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My 10 Best Makeup Brushes (Affordable!!!) – Part 1 –


You can have the best quality makeup available but, with lousy makeup brushes, you won’t achieve great results. Not that long ago I was buying random brush sets, mainly on sale, and each time I was frustrated with the poor quality & all the awful shedding that was happening. Those days are long gone!! I now see a huge difference between set brushes compare to individual brushes, even in higher brands (from my personal experience sets are of lesser quality, period).

That being said, I still haven’t spent a fortune on brushes mainly because I have found some that I ADORE, that are not that expensive and that are really working miracles for me. These 10 11 brushes are the ones I used every single days. Honestly, I can’t live without them and they are like I said very affordable, cruelty-free and really easy to find worldwide.



Real Techniques – powder brush – 9.99$US

This is my go-to brush to apply my setting powders or to just buff my face to assure that there is no harsh line. (flawless finish)



Real Techniques – contour brush – 17.99$US (From The Core set)

This brush is perfect to achieve a soft contour. Using a light circular motion, this brush makes it easy to create a contour that is more of a shadow.



Real Techniques – blush brush – 8.99$US

Way too big for my taste to apply my blush, but oh! so perfect to dust my bronzer.



e.l.f – flawless concealer brush – 3$US

I find this brush to be the best one to apply my under eye setting powder.



Japonesque – professional smudger brush 341 – 15$US

This little number makes it so easy to smudge any eyeliner or eyeshadows under my lower lashes.



Real Techniques – deluxe crease brush – 17.99$US (From the Starter Kit set)

I love this one to apply my concealer, my MAC paint pot and my based cream eyeshadow.



Real Techniques – base shadow brush – 17.99$ (From the Starter Kit set)

I use this brush for applying shadows or blending. This is a brush that can do almost everything.



Bdellium Tools – Studio 776 blending – 9$US

My number # 1 blending brush.



Bdellium Tools  – Studio 785 tapered blending – 8.50$US

Perfection for my crease shadows application.



Bdellium Tools – Studio 787 duet fiber large tapered blending – 11$US

I always apply my base shade all over my lids with this big fluffy tool.

Special Mention:



Anastasia Beverly Hills – duo brow #12 – 18$US

This is the most expensive brush in my collection and it’s worth every single pennies. Totally my dip brow pomade BFF. This one has been a game changer in my brow routine.

I’m sure Chikuhodo, MAC or Wayne Goss brushes are awesome but for now I’m so please with these 10  11. They are combining affordability with superb quality.


You are be-YOU-tiful


Ingrid xoxo

Disclaimer: No affiliated links & I 100% paid for them all.

Availability: I bought my Real Techniques brushes at Winners but there are often on sale at Ulta (I wish RT will sell all their brushes individually!!!), Japonesque brushes are also on sale periodically at Ulta. I bought my DBellium brushes on the canadian site FTB beauty. My e.l.f brushes were purchased (I bought 3) at Target, just before they closed on us.

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Ulta (HAUL)

My lovely boyfriend (aka Beard Man) came back a couple of days ago from Florida (lucky him) with a bag of Ulta’s goodies (items from the list I had put in his pocket- sneaky me).


I haven’t tried anything yet but I opened (so very gently – yay! right) all the items since we all know that I have no patience when it comes to makeup (curious Georges should be renamed curious Ingrid)… The list had 2 items written: the 2 Lorac palettes, but out of the blue, a few more things were secretly added (Bahahaha!). In Canada we don’t have Ulta’s and like so many other companies they don’t ship to us (Why????? You have no idea how frustating it is (grrrrr!). Here are my new acquisitions:


NYX Micro Brow Pencil (blonde) ♥

Mario Badescu Oil Free Moisturizer (SPF 30) ♥

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponges (2 pack) ♥

Stila Blooming Bright Convertible Color Trio (Lillium-Petunia-Hibiscus) ♥

Japonesque Brush (Smudger) ♥

Lorac Palettes (Pro 2 & Unzipped) ♥

Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection Brushes (200 & 201) ♥

In the next week I’ll post my first impressions (worth the hype?) on every item. Since there is no recent product in there and you probably already own a lot of them I will just add my personal opinion and my appreciation (catch of the year or waste of money since obviously I cannot return the products to Ulta 🇨🇦✈️🇺🇸)

Have a great day my beauties


Ingrid xoxo

Disclaimer: 100% paid by Beard Man 😉

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My week in Recap !!! (ABH Tamana eyeshadow palette)

Hi my beauties! I hope you have a great weekend and if like me you are working, well I know it sucks but it is what it is !!! A girl has to pay for her addiction 🙂


How was my week with the ABH Tamana palette? Wonderful! I will definitely keep this one, what a fool I’ve been not using more of this great palette. I had such a blast trying different look all week long. Totally a daytime to nighttime palette (for those of you who have a night life). Everything you want is in this palette: A+ on pigmentation, blendability and NO FALLOUT (yay!) Funny fact: when ABH came out with their 3 palettes last year, the Tamana palette was my least favourite but it was the only one I could get my hands on and now I think I may have gotten the most practical out of the three 😉


Will I buy the new ABH Artiste palette? NOPE!! As much as it looks pretty (I went in store to swatch every shades), I don’t see myself using this one often! I almost sound logical and practical, that’s a first when it comes to eyeshadow palettes…


This week the palette who is on death row (well, on the verge of being passed to a friend or in a giveaway!!!) is the Cargo Northern Lights palette. If you read my previous post, you know that one of my worst palette ever is from Cargo, I must have been in the twilight zone when I bought this one. Anyway we will see if it was my LAST Cargo product ever because if it’s bad it will be the end of our relationship (or should I say lack of)


In an effort to AGAIN loose weight (an ongoing yo-yo battle since my teenage years), I’ve started to do Chalene Johnson Turbo Fire and I find it so very fun to do … I highly recommend you try this one. Turbo Jam is fun too and more beginner friendly. The picture above is from but I got my DVDs from “a friend” … ( I can’t tell you without the presence of my lawyer, if you know what I mean😜).


I’m thinking of starting a support group??? (Anyone interested)


As stated many times, each morning I wake up before the rooster has even time to sing, but doing so I have the chance to see these breathtaking sunrise.


Beard Man is in Fort Lauderdale right now and he will be having a “meet-and-greet” at Ulta (Bahaha!) –  laughing so hard right now imagining his face.


… but joke aside he will REALLY be at Ulta to buy Lorac pro 2 and the Unzipped palettes (Don’t judge me, I’m well aware of the extent of my addiction)



 My snack of the week !!! This thing from Indian Life is seriously addictive.


Finally my “Feel good Song” of the past week was Avicii (The Nights) this song just makes me happy…

Enjoy your Weekend


Ingrid xo’s