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My “Beauty Collection” Goals | 2018


I thought I would use the word GOALS instead of resolutions since these never stick anyway. Goals seem more empowering, don’t you think? Beauty-wise, 2017 has been the most interesting year ever: due to my low-buy (look at that, a resolution that worked 😉), I managed to purchase only 3 products from January to the end of October 2017! Then, the VIB sale came and although I did some serious damage, I only bought the items that I needed or REALLY wanted! That transitional year needed to happen since my makeup & skincare collection was ridiculously out of control.

2017 was also the Year of Decluttering: to get rid of 80% of my entire collection was eye opening to say the least. I now enjoy my small (but practical) collection composed of products that I LOVE and that work for me. Still, when BeardMan looks at our bathroom cupboards or vanity, he still thinks that I have a ton of stuff but, now, he can get out of the shower without stepping on a brush, a box of unplaced products or Sephora bags still untouched…

Here are my 5 Beauty Goals for 2018

Quality over Quantity

I don’t want to accumulate a large makeup & skincare collection EVER AGAIN. I was disgusted when I had to throw in the GARBAGE thousands of dollars of barely used beauty products and I SWORE it would never happen.

No More than 5 Items in the Same Category

The makeup addict that I am will still want the best of the best cruelty-free products but  my goal is, at the end of the year, to own no more than 5 items in a same category (Smaller/Deluxe formats don’t count). The only exception is for eyeshadow palettes; I don’t think I can declutter as much to only have five left.

Declutter further More

Since I just mentioned the D word again, I need to declutter at least 10% of my collection. If I want to achieve my goal to only have 5 products in each category, this new wave of decluttering needs to happen and I frankly can’t wait to do it.

Stay Away from the Sales

When reflecting on how I accumulated so much stuff in the past, I always reach the same conclusion: it’s not because it’s on sale that I need to buy 10. I swear I had no need to buy any shampoos, bath products or body creams for the last 3 years and I still don’t believe that in 2018, I will achieve using all the products that have been gathering dust in my bathroom. One backup product is PLENTY and I’m ok with paying the full price if needed instead of pilling products! Anyway, I always want to try new stuff anyway…

Note: Oniomania?!? Does that ring a bell? Oniomania, from greek words Onios – For Sale & Mania – Insanity, more commonly known as Compulsive Buyer Disorder, is characterized by an obsession with buying and shopping…

Writing the Purchase Date on Every Product

I absolutely need to write a purchase date on all makeup & skincare items to remind myself to use them or to know when to throw them out. Even if I don’t always follow the expiration guide on makeup products, I don’t want to apply something I had for more than 3 years for makeup and one year for skincare. Now, I try my very best to choose skincare that have an expiration date on it so it’s easier to rotate between products.

As you can see, I’ve adopted my minimalist “Beauty” collection with serenity and enthusiasm. Seriously, I can’t wait to buy a new eyeshadow palette every year, use it up as much as I can, throw it out and purchase another one for the following year. In 2017, decluttering the first item was the worst but after that first step, I couldn’t stop decluttering. My new MOTTO is: If I haven’t use an item for the past 6 months, it’s maybe time to declutter it!

Disclaimer: If you are wondering why I throw all this makeup in the garbage it’s simply because no family members or friends wanted them. 95% don’t wear makeup and the ones that do are still stuck with the load of products I gave away the year before. I also tried to donate it to charity but all women organizations that I’ve contacted don’t take “used” beauty products! This is the sad part about my decluttering…

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Top 10 Products of 2017 | MAKEUP

Top 10 Products of 2017 | MAKEUP

Since I’ve been on a low buy all of 2017, I didn’t get to discover a lot of new products. I still managed to find some extraordinary creations that have become Holy Grail products. Let’s say goodbye to 2017 with my “Top 10 Beauty Products”!

🐰 = Cruelty-Free


Marc Jacobs Beauty Genius Gel Supercharged Oil Free Foundation 🐰

Top 10 Products of 2017 | MAKEUP

I would have liked to come upon this “Genius” foundation way before. Unfortunately, the brand is discontinuing it for reasons that I don’t understand. Just in case, I bought four but I’m kicking myself for not buying at least 1 more when it went on sale! It’s the best foundation I’ve ever tried period… A dry skin girl’s dream.

Anyone knows of a good dupe??? Help a very sad girl please…


MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Palette Volume 4 – Shadows

Top 10 Products of 2017 | MAKEUP

Need an affordable (it’s been in Sephora’s sale section forever) all MATTE neutral palette for your everyday look? Well, go for MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Palette Volume 4 – Shadows. These matte shadows blend beautifully and stay put all day when using a good eyeshadow primer. MUFE matte formula is amongst the very best on the market and this little number is a sure winner.


Coola Daydream Mineral Primer SPF 30 🐰

Top 10 Products of 2017 | MAKEUP

It’s funny how this little gem came into my life: BeardMan was in Arizona for work and I obviously asked him to go to the nearby Sephora to get a specific primer with sunscreen (and of course, some other stuff). Unfortunately, it was not available at this location and he knows not to come back empty-handed, so he asked a girl for something similar and she suggested him Coola’s Daydream Mineral Primer SPF 30. Sure enough, I’m totally crazy about this primer/sunscreen. The only downfall is that it contains micro glitters that makes it unwearable alone but under makeup, it’s a gem. Why isn’t it more hyped is beyond me!!!


bareMinerals Prep Step 🐰

Top 10 Products of 2017 | MAKEUP

I was debating between placing bareMinerals Prep Step into my Top Skincare or my Top Makeup products of 2017 but it does such a great job at priming my face that it made it into my makeup category. It’s almost the perfect product with a little exception: when applied alone, it gives a slight red tone to my skin. A second primer in my Top 10!! It’s a first in my blogging career since primers have always been a nightmare for me.

Note: Surprisingly, this product has also the best ingredients as a sunscreen.


Josie Maran Argan Daily Moiturizer SPF 47 Protect & Perfect 🐰

Top 10 Products of 2017 | MAKEUP

I won’t ever be without Josie Maran Argan Daily Moiturizer SPF 47 Protect & Perfect. I mix it every single day with my Dr Jart + Premium Beauty Balm or another foundation and it gives the perfect amount of hydration & sun-kissed look that I need. I wish it was lighter as I would wear it alone in the Summer months.


Nudestix Nude(art)ist Magnetic Eye Box Set 🐰

Top 10 Products of 2017 | MAKEUP

I’ve said it abundantly; I find Nudestix to be one of the most underrated brand. These eye colour sticks are simply remarkable and such a hidden gem. One word: Versatility! They can be used as eye primers, all over lid color or eyeliner as they don’t transfer or budge.


Bite Beauty Lip Pencil (020) 🐰

Top 10 Products of 2017 | MAKEUP

I’m very picky when it comes to Lip Liners! I rarely use or need one since I’m a self-proclaimed Lip Gloss junkie. But last winter, I wore it a lot all over my lips. The formula is sooooo good that I’m contemplating buying other colors. The only downfall is that it’s not a twist up!

Read my full review HERE


M.A.C Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Camel Coat

Top 10 Products of 2017 | MAKEUP

My love for M.A.C Pro Longwear Paint Pot is legendary but my transitioning to cruelty-free products means that I will no longer purchase these beloved pots and it really saddens me. I’ve always used Soft Ochre & Painterly as my eyeshadow base even if technically, these are regular cream shadows and in early 2017, I bought Camel Coat and OMG, it was love at first application. This colour is the perfect neutral muted beigy/fleshy tone that primes & mostly conceals discolourations on my eyelids. I’m praying that M.A.C (well Estee Lauder now) modify their policy regarding animal testings.


Hourglass AMBIENT Lighting Edit – Volume 3🐰

Top 10 Products of 2017 | MAKEUP

Superb is the only word I can think of to describe this Holiday 2017 Hourglass face palette. I use it every time I put makeup on. My goal is to finish it by the end of 2018 since without any doubt, I will buy the 2018 Holiday Edition. Hourglass makes hands down my favourite face finishing powders, bronzers & blushes (in the powder forms that is).

Read my full review HERE.


Kopari Coconut Lip Glossy in Pinkini, Mai Tai & Hibiskiss🐰

Top 10 Products of 2017 | MAKEUP

With our harsh Canadian winters, lipsticks are not the best alternative for my super dry lips. I’m left using only colored balms that are very hydrating (but I don’t really mind with my eternal gloss infatuation). These Kopari Coconut Lip Glossy were so highly rated that I took a leap of faith and purchased their Holiday Kit. These are so good I now understand where the hype comes from. it doesn’t hurt that they also smell like cake batter! One other thing worth mentioning: the colors are really pigmented for balms.


What about your top 10 products of 2017!

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Disclaimer: All the products were purchased by MYSELF, except the Bite Beauty Lip Liner!



















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Transitioning to Cruelty-Free Makeup & Skincare|Curly Spring Blossom

Transitioning to Cruelty-Free Makeup & Skincare|Curly Spring Blossom

Like stated in my title, I’ve decided to only BUY Cruelty-Free beauty products, unless I can’t find a great CF replacement for a certain category. My goal is not to become a  propaganda blog and show you pictures of what’s going in these testing labs or advocate my personal decision to make this transition! I only want to write about my best discoveries and share them with you.

Why going Cruelty-Free?

Why not!?! Men walked on the moon, we discovered cures for innumerable diseases, we are finding new ways to do things better and faster, we are more aware and concerned about the environment, and large brands still test on animals 🤔?!? I don’t believe that in 2017 there should be any more animal testing; it’s barbaric, cruel and TOTALLY unnecessary. Test on me instead, please!

Which brand will I miss the most?

Makeup wise, I will be crying my eyes out when I’ll pan out my last MAC Paint Pots and my Fix Plus, or all my Make Up For Ever eyeshadows, but other then those, it’s been a breeze. The most challenging part will be skincare and perfumes since half of my favorites are brands that do test on animals.

Did I throw away all my none Cruelty-Free products?

Of course not, it would be stupid to do so and the last I checked, I haven’t found a money tree in my backyard. They’re still great products and some will probably even end up in my empties or favorite products’ posts regardless of my CF passage. Like I previously said, I’m not someone who is rigid in life in general, so I feel alright using my old products, enjoy them and still review them!

Will my blog suffer?

Let’s focus on the positives: with this transition, I’ll give some well-deserved exposure and free press to smaller brands with exceptional products. I’ll also try my best to let you discover some great CF alternatives in the makeup marketplace, if you’re thinking of making the move too. I’ll probably loose some readers but I’ll also gain a few and, honestly, I like to think that views and followers are not the most important aspect of my blogging.

Is it hard or easy?

Ridiculously easy! In fact, I found a ton of new products that I absolutely love. Great Cruelty-Free makeup items are easy to find and surprisingly, I noticed that 75% of my Holy Grail makeup products were already CF! My quest to find replacements for the other 25% fosters an amusing opportunity to get out of my comfort zone! So far, the only products that I can’t seem to find good CF substitutes are eye primers, perfumes & setting sprays. And seriously, it’s been a fun adventure to discover new brands, new products and frankly it’s way easier than I thought. The process is refreshing: after 3 years of blogging, I wanted a new direction and to be excited again about the beauty industry. This move gave me purpose…


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