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New Sephora Favorites Give Me Some New Lip | Review

New Sephora Favorites Give Me Some New Lip | Review

Since my transition to cruelty-free, I’ve been eyeing this new Sephora Favorites Give Me Some New Lip value set! Thanks Sephora for offering a set made of all CF products. Upon receiving it, I thought these shades were definitely out of my comfort zone but I was to test each and everyone of them with an open-mind. Could this be the beginning of a new daring Ingrid or a disaster in the making?




What it is:
A multibranded sampler set, ideal for creating the perfect lip. This set includes two full-size and three deluxe-size lip essentials.

This set contains:
♥ 0.07oz/ 2ml Huda Beauty Lip Strobe in Snobby
♥ 0.07oz/ 2g Marc Jacobs Beauty Le Marc Liquid Lip Crayon in Night Mauves (FULL SIZE)
♥ 0.13oz/ 4ml Smashbox Always On Metallic Matte in XO, Vlada (FULL SIZE)
♥ 0.21oz/ 6g treStiQue Mini Plumping Lip Balm in Barbados Berry
♥ 0.035oz/ 1g Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipstick in Candy Venom

New Sephora Favorites Give Me Some New Lip | Review


Sephora in-store & online – Limited Edition for 33$CND

New Sephora Favorites Give Me Some New Lip | Review

Huda Beauty Lip Strobe in Snobby

(a semi-sheer metallic light pink base with pink and gold pearls)


Smells delicious, just like vanilla cake batter,

Super long wearing for a lip gloss,

Feels very comfortable on the lips – not sticky at all.


If you have dry/chapped lips, this gloss will emphasize the dryness and it will look horrible,

It doesn’t fade well which leaves your lips with lots of glitter particules,

It’s doubtfully daytime appropriate – the colour is unorthodox & the shimmer is obvious.

Bottom Line: It’s ok but I wouldn’t buy a full size! I feel I’m getting too old to wear these shimmery glosses that are very reminiscent of the 80’s and honestly, who wants to relive these years, makeup wise that is. The only way to make it look pretty is over a lip liner that I’ve applied all over my lips and then put a little bit of this Huda Beauty Lip Strobe on the centre.


Marc Jacobs Beauty Le Marc Liquid Lip Crayon in Night Mauves 


Super creamy & long wearing (transfer proof),

This particular color is a very flattering NUDE that is perfect for my light skin,

It’s not a full flat matte,

It fades really beautifully,

NO need to apply a lip liner as the product doesn’t bleed,

Very pigmented – you need just a tiny swipe.


A lip gloss to top it is a must; it tends to dry my lips,

The product smells & tastes really funky,

The formula is so soft, it makes it fragile and unstable in the container/stick.

Bottom Line: I honestly bought this set for this new Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lip Crayon and it fell flat for me. It’s nothing out of the extraordinary. I’m not impressed and again wouldn’t buy another shade, mainly because of the debatable aroma. Formula wise, it’s pretty solid and the shade is really pretty.


Smashbox Always On Metallic Matte in XO in Vlada

(metallic rose gold)


Smudge proof,

Long wearing,

Intense vibrant Metallic Rusty color (if you enjoy that type of shade),

It smells super yummy and doesn’t have an after taste,

It fades well and not patchy at all,

The application is very smooth.


It’s drying my lips like crazy (to be fair all liquid lipsticks that I have tried are doing this),

This shade looks super cheap on me.

Botton Line: I HATE the colour; it looks so awful on me. The formula is not bad at all and I can see why the matte version has great reviews. If you enjoy matte lip products, you should consider this one from Smashbox.


treStiQue Mini Plumping Lip Balm in Barbados Berry


Smells minty fresh,

Glides easily on the lips,

Very pigmented for a lip balm.


It’s more brick red than a berry color,

No plumping effect whatsoever,

It’s not super hydrating; it feels like your average lip balm.

Bottom Line: I really would have enjoyed this balm if the shade had suited me better. Cute packaging but a random product at the most.


Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipstick in Candy Venom

(electric pink)


Super sleek packaging,

Beautiful deep bright pink,

Full coverage  & very creamy,

Very comfortable on the lips as it’s non drying.


Like any matte formula, if your lips are not moisturized prior to the application, it will emphasize the dryness.

Bottom Line: I’m very impressed with the formula but this particular colour is so far from my comfort zone that I wouldn’t wear it, EVER. That being said it’s one of the best matte formula I’ve ever tried. Simply Beautiful.


The value for money of this set is amazing; alone, the Marc Jacobs Lip Crayon is 34$ (this set costs 33$CND). My problem is not with all these new formulas but with the colours that are not flattering on my fair skin or just don’t suit my personality. If you are contemplating this new Sephora Favorites’ set, you should have a look in-store to see if it’s a right fit for you.

As you know, honesty is the best policy, and unfortunately this one will be going back to Sephora ASAP. I wish Marc Jacobs Le Marc Liquid Lip Crayon in Night Mauves didn’t smell or taste so bad. Sadly, this set will be the first one ever that I’ll be returning. Oh well, they just cannot be all winners! This set was curated for women with darker skin tone.

Note: The swatches look way better than how they individually look on my lips!

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Disclaimer: I purchase this product!

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My Blogging Goals | 2018

My Blogging Goals | 2018

2017 was the worst of my 3 year blogging career (passion would be more appropriate). I had (and still have) health problems in my entourage – my mom and stepdad are dealing with serious illnesses (Brain Tumor, Skin cancer & Alzheimer) while personally, I’ve unfortunately been dealing with endometriosis/fibroids – I will have an operation early January and my continuing battle with insomnia. On top of that, add 2 plantar fasciitis just to make sure to finish me off. All in all, it’s easy to understand why I have been MIA for months in 2017.

That being said, my 2018 Blogging Goals are probably more realistic but in some way, BIGGER than they’ve ever been.


I’ve said it repeatedly, blogging will never be a career! I don’t care about numbers and becoming popular but still, I want to know where my passion will take me and for that, I need to be more efficient. Jeez, I’m still on a WordPress hosted platform. Early in 2018, I’ll move to a self-hosted blog! Siteground here I come…

Reach Brands

I’ve recently made a media kit to send to PR companies and brands I really want to feature and partner with on CurlySpringBlossom. I’m NOT and will never be interested in sponsored posts, just traditional reviews or giveaways.

Skin Cancer Awareness

Having spent a lot of time in the Dermatology/Oncology department with my stepdad for his ongoing battle with a Melanoma, it gave me a purpose: to share and educate as much as I can about the importance of protecting our skin. I want to talk about ingredients, review as many sunscreens as I can and if it saves one person from having this deadly disease, it will be worth the time and money I’ll put on these posts.

Have a Schedule

With my work, workouts, BeardMan and my family to care for, I’ve decided that 2 beauty posts per week should be the best posting schedule for me. If I have time, I’ll try to add a “Lifestyle” one on the weekends, and maybe some french ones too. More than that is unrealistic and I think consistency is key.

Be More Active on Social Medias

I will mostly focus my social media exposure on Instagram (Integrating Instagram Stories) and Pinterest. Twitter will serve for occasional purposes and Facebook will only be used for my actual blogging groups like Canadian Beauty Bloggers.

Become a Better Photographer

I LOVE photography to the point that if I discovered that passion earlier in life, I would have made it a career. It may be too late for a career but I want to master it and have fun doing it. My favorite subject is by far nature and outdoors, and if my feet could get better, BeardMan and I would even like to start vlogging on our best hiking experiences. That being said, I will probably invest some serious $$$ to add some critical equipments to my arsenal, but it’s worth it.

As you can see, I don’t have unrealistic goals when it comes to the blogging part of my life. If I reach every goals on this list, I’ll be very happy. I will take you along for the ride and try to share, in all honesty, the challenges faced along the way. I want to be as transparent as possible,  a voice to the blogging world, and share how much I’ve spent on blogging, my numbers, the brands I’ve reached and if at the end of the year I failed, you’ll know all about it. Nobody seems to talk about these subjects; it looks all glamour but I want to share what is going on behind the scene! Transitioning to cruelty-free have also been an heart warming choice and it’s been really fun to try new products. To be honest I should have been CF from the beginning. With all the great options out there, no animal should suffer for our vanity! I’ll try to inform the beauty world on CF alternatives without preaching or moralizing.

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Top 10 Products of 2017 | MAKEUP

Top 10 Products of 2017 | MAKEUP

Since I’ve been on a low buy all of 2017, I didn’t get to discover a lot of new products. I still managed to find some extraordinary creations that have become Holy Grail products. Let’s say goodbye to 2017 with my “Top 10 Beauty Products”!

🐰 = Cruelty-Free


Marc Jacobs Beauty Genius Gel Supercharged Oil Free Foundation 🐰

Top 10 Products of 2017 | MAKEUP

I would have liked to come upon this “Genius” foundation way before. Unfortunately, the brand is discontinuing it for reasons that I don’t understand. Just in case, I bought four but I’m kicking myself for not buying at least 1 more when it went on sale! It’s the best foundation I’ve ever tried period… A dry skin girl’s dream.

Anyone knows of a good dupe??? Help a very sad girl please…


MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Palette Volume 4 – Shadows

Top 10 Products of 2017 | MAKEUP

Need an affordable (it’s been in Sephora’s sale section forever) all MATTE neutral palette for your everyday look? Well, go for MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Palette Volume 4 – Shadows. These matte shadows blend beautifully and stay put all day when using a good eyeshadow primer. MUFE matte formula is amongst the very best on the market and this little number is a sure winner.


Coola Daydream Mineral Primer SPF 30 🐰

Top 10 Products of 2017 | MAKEUP

It’s funny how this little gem came into my life: BeardMan was in Arizona for work and I obviously asked him to go to the nearby Sephora to get a specific primer with sunscreen (and of course, some other stuff). Unfortunately, it was not available at this location and he knows not to come back empty-handed, so he asked a girl for something similar and she suggested him Coola’s Daydream Mineral Primer SPF 30. Sure enough, I’m totally crazy about this primer/sunscreen. The only downfall is that it contains micro glitters that makes it unwearable alone but under makeup, it’s a gem. Why isn’t it more hyped is beyond me!!!


bareMinerals Prep Step 🐰

Top 10 Products of 2017 | MAKEUP

I was debating between placing bareMinerals Prep Step into my Top Skincare or my Top Makeup products of 2017 but it does such a great job at priming my face that it made it into my makeup category. It’s almost the perfect product with a little exception: when applied alone, it gives a slight red tone to my skin. A second primer in my Top 10!! It’s a first in my blogging career since primers have always been a nightmare for me.

Note: Surprisingly, this product has also the best ingredients as a sunscreen.


Josie Maran Argan Daily Moiturizer SPF 47 Protect & Perfect 🐰

Top 10 Products of 2017 | MAKEUP

I won’t ever be without Josie Maran Argan Daily Moiturizer SPF 47 Protect & Perfect. I mix it every single day with my Dr Jart + Premium Beauty Balm or another foundation and it gives the perfect amount of hydration & sun-kissed look that I need. I wish it was lighter as I would wear it alone in the Summer months.


Nudestix Nude(art)ist Magnetic Eye Box Set 🐰

Top 10 Products of 2017 | MAKEUP

I’ve said it abundantly; I find Nudestix to be one of the most underrated brand. These eye colour sticks are simply remarkable and such a hidden gem. One word: Versatility! They can be used as eye primers, all over lid color or eyeliner as they don’t transfer or budge.


Bite Beauty Lip Pencil (020) 🐰

Top 10 Products of 2017 | MAKEUP

I’m very picky when it comes to Lip Liners! I rarely use or need one since I’m a self-proclaimed Lip Gloss junkie. But last winter, I wore it a lot all over my lips. The formula is sooooo good that I’m contemplating buying other colors. The only downfall is that it’s not a twist up!

Read my full review HERE


M.A.C Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Camel Coat

Top 10 Products of 2017 | MAKEUP

My love for M.A.C Pro Longwear Paint Pot is legendary but my transitioning to cruelty-free products means that I will no longer purchase these beloved pots and it really saddens me. I’ve always used Soft Ochre & Painterly as my eyeshadow base even if technically, these are regular cream shadows and in early 2017, I bought Camel Coat and OMG, it was love at first application. This colour is the perfect neutral muted beigy/fleshy tone that primes & mostly conceals discolourations on my eyelids. I’m praying that M.A.C (well Estee Lauder now) modify their policy regarding animal testings.


Hourglass AMBIENT Lighting Edit – Volume 3🐰

Top 10 Products of 2017 | MAKEUP

Superb is the only word I can think of to describe this Holiday 2017 Hourglass face palette. I use it every time I put makeup on. My goal is to finish it by the end of 2018 since without any doubt, I will buy the 2018 Holiday Edition. Hourglass makes hands down my favourite face finishing powders, bronzers & blushes (in the powder forms that is).

Read my full review HERE.


Kopari Coconut Lip Glossy in Pinkini, Mai Tai & Hibiskiss🐰

Top 10 Products of 2017 | MAKEUP

With our harsh Canadian winters, lipsticks are not the best alternative for my super dry lips. I’m left using only colored balms that are very hydrating (but I don’t really mind with my eternal gloss infatuation). These Kopari Coconut Lip Glossy were so highly rated that I took a leap of faith and purchased their Holiday Kit. These are so good I now understand where the hype comes from. it doesn’t hurt that they also smell like cake batter! One other thing worth mentioning: the colors are really pigmented for balms.


What about your top 10 products of 2017!

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Disclaimer: All the products were purchased by MYSELF, except the Bite Beauty Lip Liner!