, I’m going gaga about their  compacts. Beautifully design and truly unique, these compacts are also very practical since you can interchange products as the season changes or simply for traveling.

Pricing: The compacts are sold separately 17$CND (for the medium) & 29$CND for the larger ones.

Maison Jacynthe New Makeup 2017

Maison Jacinthe’s natural & cruelty-free products can be found on her online boutique and in many other retailers in the province of Quebec. More info HERE.


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New Bite Beauty Lip Pencil | Review

bite Beauty The Lip Pencil (Sephora / Influenster)

Just receive my first Influenster box and I’m ecstatic; doubly ecstatic as it features the new Bite Beauty The Lip Pencil. As already a proud owner of a ton of Bite Lipsticks and Lush Fruit Lip Glosses, it’s clear to say that I ADORE Bite’s lip products. Alright, for some reasons, my love for the brand may be biased: Bite is proudly “made in Canada” and on top of this, their products are CRUELTY-FREE. The only little problem is not against the brand, it’s just that I hate using lip pencils (but I just can’t achieve a perfect makeup without them), so these complimentary samples had to be extra good for me to go gaga over them … and they are!

Bite Beauty The Lip Pencil (Influenster)

The Lip Pencil $20Cnd ($18US)

I have to applaud Bite Beauty for their wide range of colors: 21 different shades for a new launch is pretty amazing. These tints are all based on colors that mimic the true natural lip tones. True to Bite’s philosophy, it’s all about enhancing our unique features; so, no crazy colors here. Being a hardened “nude” lover, I already have #006 (pale pink) and #008 (peachy nude) on my Sephora Wishlist.

bite Beauty Lip Pencil (Sephora / Influenster)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As an older gal (not ancient but mature), I can no longer wear lipsticks without previously using a lip pencil otherwise it ends up bleeding all over my  adorable fine lines (not pretty I can assure you). And since I despise dry formulas that cog my lips, I was relieved that those The Lip Pencils are the opposite of dry; they are so creamy and soft. 

I han an epiphany when I saw how good they felt on my lips and how long wearing they are. The final result didn’t hurt either; pairing the Amuse Bouche lipstick in Honeycomb with The Lip Pencil #20 (beige nude) made my pout totally irresistible and yummy. This duo is a must for the legion of “nude” lip lovers!

If like myself, you have been an avid MAC lip pencil consumer, you may want to try these. Personally, Bite’s The Lip Pencil blew them out of the water big time. These past days, I’ve been filling my lips with #20 and I apply my favorite lip gloss on top for a perfect everyday look.

Note: These are not a twist up retractable type but a classic wood-barrel that you have to sharpen.

bite beauty The Lip Pencil (Influenster)

Amuse Bouche Lipsticks $30Cnd ($26US)

What’s not to love…

♥ Smells deliciously fruity,

♥Food grade formula that you could, in theory, eat but please don’t… an apple or some strawberries are more nutritious, and a little less expensive.

♥ One of the creamiest and more enjoyable texture on the market,


♥ 44 shades (plus 9 from the Edgy Neutrals) that are sure to suit every occasion. I have been outrageously swatching Cava (lilac beige) at my local Sephora and it’s pretty enough to consider breaking my No-Buy/Low-Buy situation,

♥Made in Canada (it’s so rare these days that I’m mentioning this – Canadian chauvinism right there),

♥ The best thing is that your lips always feel moist when using these lipsticks.

Note: They are not the most long lasting but with their creamy formula and divine smell, it’s a charm to apply them over and over again! Yummy …

What can I say I’m smitten! Bite’s lip pencils are REALLY good and don’t get me started on those lipsticks!!❤️ Thanks Influenster & Bite… You rock!

bite beauty The Lip Pencil (Influenster)

Capture d’écran 2016-04-09 à 11.04.01

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DISCLAIMER: *I Received The Lip Pencil courtesy of Bite Beauty for sampling purposes*