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Decluttering My Makeup Stash|Winter 2016

Decluttering My Makeup Stash Winter 2016

Since BeardMan and I decided to stay away from DisneyWorld in 2016, I decided to do my second preferred activity in the universe: Decluttering! 😕 Euh… Not really (extreme sarcasm here…). It’s not even spring cleaning time yet but it looks like mine has already begun (In the makeup department that is, since I seem to be less anxious to do the real spring cleaning). In my beauty world, decluttering means literally throwing hard earned money in the garbage. Bad choices or in my case too many choices are the culprit.

Last year, in my first real decluttering attempt, I threw away a lot of items that were expired or just products that just weren’t up to par! Technically speaking, items still in my collection were all great products (Again, sarcasm here…, let’s say acceptable!!!). So this past week, my inner makeup junkie self had a heart-to-heart with my hoarder side and I reflected on two fundamental questions regarding each product in my stash: First, did I use this item in the last 6 months? Second, if I did not use it, do I realistically see myself using this product in the next 6 months? Two « NO » was a death sentence (or a blessing for my niece)!! Anyway it meant that this article and I were parting ways, that our relationship was over 😥…

I’m pleased to tell you that this massive decluttering won’t happen anymore (I hope!) since I’m planning to be less impulsive for my future purchases (Thank you Low-Buy 😘!!!). As I recently defined in a previous post, one of my goals for 2016 is to stop buying products for review purposes unless I’m dying to try a new formula or for specific needs only. So, here are the things that I’m passing along …

Stila Lip Glaze

I bought a set of these last Christmas and I simply don’t like the formula. They have no staying power on my lips and I often don’t reach for them.

Maybelline Vivids Lipsticks

Maybelline lipsticks are one of the best drugstore’s products available. I own lots of them and I’m really pleased but Hot Plum and Fushia Flash were possibly purchase while on drugs (joke 🙊) or for Halloween since bright pinks are not my style at all.

Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella & Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Stick in Havana

I ADORE both products. I just don’t care for the colors. Might as well pass them along since I won’t ever use them.

Pür Eye Shadow Stick

(Unveiled, Staged & Exposed)

These shadow sticks are surprisingly good! I’m just passing them along since I already have those shades in my preferred Mac Paint Pots.

Maybelline Color Tattoo

(Painted Purple, Barely Branded & Gold Rush)

I love Maybelline Color Tattoo; they are inexpensive (always on sale…) and have a superb finish. Unfortunately, they dry up fast. They are not making the two-hour drive to my niece: in the garbage, they go (Ode to Yoda with this phrase formulation)!

Annabelle Skin True Foundation in Soft Tan

Brand new (still sealed). I have talked about Annabelle’s foundation a great deal on my blog because as a drugstore product, it’s totally my favorite foundation. I bought these shades when I was self-tanning my face (or trying to anyway…)! Since each product broke me out big time and since I moved on from my California babe look, I might just as well send them to one of you (if soft tan is your shade!!!).♥♥♥♥

e.l.f Eyebrow Kit in Medium & Revlon ColorStay Brow Enhancer in Medium Brown & Soft Pink

I’m more on the blonde/taupe side these days so these colors are not suited for me anymore. Furthermore, I really think that investing in great eye brow products is key to achieve exceptional results. As I discovered fantastic Anastasia Beverly Hills brow products in 2015, I’m not really into those two. To be honest the e.l.f does an ok job and the Revlon isn’t that good.

Too Faced A Few Of My Favorites Things

Capture d’écran 2016-01-19 à 13.36.06

This casualty of decluttering is the result of my palette addiction: not that it lacks quality or that the formulation is bad; it is just that all the shadows have big time glitters and are unusable on a daily basis! I should have done my homework and read some reviews before buying it… I sure didn’t make the same mistake this past holiday season!! All these holiday palettes should be bought with caution! Cute, totally adorable but unfortunately, a waste of my money…

Are you decluttering in any way?


Ingrid xxx

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Stila “A Whole Lot of Love” ┃Review & Swatches

Stila A Whole Lot Of Love Holiday 2015

❧ Are you in a hurry with to little time to read this post but love eyeshadows & blushes? Here is the very short version: GRAB this PALETTE!!! Five stars. Two thumbs up. Must have. Surely one of the best  palette for the  2015 Holiday Season.

Stila A Whole Lot Of Love Holiday 2015


Stila A Whole Lot Of Love Holiday 2015

For the rest of you my beauties …

Way back in July (I already miss summer 😥 ) when the first pictures of all those holiday sets were popping on the web, I was ecstatic and I wanted them all. I mean ALL. But seeing them in pictures and then in real life, my feelings have taken a bizarre turn. I’ve been more disappointed than the other way around. With the exceptions of the Sephora Favourites (Superstars & Brow Raising), Stila’s “A Whole Lot Of Love” Gift Set has been the only one I’ve actually fell in love with (To date that is!!!!). Love? Bahaha!! Let’s say more head over heels in love!! ❤️


What it is: 
A classic collection of beloved Stila essentials in an all-in-one makeup palette for the eyes and face.

What it does: 
Inspired by the classic romance of hand-written love letters, this A Whole Lot Of Love Gift Set features top-selling makeup for the eyes and face in one palette. It comes wrapped in a vintage-inspired special delivery package that’s perfect for gifting or keeping for yourself.

This palette contains: 
– 20 x 0.03oz Eye shadows in White Sparkle, Pale Peach (matte), Nude Shimmer, Metallic Peach, Rose Gold, Rose Pewter, Seaweed, Metallic Taupe, Warm Honey (matte), Warm Taupe (matte), Cool Taupe (matte), Chocolate (matte), Rose (matte), Deep Plum, Lapis, Denim, Frosted Lavender, Eggplant (matte), Black Pearl, Coal (matte).
– 4 x 0.16oz Blushes in Light Pink (matte), Dusty Rose (matte), Peach Shimmer, Berry Shimmer
– 0.20oz Deluxe-size HUGE Extreme Lash Mascara


Exclusively at Sephora: it’s a Limited Edition, available for 59$US (77$CND)

Stila A Whole Lot Of Love Holiday 2015


♥ The packaging is as cute as it can be. (A huge mirror is included inside).

♥ First time trying Stila’s blushes and I’m super impressed. Easy to blend and with different variation of pigmentation. The 2 matte ones (Light Pink & Dusty rose) are subtle, but Peach Shimmer & Berry Shimmer can pack a wicked punch.

Stila A Whole Lot Of Love Holiday 2015

Stila A Whole Lot Of Love Holiday 2015
In order: Light Pink, Dusty Rose, Peach Shimmer & Berry Shimmer

♥For a day-to-day use, every shades you could need are in there. If however, you feel like Miley Cyrus and you want to party all night, this palette has it all too.

♥The eyeshadows are of the same quality as there regular palette. Stila didn’t cheap out because it’s a holiday set. (Trust me this happened a lot !!!). They are really rich in texture and very buttery.

♥ Strange enough they don’t swatch very good but they apply like dream (Go Figure!!! – It’s way better then the other way around don’t you think?).

Stila A Whole Lot Of Love Holiday 2015

♥ Reasonably priced considering there are no duds in the 4 blushes, 20 eyeshadows.

♥ No creasing, no fading & no fallout (Of course I always tap my brush & used an eyeshadow primer).

♥It’s definitely a very good palette for traveling. Blushes (✓) Eyeshadows (✓) mascara (✓)

♥ Very beginners friendly since there are no crazy shades that require a beautician course to make them work.

♥ Any other brand, deluxe-sized mascara can fit in that set. The foam inside the packaging is pretty tight, so it won’t fall out. I love this feature  (So cool, practical and travel friendly) – Thanks Stila it’s a really nice touch!!

Stila A Whole Lot Of Love Holiday 2015


♥ The names of the eyeshadows are not written. Not a big deal but I do appreciate it a lot.

♥ This palette is quite big, for sure not purse friendly.

Stila A Whole Lot Of Love Holiday 2015


Who cares if I sound like an infomercial, I have no affiliation with Sephora or Stila and I paid for this wonderful palette with my own, hard-earned money. I’m just happy to have maybe found a strong contender for the best overall palette of the year. That’s right, I said it!!!  With the exception of the darkest blackish shade, that I never use regardless of the palette I buy, I could have easily created this palette myself as each shade is perfect for my usual makeup. The color selection is per-fect!!! Seriously, it has it all: the mattes, the shimmers, not one of them has those crazy glitters that nobody wears. It’s an every day palette as much as a night out one; nothing like those palettes that you will use at Christmas Eve and never touch again (I have succumbed to a few of those flashy packages and I have regretted buying all of them)!!! I’m very surprised that I haven’t heard a lot about this adorable palette. I’m really impressed, charmed, smitten & I have enjoyed using it since the day I got it.

Note: To be honest I haven’t tried the mascara since I already have 3 opened ones. An update soon !!!

Big Hugs my beauties


Ingrid in Loooovvvve xxxx (Sorry BeardMan) 😘

Disclaimer : 100% paid by myself !!!

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The Perfect Palette Tag (Curly’s version)


I love this TAG, it’s definitely my favorites (I wonder why?!? 😏). Eyeshadow palettes are MY thing! I own so many, I never have enough and they are mostly all neutrals. I started to really enjoy doing my eyes when I began to buy great quality eyeshadows. Before that, my eye makeup consisted of putting a brown gel eyeliner and that was it. Anyway, cheap eyeshadows disappeared from my eyelids after an hour so why bother… Then I discovered eye primer, real shadows and I was cursed. I learned to work with them and perfected my makeup artistry (I guess) and each day I enjoy doing my eyes! My eye makeup is now like a perfect science, where each step is finely tuned. It’s like a choreographed dance of brushes twirling and colour superposing…

So I thought it would be nice to revamp the famous “Perfect Palette Tag”. I hope you you tag along, yes you, my addicted beauties (as if I was alone in that situation, an addicted, makeup freak 😜). I won’t name the same palette twice because it would take away all the fun and because in each category, I could have put at least 2 palettes !!! (If you want to read my review, just click on the palette’s name !!!)

  1. Most Bang for your Buck : Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye Contour .

Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye contour palette

This palette is a must for any makeup lover. Every base shades you will ever need are included in this fabulous palette. It’s a great bargain considering the amount of product you get, the quality and first and foremost, its versatility. It’s the Basics 101 palette!

2. Best Matte palette : Becca Ombre Rouge .

Becca Ombre Rouge

Love the brand, love the formula, love the unique redishhhhhhh shades. It’s a superb fall and winter palette. All transitions/Blending colors ! Another must.

3. The Total Package palette : Blinc Shadow Fusion.

Blinc Shadow Fusion

This palette has it all: the mattes, the shimmers, wear dry or wet, used as eyeliner, cool tone, warm tone… I’ve said it before and I will say it again: THE MOST UNDERRATED Eyeshadow Palette… (Oopps! I should I’ve made this into a category)

4. The “I Can’t Live Without You” palette : Laura Mercier Nude Smoky.

Laura Mercier Nude Smoky palette

MY favourite eyeshadows are from Laura Mercier and this palette is the first one I ever bought from the brand. To this day, I still reach for it all the time. Spectacular! Nothing more to say than it’s perfection in a sophisticated plastic container. It makes any eye look effortless to achieve …

Note: Speechless! First time talking about this palette😳.

5. Most Hated Palette : Nars Andy Warhol Self portrait 3


This one makes me wince all the time. To say I hate it is an understatement. Non-existing pigmentation, no blending possible …Total waste of money! Nars eyeshadows are not my favourites (They just don’t agree with me). I have to stop writing about this dud because it’ll ruin my whole day !!! (Exaggerating as always, but not so much on this one)!

Note: I’ve never reviewed it because it would have gone like this: The Good (Blank), The NOT so Good  The Ugly (500 words), Final Thought:  Not Worthy of the Dollar Store!!! (See my post on Bad Reviews … How Effective Are They 😂?!!)

6. Best Summer palette : Lise Watier Rivages. (Summer 2015 – Limited Edition)


This one took me totally by surprise. In store at first, I thought nothing of it. Kind of boring looking actually, but I was so wrong. It has a lovely beach feel to it that is to die for. This summer I had to force myself to use something else. A great surprise with a formula that is as surprising.

7. Best Fall palette: Anastasia Beverly Hills Tamanna.


Just looking at these rich warm shades, the fall theme is so obvious. I can’t wait to start using this one again. What a beauty !!!

8. Best Winter palette: Lorac Pro 2.

Lorac Pro 2

Since it’s my coolest palette, obviously it became my go-to winter palette. Overall, I love this palette even if almost all of the colors are out of my comfort zone. I know, everybody, their mothers, dogs and BFFs (did I forget someone?) are into the Pro 1, but I’ll stick with the Pro 2 has my number 1 choice.

Note: I just realized that I have never reviewed this one, nor the Unzipped !!!

9. Best Spring palette: Tarte Tartelette.

Tarte Tartelette

I’ve always called this awesomeness my bridal palette. It’s a soft, romantic, very spring appropriate, wonderful little number that everybody needs in their collection. 2015 is the year of matte eyeshadow palette mostly because of this Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter ChouChou (French for favourite).

10. The ” I have a Soft Spot for… ” palette. Smashbox #Shapematters.

Smashbox #Shapematters contour palette

I know, I know… Technically not an eyeshadow palette but since every powders can still be used as an eyeshadow, it’s my Soft Spot of the moment. I don’t know why this one is slipping under the radar and even getting somewhat average reviews… I’m crazy about the concept, the quality, the shades’ selection and the fact it’s fair/light skin girl friendly and so travel convenient !

 I’m hoping my palette addicted blogger friend will join in on this homemade TAG!


Ingrid xxx