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Lise Watier Teint Lumière Foundation ✰ Review

Lise Watier Teint Lumière Review

Week 1 of Project Pan 12 and the panning by itself is going great; I like my 12 products and seriously, it makes my life so much easier to know in advance which products to use on a day-to-day basis. Obviously, I didn’t empty any product yet but things are going according to plan. After a week,  I find myself loving some and others, not so much. The first item on my list is a fantastic product, maybe unknown to most of you, but it may be time to introduce all its qualities and share this Canadian brand to all my readers.

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Note: As always, with any foundation review, I’ve listed my skin type/concerns  at the end of this post.


Lise Watier website : $40Cnd for 0.88oz (a little less than the standard 1oz)

Lise Watier is well-known in the province of Quebec since the founder herself is from our little part of the country. To support Mrs. Watier and her company, all our major retailers and most of our drugstores carry the brand. Also widely available in France, Belgique and US via Naimie’s, Beautylish and some other retailers.

Note: Lise Watier is now owned by Groupe Marcelle

From the website

The Teint Lumière foundation offers ultra-light and adjustable coverage. In addition to its exceptional comfort, this foundation is like an invisible second skin – undetectable even in the light of day. Formulated with the Diamond Lumière Complex, it blends into skin to even out and illuminate the complexion while protecting it from the sun. The dropper dispenses a specifically measured quantity of the formula for optimal efficiency. The equivalent of one pump is sufficient for the entire face.

Paraben-free. Fragrance-free. Oil-free.

Lise Watier Teint Lumière Review


✰ Available in 12 shades,

✰ One pump is truly sufficient for an entire face, so a little goes a long way!

✰ Light to medium coverage (personally, full coverage is not flattering for my skin; I feel like it ages me and I don’t really aim for that result when I use makeup!!!),

✰ Doesn’t break me out!

✰ The finish is soft and lustrous without ever looking greasy (I do have to blot once during the day with a setting powder)

✰ Doesn’t emphasize my fines lines or pores,

✰ It doesn’t oxidize,

✰ Long wearing – it only starts to break after 8 hours,

✰ Super lightweight, it feels good on my skin … No cakeyness to report,

✰ This foundation can be mixed perfectly with any other foundation in your collection; it gives a nicer finish to all the dull ones that we unfortunately have in our stash and that sit there, unused,

Made in France,

Lise Watier is a cruelty-free brand.


✰ Only SPF 15 is not enough. When choosing a foundation, I prefer a greater sun protection factor when it’s already included in the product. If insufficient, it serves no real purpose and I’m forced to apply another sunscreen product.

✰ Since it’s a glass bottle, it may not be travel friendly.

final thoughts

Lise Watier Teint Lumière Foundation gives an extremely pure, radiant glow to your skin, perfect if you like a natural finish. The formula doesn’t feel like drying your skin, to clog pores, or cause any breakouts. In fact, it’s the perfect opposite: it surprisingly feels to have a moisturizing effect on the skin. I usually apply this foundation with a beauty sponge but I also tried it with a brush and with my fingers, and the result was still beautiful. From a mature skin point of view, these serum-type formulas are very flattering and again, truly rejuvenating. Is it a buildable foundation? Yes, but it’s made to use for a light/medium coverage.

Will I repurchase? Yes but I should go for the 01 shade instead of 02! I always see myself a bit darker than I really am but I should know better…

My skin type/concern are :

Combination with some dry patches,

I do have fine lines (borderline wrinkles) as I’m over 35,

I suffer from some facial discolouration and sun spots,

I’m VERY acne-prone and I have enlarged pores on the nose and cheeks,

All in all, you could say that my face is a combination of the moon’s surface and an old potato …

Shade = Fair or light

If you add the light skin maybe in the future, call me Mrs. Pringles !!!


Are you familiar with Lise Watier products?

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Oil + Foundation ⎟Tip & Review

Oil + Foundation Makeup Tip

I first saw this tip on Wayne Goss channel & after, on a gazillion of other channels that made it look like they invented the trend 😏

It is as easy as 1, 2, 3 and it goes like this: you just mix 1-2 drops of your favourite face oil (or 10 if you want a dewy look on steroids) with your regular foundation; it is supposed to give your face a delicious soft and lustrous finish. I was eager to try this tip because I have all these face oils that I need to use but mostly because, after watching Goss explanations, it made sense to me. I have acne-prone combination skin and lately, I’ve had dry patches that make my makeup look less than flawless. I’m usually a big fan of oil free foundations but, my Acne-prone complexion means that on one hand, oil free foundations are, most of the time, drying some areas of my face (it just makes me CRAZY!!!) and, on the other hand, regular foundations will mostly break me out. So it was a no brainer to pair my foundations & face oils that didn’t cause breakouts and redness.

Oil + Foundation Makeup Tip


It may not be life changing but it works. With the colder months upon us (you know the lucky ones with 6-month long winters per year!!!), I feel like I apply on a nourishing foundation made with products I love!!! Don’t worry, when you add 1-2 drops of oils, your face doesn’t look super dewy, but the glowing finish it creates is really worth trying this tip. I do put on a setting and/or finishing powder on top since I need my makeup to stay put for at least 10 hours. This Wayne Goss tip is totally worth trying, and I now don’t see myself not doing this simple and effective method!!!

Oil + Foundation Makeup Tip

Note: Oils that works well for acne-prone skin.

♥ Tarte Maracuja oil

♥ Josie Maran LIGHT argan Oil

♥ Guerlain Abeille Royale

Thanks for stopping by my beauties


Ingrid xxx

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The Perfect Palette Tag (Curly’s version)


I love this TAG, it’s definitely my favorites (I wonder why?!? 😏). Eyeshadow palettes are MY thing! I own so many, I never have enough and they are mostly all neutrals. I started to really enjoy doing my eyes when I began to buy great quality eyeshadows. Before that, my eye makeup consisted of putting a brown gel eyeliner and that was it. Anyway, cheap eyeshadows disappeared from my eyelids after an hour so why bother… Then I discovered eye primer, real shadows and I was cursed. I learned to work with them and perfected my makeup artistry (I guess) and each day I enjoy doing my eyes! My eye makeup is now like a perfect science, where each step is finely tuned. It’s like a choreographed dance of brushes twirling and colour superposing…

So I thought it would be nice to revamp the famous “Perfect Palette Tag”. I hope you you tag along, yes you, my addicted beauties (as if I was alone in that situation, an addicted, makeup freak 😜). I won’t name the same palette twice because it would take away all the fun and because in each category, I could have put at least 2 palettes !!! (If you want to read my review, just click on the palette’s name !!!)

  1. Most Bang for your Buck : Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye Contour .

Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye contour palette

This palette is a must for any makeup lover. Every base shades you will ever need are included in this fabulous palette. It’s a great bargain considering the amount of product you get, the quality and first and foremost, its versatility. It’s the Basics 101 palette!

2. Best Matte palette : Becca Ombre Rouge .

Becca Ombre Rouge

Love the brand, love the formula, love the unique redishhhhhhh shades. It’s a superb fall and winter palette. All transitions/Blending colors ! Another must.

3. The Total Package palette : Blinc Shadow Fusion.

Blinc Shadow Fusion

This palette has it all: the mattes, the shimmers, wear dry or wet, used as eyeliner, cool tone, warm tone… I’ve said it before and I will say it again: THE MOST UNDERRATED Eyeshadow Palette… (Oopps! I should I’ve made this into a category)

4. The “I Can’t Live Without You” palette : Laura Mercier Nude Smoky.

Laura Mercier Nude Smoky palette

MY favourite eyeshadows are from Laura Mercier and this palette is the first one I ever bought from the brand. To this day, I still reach for it all the time. Spectacular! Nothing more to say than it’s perfection in a sophisticated plastic container. It makes any eye look effortless to achieve …

Note: Speechless! First time talking about this palette😳.

5. Most Hated Palette : Nars Andy Warhol Self portrait 3


This one makes me wince all the time. To say I hate it is an understatement. Non-existing pigmentation, no blending possible …Total waste of money! Nars eyeshadows are not my favourites (They just don’t agree with me). I have to stop writing about this dud because it’ll ruin my whole day !!! (Exaggerating as always, but not so much on this one)!

Note: I’ve never reviewed it because it would have gone like this: The Good (Blank), The NOT so Good  The Ugly (500 words), Final Thought:  Not Worthy of the Dollar Store!!! (See my post on Bad Reviews … How Effective Are They 😂?!!)

6. Best Summer palette : Lise Watier Rivages. (Summer 2015 – Limited Edition)


This one took me totally by surprise. In store at first, I thought nothing of it. Kind of boring looking actually, but I was so wrong. It has a lovely beach feel to it that is to die for. This summer I had to force myself to use something else. A great surprise with a formula that is as surprising.

7. Best Fall palette: Anastasia Beverly Hills Tamanna.


Just looking at these rich warm shades, the fall theme is so obvious. I can’t wait to start using this one again. What a beauty !!!

8. Best Winter palette: Lorac Pro 2.

Lorac Pro 2

Since it’s my coolest palette, obviously it became my go-to winter palette. Overall, I love this palette even if almost all of the colors are out of my comfort zone. I know, everybody, their mothers, dogs and BFFs (did I forget someone?) are into the Pro 1, but I’ll stick with the Pro 2 has my number 1 choice.

Note: I just realized that I have never reviewed this one, nor the Unzipped !!!

9. Best Spring palette: Tarte Tartelette.

Tarte Tartelette

I’ve always called this awesomeness my bridal palette. It’s a soft, romantic, very spring appropriate, wonderful little number that everybody needs in their collection. 2015 is the year of matte eyeshadow palette mostly because of this Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter ChouChou (French for favourite).

10. The ” I have a Soft Spot for… ” palette. Smashbox #Shapematters.

Smashbox #Shapematters contour palette

I know, I know… Technically not an eyeshadow palette but since every powders can still be used as an eyeshadow, it’s my Soft Spot of the moment. I don’t know why this one is slipping under the radar and even getting somewhat average reviews… I’m crazy about the concept, the quality, the shades’ selection and the fact it’s fair/light skin girl friendly and so travel convenient !

 I’m hoping my palette addicted blogger friend will join in on this homemade TAG!


Ingrid xxx