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Best Makeup Tips # 2 Priming the Eyebrows✮ 2016

Makeup Tips

I really love writing this new series; even though it’s just my second chapter, I am filled with excitement when I see that new theme on my blogging schedule.  Last week, I share my Best Makeup Tip #1: Wet Baking (under eye area); today, it’s all about the eyebrows. First thing first, if you are still intimidated with the whole filling your eyebrows process, practice do make perfect!! Brows really frame our face and, without a doubt, it makes for a complete, stunning makeup look.

Tip # 2

Priming the Eyebrows

This TIP comes from Tina (The Fancy Face): last year, she stated that priming her eyebrows had been a godsend! You know me, a doubting Thomas, I just had to try it for myself. Believe me ladies, after my first try, I heard Angels sing (my God, I’m going crazy with my church vocabulary and expressions)!

This is so logical when you think about it; we prime everything else, so why not our brows…



Apply a layer (not too much) of any eye or face primer that you own. It may be time to dust off all these deluxe samples that we always get with our orders and never use.

Makeup Tip #2: Priming Your Eyebrows


Wait… WAIT!!! Let the product sit and sink in for at least 10 minutes.  I usually use this waiting period to put on my foundation and concealer!


Brush the excess product with a spoolie or a toothbrush like Tina (that she obviously uses for this purpose only)..


Proceed to do your brows as usual.

Makeup Tip #2: Priming Your Eyebrows

The Result

I find that this technique helps the application of all different brow products (pomade, brow wiz and powders) and at the end of the day, my brows look somehow more natural. This TIP also allows my products to stay put all day long, without fading !!!

Funny Story

Makeup Tip #2: Priming Your Eyebrows

Couple of months back, I was at Shoppers Drug Mart (Pharmaprix) and I saw in the «Final Sale» section, the Stila Stay All Day Prime & Anti-Shine Balm at $10CAN instead of $40CAN! My “I can’t resist a deal” side made me buy it without any hesitation and mostly without even looking at the reviews on this balm.

Home Sweet Home, still exhilarated to have found such a deal, I googled some reviews to realize that all in all, this product was considered mediocre to say the least. But, my “I’m sure it will work on me and all those reviews are wrong because I’ve just made a super deal” side thought it would be OK: WRONG! It’s such a bad primer; it totally disturbs all the foundation applied over it. At that point, I thought I just might have thrown $10 in the fire since Final Sale usually means no return/no refund… Back to today’s TIP, when I told you to dust off your primers’ deluxe samples, in my case, I tried this dud and, the impossible happened. This Stila balm is working like magic as a brow primer to the point that I bought a backup at Winners, also on sale, because I’ve already hit pan on my first one! Not so shitty after all…

PS: Come to think of it, I have a lot of “sides”: My “I can’t resist” side, my « frugal” side, my “have to try it » side, etc… Hell, keep this list open, I’m sure I’ll find some other traits somewhere…😂

Did you ever tried this tip? Does it seems funky?

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I’ve been stalking a YouTuber ! Stephanie Lange 😘



Truth be told, I’ve been so blessed in my life, being born with beautiful big green eyes so … winged eyeliner, sophisticated shimmery eye makeups, and smokey eyes looks dreamy on me !!! ⏰ OK! Ingrid wake up and stop dreaming !!! The fact is that I sadly have hooded eyes, that makes playing with eyeshadows more difficult … BUT not impossible!

Recently I found a YouTuber name Stephanie Lange who has hooded eyes and guys, she creates the best tutorials ever … I’ve learned so much; she has singularly made me apply my eye makeup so differently and that, with just small changes! I’ve been so hooked that I’ve watched at least 25 of her tutorials in the last 2 weeks with so much joy. (giggle)

So, if you do have hooded eyes, droopy eyes or aging eyes, her EASY tutorials using products that most of us already have dupes for, will change the way you do smokey eyes for example! I’ve recreated a few looks and WOW, the possibilities, even for my eye shape, are almost endless now …

So, thank you so much Jessica for being really genuine, down to earth, the hooded eyes queen and mostly, to have teach me that just different shades and technics does make a world of differences! 💗💖💗

I hope you find it as helpful as I did !!!

Love u guys !


Proud Hooded Eyes Ingrid xoxo