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Best of 2015 | Skincare & Makeup Brushes

Ingrid's Best of 2015 Skincare & Makeup

Totally my “favorite” post to make EVER. These are my BPF (Best Product Forever) that I will repurchase over and over – ’til something better comes along I mean 😊. At first, I wanted to feature at least one product in each category but the truth is that I may like a lot of products but in this yearly favourites it will only be “the best of the best” (for me anyway)!!!

I enjoy blogging so much that to label myself as a lifestyle/beauty blogger, I had to purchase a few items during the year. Let say that it did some damages in the wallet: I’m totally assuming it and unfortunately, it forced me to try an outrageous amount of product. So much so that, weirdly enough, some products have never been reviewed during 2015. Those first-rate products will do appear on my blog in the coming weeks.

So without further ado let’s talk …




Ingrid's Best of 2015 Skincare & Makeup

Philosophy Purity Made Simple

Part of my nighttime routine, this cleanser is the first step to purify my skin. I say first step because I always double clean (if you are suffering from acne please try double cleansing your skin and add a Clarisonic brush type, you’ll thank me later !!!). I love Purity because it’s super gentle on my skin and it beautifully takes off the first layer of my makeup and all the residue from my eye makeup removal.

Peter Thomas Roth Anti-Aging Cleansing Gel + My Clarisonic

I love this cleanser because using it with my Clarisonic makes my skin squeaky clean without ever drying it. As I prefer formulas that produce a nice foaming effect with my Clarisonic, this PTR product is perfect and smells really nice before going to bed.

Kate Sommerville Eradikate + The pimple “extractor”

My breakouts are less frequent but they unfortunately still happen 😤! When they do and mostly they’re white heads, I use the extractor and then dab dots of Eradikate all over (Remember you are going to bed afterward because it is not the most attractive look; but this stuff is super effective).

Origins Clear Improvement

I really try to be good and do at least a mask once a week! I really enjoy this charcoal mask from Origins. I really do feel like it actually cleans my pores.

Algenist Complete Eye Renewal Balm

For me, a good night cream is one that gives me lots if hydration. At night, I swear by my Algenist Complete Eye renewal Balm. I sense that it makes my eye area look less puffy in the morning with my perpetual lack of sleeping.

Note : As you can see, there is no mention of an eye makeup remover or toner because I’m still on the hunt to find good ones. As for serum or oil night cream, I used quite a few along the year but they eventually all broke me out. I’ve been testing the Paula’s choice Resist Skin Firming Line Minimizer for a while now and to date, I’m quite impressed. I cross my fingers that my skin doesn’t become sensitive to this formula.


Ingrid's Best of 2015 Skincare & Makeup

Origins GinZing Eye Cream

A lot of good eye creams are not makeup friendly, some even makes my concealer look cakey or flaky. This Origins GinZing Eye Cream is like the Holy Grail for me. It adds the moisture and nourishment that I want in a daytime eye cream. It’s really the best first step to any eye makeup, period !!! Greatness across the board…

Mario Badescu Oil-Free Moisturizer SPF 30, Shiseido Oil-Free Urban Environment SPF 42 & Peter Thomas Roth Max Oil-Free Sheer All Day Moisture SPF 30.

If you have a sensible or an acne-prone skin type, you know that finding a good moisturizer containing a good SPF factor is a pain in the pimple. They almost all break me out. For years, I’ve neglected this step because my face looked like a strawberry field  when using any sunscreen. The result is that I have premature wrinkles and sun spots. Botox and Laser here I come, financed by BeardMan (but shh!, he doesn’t know yet!!). Now I wear SPF EVERY day, even if it’s raining!! These 3 are fabulous: the Mario Badescu & PTR are especially good without interfering with the loads of makeup products I put on top.

Makeup Brushes


Makeup Brushes Cleanser

Dr Bronners’s Magic Soaps

Ingrid's Best of 2015 Skincare & Makeup

AMAZING! This soap cleans my makeup brushes like no other. All good natural ingredients, cruelty-free, affordable and it comes in a variety of scents. Seriously, if you haven’t try this product, you’ll be so please to see your white bristles become super white again. I will never use something else. A 16oz bottle lasted me a year. A must!

Makeup brushes that I use EVERY SINGLE day I wear makeup

I do own a ton of brushes that I like but in this favourite post, I will just show the ones I use daily and cannot live without. ALL ARE AFFORDABLE!

Real Techniques

Ingrid's Best of 2015 Skincare & Makeup

Powder Brush

In summer when I use a ton of bronzer to achieve a somewhat JLO glow, I use this brush to apply it …

Blush Brush

Again the perfect brush to apply my bronzer. No so much for Blush purpose however since it’s too big for my taste.

Contour Brush

Since I prefer a soft contour, this brush makes it perfect to define without having an obvious line across your cheeks.

Deluxe Crease Brush

This brush popularity speaks for itself. I use it on my crease and mostly to apply my MAC paint pots. I have 4 of them. Again, Holy Grail status all-around…  A must !!

Base Shadow Brush

This is such a multi-purpose brush, it’s perfect to define the outer V, the crease or the lower lashes. I own 5 of them and use them daily.

Flower Beauty

Ingrid's Best of 2015 Skincare & Makeup

Ultimate Powder Brush (F01)

I always use this brush without adding any product to buff any harsh line that would still be noticeable on my face.

Ultimate Eye Shadow Brush (E01)

Again, I use this lovely brush to buff any harsh line in my eye makeup. I love how soft it is. Totally a finishing touch eye brush.

Note: I don’t understand why there is no hype about these fabulous brushes. Even after 6 months of weekly cleansing, they still look brand new. Unbeatable for under 10$.

Ingrid's Best of 2015 Skincare & Makeup


Flawless Concealer Brush

The perfect 3$ brush to dust my undereye powder that I use while baking the area.

Anastasia Beverly Hills

Brow Brushes #12 & #14

My brows are only as good as the brushes I used. Paired with my ABH DipBrow Pomade, it’s magic for my brow.

Anna Sui

Brow Brush 2

Perfect to apply brow powder. Nice bristles for a precise flawless application.

bdellium tools


This one feels like a breeze when applying my base shadow…


Blending extraordinaire. Such a great brush to … obviously blend.


Since I always use eyeshadow to line my upper lashes, this brush is perfect to push product to tight lines.

i on beauty

Angle Blusher

Weirdly enough, I use this beauty to apply (with pressing motion) my loose powders or foundation finishing powders. It’s so dense and wonderful…


Complexion 412

I began to enjoy my Hourglass Ambient Powders when I purchase this stippling super soft brush. It diffuses the product like no other! Highlighter’s BFF



My favourite to smudge my upper or lower lash liners. Superb!

Sonia Kashuk

Ingrid's Best of 2015 Skincare & Makeup


My #1 blush brush. Perfect size for a perfect application.

Note: As you can see, these are all affordable. I’m sure that all the Marc Jacobs face brushes and the Haikuho-do ones are to die for but these do a wonderful job … for now.
Note2: BeardMan often jokes that I should try painting as a hobby with the quantity of brushes I own… Maybe when I’m old and retired but for now, I prefer applying makeup than coats of paint… One thing is certain though, I will have a lot of practice handling brushes!!! 😂
Welcome 2016 and new favorites to come !
Ingrid xxx
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HOLY GRAIL – makeup –


Looking at my stash, I obviously love a lot of products (Dah!) and each one has easily been the flavour of the moment, but how many, in my entire collection, are really Holy Grail material? I found 4 that I will continue to buy over and over, for years to come. Just 4!! Shocking isn’t it!?! For instance I really like the “Too Faced Better Than Sex” mascara, it’s my favorite to date, but not yet Holy Grail status.

So here are the 4 lucky products that made it to the pinnacle, the Himalaya, the … (you get it, right?):



e.l.f High definition Undereye Setting Powder

A 3$ (or less) setting powder that surpassed all the high end ones I’ve tried over the years. To me, it works so beautifully at making sure my concealer doesn’t crease and stays put all day long. Unbeatable price for such a great product.

My Tip: Apply a large amount of powder after you applied your concealer (large is a figure of speech, considering that the container is quite small and you would like it to last a few months) and let it sit there awhile (for example, while you do your eyebrows). Dust it afterwards with a brush (in my case, I use the e.l.f Flawless Concealer brush).



MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Painterly

Hallelujah for this formula!! Awesomeness!! Nothing, I mean nothing comes close to this product to ensure that you have the perfect base. It will then enable you to create the most beautiful eyeshadow look or you can just wear it alone. This product doesn’t crease, applies so smoothly, and covers any redness or small veins I have on my eyelids. I swear, I cannot live without this product. I will eventually venture into colourful Paint Pot (Rubenesque is on my wish list).



Annabelle Skin True foundation

I own a lot of different foundations but this is the one I have purchased again and again for the last 7 years I would say. This is my everyday, affordable product of choice and the one I use to mix with some other formulas that really don’t work that well for me. Skin true never broke me out and the result doesn’t look cakey whatsoever. Light coverage but yet very buildable.  A true hidden gem !!!



Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Blonde

It took me a long time to really master the art of defining my eyebrows. It’s been trial and error and a LOOOOOT of practice. The Dipbrow Pomade makes it a breeze to create MY perfect eyebrows; this thing won’t budge. Paired with ABH #12 brush is just HEAVEN.

Confession: Now, even on days when I don’t really put makeup on (or just a little bit), I will do my eyebrows. I cannot believe it took me years to really conquer my fears of “eyebrowing” 😜👍.

I’m curious about your Holy Grail products !!!


Ingrid xoxo

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My 5 Summer 2015 Must-Have (Makeup)☀️


Summer months are just the best! We rock the cute dresses, the sandals, colourful jewelries and DEWY GLOWY BRONZY makeup. Oh Yay!! For me, it’s 3 months of pure happiness! Baby pinks, here I come; bright oranges I totally feel you and let’s not forget crazy shimmers all over. All that in a natural (to me anyway) no cakey way. JLO style..




We cannot (or shouldn’t) forget about this one if we don’t want to look like a dry prune in our 40s! You already have read in my previous blogs about this but for years, I haven’t protected my face properly because of my adult acne and I already pay for it with premature wrinkles and discolouration. I cannot do anything about the past but mark my words, I sure will do something about the future. The problems I frequently find with face sunscreens are that almost all of them breaks me out or are not too great when you apply makeup over them. In my quest for perfect products for summer, I found 3 products that doesn’t clog my pores and are makeup friendly:

☀️Dr.Jart+ Premium BB Beauty Balm☀️

☀️Mario Badescu Oil Free Moisturizer SPF 30☀️

☀️Shiseido Oil Free UV Protector SPF 42☀️




In summer, I may be guilty of exaggerating a tiny bit 😉 on the bronzer but I’m totally assuming this fact. For a pale skin girl that can be a little tricky but I don’t want to end up with a muddy look.

Note: Do NOT forget to bronze your neck!

☀️Lise Watier RIVAGES Bronzing Powder☀️

☀️Buxom Hot Escapes Bronzer “Tahiti”☀️

☀️Too Faced Bonjour Soleil Summer Bronzing Wardrobe☀️




As a rule of thumb, in the heat we should always pair cream foundations with cream blushes and obviously, powder foundations with powder blushes! Rules of course are to be broken but I LOVE cream blushes for summer months because they have such a glowy feel about them. I always do set them with a powder blush so here you go about the rules but still rocking the cream blushes.

☀️L’Oréal Visible Lift Blur Blush “Soft Pink”☀️

☀️Stila Convertible Color “Petunia”, “Hibiscus”, “Lillium” & “Peony”☀️




I always have a bottle in the fridge that I use to refresh my makeup during the hot days.  When I feel that my face starts to melt a.k.a. my foundation starts to break apart, I spray like crazy and magically (not really), it stops the “migration” of all the products I have on my face to end up on my chin.

☀️e.l.f Makeup Mist & Set☀️

☀️Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water☀️




For me in summer, it’s all about shiny lip glosses, dewy foundations, crazy shiny eyelids … The whole she-bang !!! From June ’til August, I go crazy GLOWY (at the extend that my neutral self will allow me to). They say there is no rule in makeup, don’t they (Bahaha)!?!


☀️Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Eye Shadow “Rio De Rose Gold”☀️

☀️Buxom Cream Shadow “Poodle”☀️

☀️Urban Decay Eyeshadow “Half Baked/Twice Baked”☀️


☀️Stila All Over Shimmer Duo “Kitten”☀️


☀️Becca Cream Shimmering Skin Perfector “Opal”☀️


☀️Nars Lipgloss “Supervixen”☀️

☀️Nyx Glam Lipgloss “GLG07 VIP”☀️

☀️Stila Stay All Day Liquid lipstick “Dolce”☀️

I hope you will have fun with your summery looks, and you know what: there is no need to buy a lot of stuff for your estival makeups, since you probably have everything you need in your stash already. Personally I never go crazy on “only for summer” makeup products because the 9 remaining months, since you know I live in the oh! so cold eastern part of Canada, are more neutral rich hearthy tones.

Have a great “luminous” weekend


Ingrid rocking gold on my eyelids today

Disclaimer: I paid for all that stuff!