Paula’s Choice Radiance Renewal Mask │ Review

Paula's Choice Radiance Renewal Mask

Lately, my skin never looked better and Paula’s Choice Radiance Renewal Mask is partly responsible for the glowing skin I’m sporting. It’s been years (decades) since I could go out with minimum makeup, and still look presentable. OK, a makeup lover cannot use go out without her “war paint” (I just feel naked without any makeup), but let’s put it this way, I just don’t need as much!

The key word is HYDRATION! Hydration is the principal variable for a great complexion… Yes, a lot of water helps, but I couldn’t believe the difference the power of moisturizers and hydrating products. Since I’ve been moisturizing like there is no tomorrow, it’s probably normal that my skin never looked better…

I don’t know if I am inspired by Halloween, but like I mentioned yesterday, I have been experimenting with Overnight masks for a few weeks! If I only knew they were so amazing and did miracles, I would have incorporated them earlier in my nighttime treatment. Seriously, the results are incredible and Paula, you did it again, another perfect product…


The RADIANCE Renewal Mask is formulated for all skin types to promote a more radiant skin tone, softer surface texture, and a hydrated plumpness for an overall youthful glow. The silky lotion texture includes ultra-soothing ingredients to improve skin tone and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This overnight mask has a uniquely luxurious feel that provides the ultimate beauty sleep imaginable.

Paula's Choice Radiance Renewal Mask │ Review


I’m always listing all the ingredients when it comes to skincare for those of you who suffer from allergies…

Water (Aqua), Butylene Glycol (hydrating), Glycerin (skin-replenishing ingredient), Dimethicone (skin softening), Niacinamide (skin-restoring ingredient), Olea Europe (Olive) Fruit Oil (non-fragrant antioxidant plant oil), Hydroxyethyl Acrylate/Sodium Acryloyldimethyl Taurate Copolymer (dispersing agent/texture enhancer), Carrageenan (Chondrus Crispus) (texture enhancer), Arbutin (skin brightener), Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate (vitamin C/antioxidant), Sodium Hyaluronate Crosspolymer (skin-replenishing ingredient), Arctostaphylos Uva Ursi (Bearberry) Leaf Extract (antioxidant skin brightener), Allantoin (soothing agent), Isohexadecane (texture enhancer), Echium Plantagineum Seed Oil (non-fragrant antioxidant plant oil), Salix Alba (Willow) Bark Extract (soothing plant extract), Hydrogenated Lecithin (skin-restoring ingredient), Polysorbate 60 (binding ingredient), Citric Acid (pH adjuster), Xanthan Gum (texture enhancer), Hydrogenated Phosphatidylcholine (hydrating agent), Phenoxyethanol, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate (preservatives).

Paula's Choice Radiance Renewal Mask │ Review


On Paula’s Choice website: $36US for 1.7oz


♥ Its formula: this leave-on treatment doesn’t make me break out; in fact it helps my acne situation,

♥ Its ingredients: this product is cruelty-free, fragrance free, and totally non-irritating,

♥ Its results: I like waking up with my face as soft as a baby’s butt… And, it makes my skin look healthy and radiant instead of dull and tired,

♥ Its properties: this product is working miracles for my uneven skin,

♥Its texture: this overnight mask is so lightweight and non-greasy! It’s also gentle enough to apply around the eyes without any discomfort,

♥Its packaging: the pump dispenses just the right amount, the plastic bottle is robust, perfect for traveling, and it’s so beautiful, you can leave it on your counter for decoration 😉

Note: The product is a little sticky, so if you are a pillow hugger, you might want to apply this mask at least an hour prior your bedtime.

Paula's Choice Radiance Renewal Mask


I still can’t believe how radiant my skin looks and it’s totally attributable to this PC Radiance Renewal Mask. I use this product in combination with Paula’s Choice Brightening Essence and both products have totally improved my skin. These miracles workers brought back my healthy skin and gave me confidence to go out without makeup! I highly recommend this mask to anyone with dull skin, aging skin, or acne-prone skin! Even women with very sensitive skin would find it gentle enough…

Honestly, this product has changed my life! It’s affordable, the formula is great, it’s hassle free, it packs powerful properties but still is gentle enough to use around the eyes. This gel-type liquid is just stunning… Beautiful product all across the board!! To this day Paula’s Choice is the perfect skincare brand and I have yet to find a product that I don’t enjoy.

You are beautiful …

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Maison Jacynthe │ Makeup Review

Maison Jacynthe


Maison Jacynthe Makeup Review

I feel privileged and I am very pleased to write about the beautiful Maison Jacynthe, a local  brand (from the beautiful province of Quebec in Canada), because its whole nature concept resonates with my personal values and my makeup philosophy. This line is solely based on natural ingredients, earth conscience and well-being. Prior to receiving this cute makeup products package, I only hear great things about her skincare line and her detox best-selling books!

Maison Jacynthe Makeup Review

Who is Jacynthe René? Well, she may have started her career as an actress but it’s definitely not where I discovered her beautiful personality. Through many magazine articles, she started to share her healthy living (food, well-being, etc..), then she hosted her own TV show, wrote two books on Body Detox, followed those by launching her personal  skincare line, a magazine, a stunning website (I already tried 3 recipes and they were all so delicious)!! She also gives conferences on her secrets for personal happiness and then, this line of makeup …

Maison Jacynthe Makeup Review

Maison Jacynthe Makeup Review

All the products are available on her website (english version coming soon!) and in Avril Health Stores like April (Province of Quebec).

Maison Jacynthe Makeup Review

blush bronzer and eyeshadow.jpg

Today, I will be reviewing these three products:

♥ The bronzer in Terra Cotta 01 Mattina (0.56oz – 16g) $32Cnd

♥ The blush in 02 Juliette (0.28oz – 8g) $26Cnd

♥ The eyeshadow in 02 Crema (0.10oz – 3g) $22Cnd

Maison Jacynthe Makeup Review

Maison Jacynthe Makeup Review

I’m not saying this likely but this blush is possibly my ultimate favorite (to date that is)! From the moment I saw this wonderful color, I was enamoured and after trying it, and I had a “aww” moment and was lost for words (ask BeardMan, THAT comes not very often..); since receiving it, it’s the only blush I wear; that says a lot, knowing I have a few dozens to choose from. Call it what you want: Holy Grail, Nirvana, A state of perfect Bliss, Valhalla (if you’re Vikings)… It’s Love all across the board …

♥ Perfect pinkish/coral shade (THE perfect everyday hue),

♥ Blends effortlessly,

♥ Stays all day,

♥ Considering the quality and mostly the quantity, it’s very affordable,

♥ Made in Italy,

♥ Cruelty-free,

♥ Smells heavenly good…

Note: The collection also include the shade 01 Roméo

Maison Jacynthe Makeup Review

At first glance, I thought that this matte bronzer would be way too dark on my fair skin but  this powder blends so nicely, it creates a perfect sun-kissed effect. Pssst… this powder also smells good!

♥ Perfect for fair-to-medium skinned girls (or boys),

♥ Made in Italy,

♥ Cruelty-free,

♥ Creates the most beautiful bronzy look without looking orange (no Oompa Loompa! to report),

♥ Value wise, there is a ton of product (Incredibly affordable).

Note: There is also the Terra Cotta 02 Pomerrigio which is a luminous bronzer.

Maison Jacynthe Makeup Review

Saying that this eyeshadow is buttery is an understatement! While this shimmery champagne shade is beautiful on the centre of my mobile lid and in the inner corner of the eyes, it’s equally gorgeous as an highlighter … Impressive both ways!

♥ Versatile,

♥ Impeccable texture (so soft),

♥ With a good eye primer, it stays put for a long time (even on this hooded eye girl!),

♥ 0.10oz is double the standard quantity of any eyeshadow,

♥ Made in Italy,

♥ Cruelty-free.

Note: There is 15 different colors in the collection.


Maison Jacynthe Makeup Review


*** The English version will come soon..

Maison Jacynthe Makeup Review

Maison Jacynthe Makeup Review

Maison Jacynthe Makeup Review


It takes a lot these days to conquer my heart (in the makeup department that is) and the 3 products I’ve tried simply made me fall in love with the brand: the natural philosophy behind the whole collection, the ingredients, the colors, the generous packaging offering larger-than-usual amounts of product, the great value for money, the end product on my skin and mostly, I’m proud that it’s a cruelty-free Canadian company that I’m sure will flourish and grow exponentially in the near future! Bravo and thank you for caring …

I can’t wait to try her mascaras, compact powders, lipsticks and concealers! If the products I’ve tried are any indication of the rest of her makeup line, it’s more than promising, it’s a sure bet!

Note: The collection also includes two different sizes of stunning cases to put your single blushes, powders or shadows! 

You are beautiful …

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Cake Body Lotion ✰ Review

Project Pan 12 Fall 2016

Already Week 2 of our Project Pan 12 , Fall 2016 Edition and we welcome a new makeup addict in our collab, the lovely Chanelle (Chanelle Hailey) – the trio just became a beautiful quartet.

Project Recap…

I can’t say enough about how easy and fun this Project Pan has been so far. At the end of the month, I should have this week’s superstar product panned and some other items in the list will surely be close to finish!

🎂  Don’t forget to go have a look at week 2 of Stashy (StashMatters), Jodi (ABrashAttitude) and Chanelle (Chanelle Hailey)

Cake Beauty Body Lotion Review

Cake Beauty Sugar Cookie Decadent Body Lotion

This week, it’s all about Cake Beauty Sugar Cookie Decadent Body Lotion, which was a limited Edition from two years back! I know, it’s about time I finish this body lotion. After further analysis, I chose to just do a simple Pros & Cons evaluation, not as complete as my traditional Curly Spring Blossom review because this product doesn’t exist anymore; I will revisit this product soon, in a more complete study of the brand… I’m madly in LOVE with Cake: I own every product in their Natural Body Care, from hand creams, foot creams, bath and shower froths to their body lotions and mouse, hair & body mist, etc… When I selected the body Lotion for this PP12, I dived into  my stash just to see that my Cake collection was a little overwhelming and out of hand; I think it needs its own feature post quick before I buy some more!!

Cake Sugar Cookie Decadent Body Lotion


🍰 Smells so sweet and delicious,

🍰 The staying powder of this body lotion is truly remarquable, it stays on your clothes all day long,

🍰 Cake is cruelty-free and vegan,

🍰 All their products are made in Canada🇨🇦,

🍰 Totally paraben-free, phthalate-free and gluten-free,

🍰No wonder that it’s so moisturizing since it contains coconut oil, mango butter, macadamia nut oil, aloe vera oil & sunflower seed oil.


🍰 Should wanting to drink the lotion be considered a con?!?

To sum it up …

The love affair is very real between Cake Beauty and I! After finishing this bottle, I still have 9 giant ones waiting to be used. All the scents are to die for, but my ultimate favorite is Strawberry Sugar or maybe Milk Made… No wait, it’s Lemon Chiffon, sorry I meant to say Desert Island! I’m so selfish with this brand that when I caught BeardMan using it for his bath last winter, I bought him a cheap one (that, he doesn’t know) just to preserve my precious stock! They’re MINE, they are ALL MINE!!!!

Note: I buy all my Cake Beauty products from their website or at Winners

What’s your favorite Cake Beauty scent?


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