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Spring Cleaning Project (Update #1) | 2017

Spring Cleaning Project (Update #1) | 2017

Already a month has passed since debuting our (Jodi (A Brash Attitude) and I) new Project Pan Spring 2017 Edition. Although I’ve used most of the 16 products everyday, there is no real panning going on as of right now (as expected)! If you’ve never started a project like this before, start one and you’ll be amazed at how fun they are and they take away all the guessing of what to use in the morning (or night).

Todays I will be focusing on these 4 products …

Spring Cleaning Project (Update #1) | 2017

 Cake Beauty Lemon Chiffon Shower Froth and Supreme Body Mousse

I chose them first for one simple reason: as much as I adore the Lemon Chiffon Shower Froth, I totally despise the Supreme Body mousse (to the point that I’m getting rid of it). First thing first …

Cake Beauty Lemon Chiffon Shower Froth 

Spring Cleaning Project (Update #1) | 2017


It smells ridiculously good (think of a decadent Lemon Meringue pie),

Totally affordable if you buy them at Winners/Marshalls (the $12.99Cnd price is still on),

When using a sponge/mesh net ball, it makes the nicest foam,

Note: This product is Cruelty-free, Vegan, Natural ingredient-driven, Gluten-free, GMO-free, Paraben-free, Phthalate-free and Made in Canada.



Ingrid’s Rate: 9/10. I have loved Cake’s Shower Froth for such a long, I think that I own every scent they make. Next trip to Winners/Marshalls, have a look at them.

Cake Beauty Lemon Chiffon Body Mousse

Spring Cleaning Project (Update #1) | 2017


Super creamy,

Smells heavenly,

Inexpensive for such a huge bottle (I also paid $12.99Cnd at Winners).

Note: This product is also Cruelty-free, Vegan, Natural ingredient-driven, Gluten-free, GMO-free, Paraben-free, Phthalate-free and Made in Canada.


Doesn’t dry fast enough,

15 minutes after the initial application, it starts to smell quite bad… The lemon scent is nowhere to be sniff.

Ingrid’s Rate: 2/10. Except for the price tag, there is nothing I like about this product. I’m so sad because I had great expectations for this body cream, but I hate the smell so there is no need to keep it. Sol de Janeiro Bum Bum Cream, here I come…

Elizabeth and James Nirvana Bourbon parfume

Spring Cleaning Project (Update #1) | 2017

The Notes: Vanilla Bourbon, Oakwood, Tuberose.


Dirty Dirty… Dirty Boozy Vanilla. A very seductive fragrance,


It mixes surprisingly well with Nirvana Rose.


It’s not long-lasting (2 hours max on me).

Ingrid’s Rate: 7/10. I love Vanilla and smelling like cake batter is my cup of tea. This perfume, with its smoky twist, has surprisingly won me over. You do need to apply a lot to make your presence noted. If it would have been long-lasting, this fragrance would be a 10/10 for sure!

Becca Backlight Priming Filter

Spring Cleaning Project (Update #1) | 2017


Gives a beautiful luminous glow to the skin,

I notice a little bluring effect.


It contains fragrance that could irritate sensible skin types,

Dries my skin (my foundation ends up looking super patchy),

Contrary to some reviews, I wouldn’t wear it alone (too shiny and obvious).

Ingrid’s Rate: 5/10. I like it but I would never purchase a full size. I can see why a lot of girls (and boys) love it but it doesn’t seem to work on my particular combination/dry skin type.

Mac Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Painterly

Spring Cleaning Project (Update #1) | 2017

Spring Cleaning Project (Update #1) | 2017

Want to know more: Mac Must-Haves ❥ Paint Pots


Inexpensive considering that I bought this pot in 2015 (a little goes a long way),

The product doesn’t dry up,

The best eye primer “PERIOD”,

Super creamy (non drying) and blendable,

Creasing and fading proof.


MAC is NOT Cruelty-Free.

Ingrid’s Rate: 10/10. This is such a staple in my daily makeup routine. I adore this formula so much so that I own 7 of these Pro Longwear Paint Pots. I often use them alone just to cover the redness I have on my eyelids. The only product that comes really close to this product is the now discontinued bareMinerals 5 in 1 BB Advanced Performance Cream Eyeshadow SPF 15.

Now that you’ve read my one month update, go see how Jodi (A Brash Attitude) did on this 2017 Project Pan Spring Cleaning Edition.

♥Next Stop: April 3 for the Second Update♥

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Makeup Reviews …The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Makeup reviews : The Good,The Bad and the Ugly

A few months ago, I fell off my chair when I read Stashy’s (Stash Matters) anticipated review of Becca’s Ombre Rouge eyeshadow palette. Truth be told, I kept telling poor Stashy over and over again that she would 100% love this palette, that the shades were unique, the packaging was sleek, etc… In summary, she just needed it, “period”!!! My passion for this palette made me shout my love from rooftops, telling the world repeatedly about this perfect product and then, there it was, her critique! Maybe I rather should say « Judgement Day », because in her own word, this perfect palette is a mere 4/10 !!! Say what???

Note: You can read my review on the Ombre Rouge palette HERE


This post is not about Becca’s Ombre Rouge but more on different points of views in the makeup world and how to interpret reviews on a specific product. I was telling Stashy that someone who is interested in buying this specific palette would be really confused after only reading our two evaluations, and with good reasons… To make matters worse, I think that we are both very credible and honest in our criticism since we are NOT sponsored (something, I wish I would though after my last post!) and we did buy this particular item with our own money … so we speak the truth, with no hidden agenda. Furthermore, Stash and I have about the same substantial collection and we like to think that we know our stuff (in the beauty department, anyway!).

So, this discrepancy got me thinking: what should I add to my reviews so girls (or boys) all over the world would better interpret my assessments. Maybe by adding other palettes that I love to compare would be a good start! For example, if you hate KVD Shade + Light palette while I praised this palette, you would know that we may have different tastes! In each review, I always try to define my skin type or add other informations that could be really important to give my readers every possible reasons to love/hate the featured product; maybe I should add more… I could add what am I looking for in a specific product? When do I use it?


Another point that got me thinking was, should I write about products that didn’t work for me? When I first started blogging, I was really harsh towards some products, and I remembered someone telling me that the product I crushed was her Holy Grail concealer. I felt really bad about my critique and tried to find some positive about it. The reality is that I don’t like everything!  Even though it’s always heartbreaking to write bad reviews, maybe I should write about these too! Sometimes you learn more from bad experiences… For example, last year I bought Too Faced Born This Way foundation, raved by everyone and their mothers, and for me, it’s by far the worst foundation I ever used. It would have been a 1/10, 1 being for the shade alone!!!

So again, what about the reviews that we read? How much are they crucial in our decision to buy a product or not? I would like to say that I’m not influenced by them, but I’m guilty of wanting a lot of products that my fav Blogger/YouTuber are reviewing and loving! To be honest, when I really want a product, I tend to read only good reviews!!! So, it’s the chicken or the egg dilemma….

I want to hear your thoughts on this one

Note: Stashy and I, are really good friends… This was not towards her in anyway!!!

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Becca Perfect Skin Mineral Powder Foundation -review-

Perfect Skin Mineral Powder Foundation

This review is probably my most heartbreaking one so far … To be honest I didn’t even want to write about it but girlfriends, I care too much about you and I have to share this sensible information: I found an almost PERFECT foundation powder. You have probably notice that I’ve been on perfect powder search lately and my quest took me to Becca once again. I swear, this brand blew me away like no other this year (well, I have to also salute Laura Mercier!!!). I watched and read so many people totally raving about Becca’s Perfect Skin Mineral powder Foundation that I wanted to verify if the “OMG this powder changed my life” bandwagon that I was hearing about was really true.

I don’t particularly care about powder foundations to be worn alone as they tend to cling to my dry patch and they don’t really cover all the situations happening on my face (acne scars, sun damages, wrinkles, weird red tiny spots… as you can see I need makeup or maybe, an Halloween mask). I love applying a liquid foundation with light to medium coverage at all time (full coverage foundation, except for a special occasions, looks too cakey on me for my personal taste), but I’ve kept hearing about the Becca’s Perfect Skin Mineral Powder Foundation as the best topper to achieve a flawless face. So you know how it goes … I bought it !!!

Perfect Skin Mineral Powder Foundation

The next morning, I began my normal routine: it always starts with my foundation of choice (a combo of Annabelle Skin True & PerriconeMD No Foundation Foundation Serum), I then let it set in and begin step 2, the application of my new powder and … (Speechless! Kept looking in the mirror! Almost took selfies! Woke Beardman! Wanted to let you know the result of this marvelous product on my skin! … )

From the Website:

A pure mineral foundation that provides buildable coverage for a perfect, lightweight finish with antioxidant protection.

Pure mineral pigments are pressed into this silky powder to deliver buildable coverage that feels light, looks fresh all day, and leaves skin with a soft, luminous finish. This water-resistant formula, enriched with antioxidant vitamins A, B, C, and E for antiaging benefits, lasts all day.

This product is ideal for all skin types, including sensitive and acne-prone.😏 This product does not contain phenoxyethanol, oil, fragrance, alcohol, chemical dyes, talc, or other fillers. This non-irritating formula is clinically, allergy-, and dermatologist-tested. Without Paraben …


♥ My skin looks airbrushed (unreal how fabulous (shall I say) I looked!)

♥ So finely milled it gives the smoothest application.

♥ Wide variety of colors to choose from, 15 total (Shell is perfect for my fair/neutral tone skin).

♥ Gives the nicest, subtle glow even being a MATTE powder (non-cakey looking, fell weightless)

♥ A dream to put over our summer BB Cream.

♥ Doesn’t settle into my fine lines or emphasize my pores .

Perfect Skin Mineral Powder Foundation


BREAKS ME OUT !!!!  (Nothing more to say … A total death sentence for a product)

♥ My T-Zone needed a little retouch after about 8 hours (not a deal breaker, I can assure you!)

Perfect Skin Mineral Powder Foundation


I refused to acknowledge the fact that this powder was breaking me out. I kept on applying it and finally, gave up and accepted the truth: this nirvanian product, this “I can’t believe how good this is” powder was not suited for me. Why??? Why me? Seriously, after being blessed with a less-than-perfect skin, now this. Again, why? I don’t know why crazy pimples are appearing suddenly since it’s oil free and labelled safe for acne-prone skin type!?! Maybe it’s all about being Mineral based. Crap!💩  I had to return it … I almost cried (I’m dead serious!). In conclusion, if you are on the hunt for a new powder that can bring a bit more coverage and makes you look like a million dollar, you probably need to try this powder. For my acne-prone girls, you will have to use the trial by error method on this one, unfortunately … Why??? 😢

Ingrid xxx

Price & Availability : 48$CND (40$US) at Sephora , Ulta & Becca’s website

Disclaimer: I pay for my stuff (In this case, I returned the powder!)