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Spring Cleaning Project (Update #1) | 2017

Spring Cleaning Project (Update #1) | 2017

Already a month has passed since debuting our (Jodi (A Brash Attitude) and I) new Project Pan Spring 2017 Edition. Although I’ve used most of the 16 products everyday, there is no real panning going on as of right now (as expected)! If you’ve never started a project like this before, start one and you’ll be amazed at how fun they are and they take away all the guessing of what to use in the morning (or night).

Todays I will be focusing on these 4 products …

Spring Cleaning Project (Update #1) | 2017

 Cake Beauty Lemon Chiffon Shower Froth and Supreme Body Mousse

I chose them first for one simple reason: as much as I adore the Lemon Chiffon Shower Froth, I totally despise the Supreme Body mousse (to the point that I’m getting rid of it). First thing first …

Cake Beauty Lemon Chiffon Shower Froth 

Spring Cleaning Project (Update #1) | 2017


It smells ridiculously good (think of a decadent Lemon Meringue pie),

Totally affordable if you buy them at Winners/Marshalls (the $12.99Cnd price is still on),

When using a sponge/mesh net ball, it makes the nicest foam,

Note: This product is Cruelty-free, Vegan, Natural ingredient-driven, Gluten-free, GMO-free, Paraben-free, Phthalate-free and Made in Canada.



Ingrid’s Rate: 9/10. I have loved Cake’s Shower Froth for such a long, I think that I own every scent they make. Next trip to Winners/Marshalls, have a look at them.

Cake Beauty Lemon Chiffon Body Mousse

Spring Cleaning Project (Update #1) | 2017


Super creamy,

Smells heavenly,

Inexpensive for such a huge bottle (I also paid $12.99Cnd at Winners).

Note: This product is also Cruelty-free, Vegan, Natural ingredient-driven, Gluten-free, GMO-free, Paraben-free, Phthalate-free and Made in Canada.


Doesn’t dry fast enough,

15 minutes after the initial application, it starts to smell quite bad… The lemon scent is nowhere to be sniff.

Ingrid’s Rate: 2/10. Except for the price tag, there is nothing I like about this product. I’m so sad because I had great expectations for this body cream, but I hate the smell so there is no need to keep it. Sol de Janeiro Bum Bum Cream, here I come…

Elizabeth and James Nirvana Bourbon parfume

Spring Cleaning Project (Update #1) | 2017

The Notes: Vanilla Bourbon, Oakwood, Tuberose.


Dirty Dirty… Dirty Boozy Vanilla. A very seductive fragrance,


It mixes surprisingly well with Nirvana Rose.


It’s not long-lasting (2 hours max on me).

Ingrid’s Rate: 7/10. I love Vanilla and smelling like cake batter is my cup of tea. This perfume, with its smoky twist, has surprisingly won me over. You do need to apply a lot to make your presence noted. If it would have been long-lasting, this fragrance would be a 10/10 for sure!

Becca Backlight Priming Filter

Spring Cleaning Project (Update #1) | 2017


Gives a beautiful luminous glow to the skin,

I notice a little bluring effect.


It contains fragrance that could irritate sensible skin types,

Dries my skin (my foundation ends up looking super patchy),

Contrary to some reviews, I wouldn’t wear it alone (too shiny and obvious).

Ingrid’s Rate: 5/10. I like it but I would never purchase a full size. I can see why a lot of girls (and boys) love it but it doesn’t seem to work on my particular combination/dry skin type.

Mac Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Painterly

Spring Cleaning Project (Update #1) | 2017

Spring Cleaning Project (Update #1) | 2017

Want to know more: Mac Must-Haves ❥ Paint Pots


Inexpensive considering that I bought this pot in 2015 (a little goes a long way),

The product doesn’t dry up,

The best eye primer “PERIOD”,

Super creamy (non drying) and blendable,

Creasing and fading proof.


MAC is NOT Cruelty-Free.

Ingrid’s Rate: 10/10. This is such a staple in my daily makeup routine. I adore this formula so much so that I own 7 of these Pro Longwear Paint Pots. I often use them alone just to cover the redness I have on my eyelids. The only product that comes really close to this product is the now discontinued bareMinerals 5 in 1 BB Advanced Performance Cream Eyeshadow SPF 15.

Now that you’ve read my one month update, go see how Jodi (A Brash Attitude) did on this 2017 Project Pan Spring Cleaning Edition.

♥Next Stop: April 3 for the Second Update♥

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Project Pan Fall 2016 | The Final RECAP

Project Pan 12 The Recap (Fall 2016)

I love Project Pans and this last one was without contest my best one to date, probably because this time, I chose my products wisely: products that I would actually empty in a three months period! Thanks to my good friends Stashy (StashMatters),  Jodi (ABrashAttitude) and Chanelle (Chanelle Hayley) for making me accountable in these types of project because alone, I would probably give up after 3 weeks… (Yay! for team works)

I’m already thinking of the next Project Pan (Spring 2017 Edition) that will probably take place somewhere between February and June, a four month affair. Remember that I want to cut my whole collection in half before 2018, so panning will be my middle name for the year to come. Do you want to join us??? The more the merrier… Emptying products is so fun, even when, after using the same products for four months, you feel sick just twisting the cap of an item or applying a shadow that you otherwise are addicted to. Maybe that’s why product selection is so important…

So how did I do? Last Project Pan (Spring 2016), I didn’t pan any product! This time though, it’s a different story; I was in a mission…

Project Pan 12 The Recap Fall 2016

Project Pan 12 The Recap Fall 2016

The product I did NOT finish…

Note to myself for future PP: Try to chose products that you previously used a couple of time before selecting it in the Pan Project. If I would have tried the Bio-Oil prior to this project, I would have known that it just didn’t work for me; to make matters worse, I just did a big cleaning and I found a huge bottle in the back of my cupboard and it went straight into the garbage… AWFUL! To bad for me, some people swears be it.

Concerning the Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer, there is nothing wrong with it except that it just doesn’t mix/combine at all with my beloved bareMinerals Complexion Rescue. By the way, nothing works with this BB /Foundation… Maybe I should pass this primer along to a friend?!

For the Bliss mask, the format was way too big to possibly finish it in three months and as fun as it is to use, it unfortunately doesn’t provide any results, so it was easily forgotten week after week …

The Products I end up Panning…

75%!!! 9 out of 12 is phenomenal! I’m so happy… Below, I will list all the reviews for every 12 items. Of all the twelve products, I already miss Lavanilla Vanilla-Grapefruit perfume. Sadly I won’t be purchasing it anytime soon since I have a boat load of huge perfume bottles to finish. I have already a few ideas for our next event is Spring, probably another rollerball to empty!

Since finishing all these products, only bareMinerals Complexion Rescue was repurchased. For all the other products, I won’t be buying any of them in the near future since my goal for next year is to be able to diminish my collection …

To my three amigos …


The  Links …

✤  Bio-Oils PurCellin Oil (Got reactions on my face and body- Discarded the product)
✤  Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask (Still a lot of product left)

Join us in the next Panning Project!

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DISCLAIMER: I just wanted to assure you all that I purchased all of the items shown—unless explicitly stated otherwise—and am not paid (in any way, shape, or form) to create and share this post. The above links are not affiliate links. Never will you ever be exploited by me!!!
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Cake Body Lotion ✰ Review

Project Pan 12 Fall 2016

Already Week 2 of our Project Pan 12 , Fall 2016 Edition and we welcome a new makeup addict in our collab, the lovely Chanelle (Chanelle Hailey) – the trio just became a beautiful quartet.

Project Recap…

I can’t say enough about how easy and fun this Project Pan has been so far. At the end of the month, I should have this week’s superstar product panned and some other items in the list will surely be close to finish!

🎂  Don’t forget to go have a look at week 2 of Stashy (StashMatters), Jodi (ABrashAttitude) and Chanelle (Chanelle Hailey)

Cake Beauty Body Lotion Review

Cake Beauty Sugar Cookie Decadent Body Lotion

This week, it’s all about Cake Beauty Sugar Cookie Decadent Body Lotion, which was a limited Edition from two years back! I know, it’s about time I finish this body lotion. After further analysis, I chose to just do a simple Pros & Cons evaluation, not as complete as my traditional Curly Spring Blossom review because this product doesn’t exist anymore; I will revisit this product soon, in a more complete study of the brand… I’m madly in LOVE with Cake: I own every product in their Natural Body Care, from hand creams, foot creams, bath and shower froths to their body lotions and mouse, hair & body mist, etc… When I selected the body Lotion for this PP12, I dived into  my stash just to see that my Cake collection was a little overwhelming and out of hand; I think it needs its own feature post quick before I buy some more!!

Cake Sugar Cookie Decadent Body Lotion


🍰 Smells so sweet and delicious,

🍰 The staying powder of this body lotion is truly remarquable, it stays on your clothes all day long,

🍰 Cake is cruelty-free and vegan,

🍰 All their products are made in Canada🇨🇦,

🍰 Totally paraben-free, phthalate-free and gluten-free,

🍰No wonder that it’s so moisturizing since it contains coconut oil, mango butter, macadamia nut oil, aloe vera oil & sunflower seed oil.


🍰 Should wanting to drink the lotion be considered a con?!?

To sum it up …

The love affair is very real between Cake Beauty and I! After finishing this bottle, I still have 9 giant ones waiting to be used. All the scents are to die for, but my ultimate favorite is Strawberry Sugar or maybe Milk Made… No wait, it’s Lemon Chiffon, sorry I meant to say Desert Island! I’m so selfish with this brand that when I caught BeardMan using it for his bath last winter, I bought him a cheap one (that, he doesn’t know) just to preserve my precious stock! They’re MINE, they are ALL MINE!!!!

Note: I buy all my Cake Beauty products from their website or at Winners

What’s your favorite Cake Beauty scent?


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